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PeTrack – The Easy and Convenient Way of Tracking Pets

Want to know an affordable and convenient pet tracking device?I have been searching the Internet, fa...

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PeTrack – The Easy and Convenient Way of Tracking Pets

  1. 1. PeTrack – The Easy and Convenient Way of Tracking Pets Want to know an affordable and convenient pet tracking device? I have been searching the Internet, far and wide, for a good GPS tracking device that I can use to track my dog whenever he runs wild or when Iâm at work. Iâve seen countless of pet tracking devices but there is one, PeTrack, in particular that caught my attention. Itâs a GPS pet tracking device from ElectroFlip which looks pretty durable and reliable; and, the price is within my budget. So, I visited their website (http://www.electroflip.com/petrack-gps-pet-tracker... and made some research to learn more about the product and hereâs what I got.
  2. 2. Features of PeTrack The Petrack uses uBlox GPS technology which according to Wikipedia is based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) that includes GPS receivers as well as GSM modules for wireless communications and is being used by over a thousand OEM manufacturers worldwide. This technology allows access to a number of worldwide satellite channels and assures precise GPS synchronization to get accurate locations in a short time. Um ok, this technology really is officially terrifying. I'm layering my house in aluminum foil!But, how about if GPS is disabled or is unavailable? Well, you don't have to worry since the device also uses GSM technology that could help you locate your pet when GPS signal is either unavailable or is disabled. Aside from the uBlox GPS and GSM technology, the PeTrack also uses a sophisticated gyro or gyroscope which is built into the device. This enables the device to automatically detect movement from your pet for real-time tracking. If your pet is not on the move or is idle for more than 3 minutes, the device automatically goes to standby mode to conserve battery. The device also is 100% durable and waterproof, a very well-designed gadget. Designers of this device considered the activities of one's pet especially dogs who loves to move around and go to places so they made sure that the electronic parts are completely enclosed and protected. It comes with waterproof plugs that would cover the screws ensuring a waterproof tracker. The device is also made from materials that won't irritate your pet and at the same time comfortable to wear. Lastly, one of the best features of this pet tracking device is the free phone app which is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. The app allows you to track your pet anytime and anywhere, no matter what you do. It has geo-fencing which allows you to setup an invisible boundary for your pet and once your pet goes out of this boundary you will be immediately alerted by the app. You can also view the past locations of your pet to determine a pattern of their activities. It's pretty easy to use and is more convenient however; if you want to save more on cost as this app uses data connection
  3. 3. you can use the 'On-Demand Tracking' of the device. 'On-Demand Tracking' is simply calling the nominated number of the inserted SIM card (the line would ring then disconnect) then, the PeTrack will send you the tracking information via text message. Don't you think this is a great gadget for your pet? I do, too. It certainly has the elements I need in tracking my ever-so-active dog without over-spending. And, it's pretty easy to setup and the app is very easy to use, just tap and go. You should grab one for your pet now. Other Information About the PeTrack: - It requires a regular-sized unlocked prepaid (pay-as-you-go) GSM SIM card. - Data connection must be activated on the SIM card if you want to track using the phone app. - It has a rechargeable battery that can last about a week with the GPS tracking enabled. - The device can be configured to send low battery notification to your phone. About the Phone App: - The app (i-Server) can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store. - It can track multiple tracking devices at the same time. - Phone app does not work without data connection. PeTrack How To Video Aside from checking stuff about ElectroFlip's PeTrack through their website, I was able to find some YouTube video on how to use the device and it's free phone app. It's pretty easy to use just by looking at these videos. http://gadgetnut.hubpages.com/hub/petrack-the-easy-and-convenient-way-of-tracking-pets