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Welcome address for lamp lighting ceremony.pptx

  1. Welcome address for Lamp Lighting and Oath Taking Ceremony batch 2022-23 Presented By Dr.Anjalatchi Muthukumaran Prof.cum Vice principal Era college of nursing , sarfrazganj Lucknow-226003
  2. I Welcome for almighty to grace this occasion to be success with their presences., ., to make every one life healthy and happy .
  3. I Welcome our Era Educational trust and Management of Era University family’s
  4. Welcome our vice chancellor Guest of honour prof (Dr).Abbas Ali Mehdi from Era University
  5. Welcome our honourable pro-chancellor Guest of honour Prof (Dr).Farzana Mehdi from Era university
  6. Welcome our honourable chief guest Brig.Mrs.R.Jayanthi Principal matron from command hospital, central command lucknow
  7. Welcome our Respectable Dean, Principal Dr. Precilla Shamson from Era College of Nursing
  8. Welcome our Additional Director of Administration Mr. Zaw Ali Khan From Era University
  9. Welcome our Emirates Dean Dr.M.A.A Faridi sir From Era Lucknow medical College and Hospital , Era University
  10. Welcome our Registrar Dr.Anu Chandra from Era University
  11. Welcome our Dr. Jamal Masood Principal, CMS of Era Lucknow Medical College and Hospital,Era University
  12. Welcome our All Teaching Faculty from Era college of nursing
  13. Welcome our new comer of all nursing program fresher(ANM, GNM, B.Sc) to enter global Nursing Profession family and became dedicate to serve the society .,
  14. Welcome all Principal from various of College of nursing ,lucknow and their presences more valuable to us and our student,. welcome you all mam/sir
  15. I Welcome our clinical /non clinical HODs, administrative staff, non teaching staff directly and indirectly help us make this function successful. Welcome you all .,
  16. Once again I welcome you all to make this ceremony successful with your presences and blessing your wishes to our students, make their life more happiness. Thank you so much for giving opportunities me to welcome you all.
  17. Thank you ...........