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  1. 1. to
  2. 2.  In south-eastern of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong division and the Chittagong Hill Tracts.  Rangamati is bounded by  Indian State of Tripura on the north,  Bandarban district on the south,  Myanmar on the east,  Khagrachari district on the west.
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION  Area: 2,361.5 sq mile (6,116.13 km² )  Rangamati is the largest district of the country  Most living people are Chakma, Marma, Mogg, Monipuri & others Tribe.  annual rainfall 3031 mm  Rivers are Karnafuli,Thega,Horina, Kassalogn, Shublang.
  4. 4. Most Visiting Place The Kaptai Lake The Rajvana Vihara Hanging Bridge Statue Of Sitting Buddha Tribal Museum
  6. 6. THE RAJVANA VIHARA  The Rajvana Vihara, at the northern fringe of Rangamati town,  It is the largest Buddhist monastery complex in the Chittagong Hill Tracts,  It was established in 1974.
  7. 7. HANGING BRIDGE  In Bengali the name of the Hanging Bridge is Jhulonto Bridge,  this is also popular to its visitors,  This hanging bridge is established on Kaptai Lake,  Total height is 335 feet,  it is the landmark icon of Rangamati.
  8. 8. STATUE OF SITTING BUDDHA  It’s one of the impotant and holy statue to the buddhist.  A popular place to visitors
  9. 9. TRIBAL MUSEUM  The museum is located near the entry point to the city,  Established in 1978,  it is run by the Tribal Cultural Institute.  Collections of the museum  Traditional Ornaments,  Costumes,  Potteries,  Musical Instruments,  Armaments,  Paintings And Photographs,  Old Manuscripts,  Statues And Ancient Coins.