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HRM competency approach

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A presentation on HRM competency Approach, If you like it remember your rights to share it..

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HRM competency approach

  2. 2. COMPETENCY MODEL A valid, observable, and measurable list of the knowledge, skills, and attributes proved through behavior, results in outstanding performance in a work context.
  3. 3. ALIGHMENT OF HR SYSTEMS Competen cy Model
  4. 4. BEHAVIOUR INDICATORS Competency is described in terms of key behaviors that enables recognition of that competency at the work place
  5. 5. ANALYTICAL THINKING Ability to break problems into component parts and organize parts in a systematic way.
  6. 6. COMPETENCY BASED RECRUITMENT Reduces the risk of making a costly hiring mistake and helps in selecting the right person for the right job
  8. 8. COMPETENCY BASED TRAINING Leads to effective identification of training needs & develop specific training programs to improves technical and managerial competencies
  9. 9. COMPETENCY BASED DEVELOPMENT Contributes to the understanding of what development really mean by giving them the tools to take responsibility for their own development.
  10. 10. COMPETENCY BASED PAY Helps and provide an incentive for employees to grow and enhance their capabilities.
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