Word meaning

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Word meaning

  1. 1. WORD MEANING By : St.Choirunnisak Ashari Ayyi Bahril Wahda
  2. 2. Types of Word Meaning Word Meaning Conceptual Meaning Associative Meaning
  3. 3. Social meaning Social meaning is the meaning which an expression conveys about the contexts or social circumstances of its use. It chiefly includes stylistic meaning of an utterance. It is the formality of the expression.
  4. 4. Samples : mother (formal), mom (colloquial), mama (child’s language) dollar (neutral) buck (slang) father, papa, old boy
  5. 5. lift elevator tube subway petrol gasoline call box telephone booth charm glamour (ScotE Dialects and regional English
  6. 6. Semantically synonymous field synonymic dominant synonymic group Leave depart, quit, retire, withdraw, exit… Look stare, gaze, eye, peep, glance… Picture painting, photo, drawing… General specific Say/speak: murmur, scream, retort, argue, protest, claim, state, declare
  7. 7. words that are opposites in meaning, e.g. hot & cold. happy/sad married/single present/absent fast/slow
  8. 8. Polysemy: A word which has multiple meanings related by extension,(bergabung dengan kata lainnya) e.g. bright: ‘shining’ ; ‘intelligent’ ‘Head’ of the body and the person at the top of a company. ‘Foot’ of a body and of a mountain and of the bed or chair. ‘Run’ a person runs, the water runs
  9. 9. A word which has two or more entirely distinct (unrelated) meanings, e.g. bank: ‘financial institution’ bank; ‘of a river’. Bat: ‘flying creature’ or ‘ Bat : used in sports’ Race: ‘contest of speed’ Race :‘ethnic group’
  10. 10. • Hyponymy: Words whose meanings are specific instances of a more general word, i.e. one thing is included (kind of) in another thing. • e.g. cats and dogs are hyponyms of the word animal. • In this case cats and dogs are co- hyponyms share the same ‘superordinate’ • Other e.g. daffodil & flower / carrot & vegetable / ant & insect
  11. 11. IDIOM • Idioms: Phrases with fixed meanings not composed of literal meanings of the words Kick the bucket = ‘to die’ (*The bucket was kicked by John.) When pigs fly = ‘it will never occur’ (*She suspected pigs might actually fly tomorrow.) Bite off more than you can chew = ‘to take on too much’ (*He chewed just as much as he bit off.)