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Sales techniques to hit success

  1. Telephone Etiquettes
  2. Call Ownership
  3. Call Responses
  4. Call Scripts
  5. Taking one step forward and owing up to the situation is like taking responsibility to make things right. IT’s natural of humans to like it.
  6. Irate prospects and customers, when complaining about receiving repeated cold calls, unsettled bills or delay in delivery like to hear such soothing words; of course they need to be meant by action.
  7. GOLDEN RULE: IF you want to control and maneuver the call in the right direction, then you ought to take ownership of the situation and take corrective actions.
  8. Identify the caller: It feels good to be on the caller end and being addressed by the receiver by name directly even before asking for details.
  9. Qualify the call: Immediately on being connected, we need to understand the need of the customer
  10. Provide Solution: Map the solution to the prospect’s problem with the product / service that best fits from your offerings.
  11. On Hold Script: “Mr. Cooper, welcome to ABC Corp. My name is Alex and I’d be happy to assist you. Please allow me to place you on hold for not more than 2 minutes as I retrieve all your previous records and understand your problem better”
  12. Apologetic Script: “Mr. Cooper, welcome to ABC Corp. We apologize for your situation and will try our best for a resolution during this call. My name is Alex and I am your resolution associate during this call.”
  13. Identify and Understand the caller’s reason to call and give the caller a listening ear to make him comfortable.
  14. As soon as you take command of the call, summarize the conversation so far and provide a resolution which best fits the caller’s needs
  15. While speaking, smile to make the caller feel understood and taken care of.
  16. Refrain from using negative phrases like “I am not available”, “This cannot be resolved”, “This is impossible” or “We do not provide this service” during a call. Rather, maneuver the call to a different direction if required.
  17. Never stick to a calling script and NEVER READ a SCRIPT during a call. Scripts are for understanding but not using per se.