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Google Display Networks in Vietnam

Author: Sophie Tran
Digital Seminar 21.06

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Google Display Networks in Vietnam

  1. 1. Google Confidential and Proprietary 1Google Confidential and Proprietary 1 Why display matters
  2. 2. Google Confidential and Proprietary 2Google Confidential and Proprietary 2 Customers consider, evaluate & advocate online 95% of time online is spent on content where display can reach users Source: Internet Activity Index (IAI) by the Online Publishers Association (OPA); Report for March 2009. http://www.online- publishers.org/page.php/prmID/421 Your audience spends 95% of its time on the web reading and engaging with news sites, blogs, general interest sites, social networks, email and so on…. ….the display network reaches these users, placing ads across millions of publisher sites in addition to YouTube and Gmail. Everything else 95% Search 5%
  3. 3. Google Confidential and Proprietary 3Google Confidential and Proprietary 3 How can display advertising benefit your business Display advertising can help build awareness, increase campaign reach, drive conversions and ultimately speed up this buying cycle. There are 4 phases to a customer’s buying cycle: 1. Awareness 2. Interest 3. Consideration 4. Purchase Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase
  4. 4. Google Confidential and Proprietary 4Google Confidential and Proprietary 4 Rich media engagement increases brand recall Perception and recent touch points are critical • comScore ars research highlights the importance of advertising creative in building brand sales, Oct 2010. n=396 online campaigns Good creative has 4x the impact on campaign performance than media* The Google Display Network supports an expanding list of rich media formats Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase Placement Targeting
  5. 5. Google Confidential and Proprietary 5Google Confidential and Proprietary 5 Stride Ridiculously Long Demo Good creative amplifies a brand’s attributes
  6. 6. Google Confidential and Proprietary 6Google Confidential and Proprietary 66 69% 23% 84% Bought the product Bought the product Researched further online Researched further online Researched further offline Researched further offline TNS Vietnam Digital Profiling – July 2012 Question: Q31 Online advertising. Q33 Online advertising action Sample base: Vietnam internet users n=1,010; Recall online advertising n=786 Almost 8 in 10 recall advertising on the internet and this generally leads to further research online. Almost 1 in 4 of those who recall online advertising went on to purchase the brand or product. Action taken after seeing advertising online 84% YES Online Advertising leads to further online research
  7. 7. Google Confidential and Proprietary 7Google Confidential and Proprietary 7 Targeting customers when they’re evaluating Active period where brands are added or subtracted Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase Contextual By Topic Targeting Our system is able to dynamically target your ads across the topics of pages selected in advance. Home & Gardening Finance Lifestyle Contextual By Keyword Targeting Our technology identifies the content of pages and to match relevant ads to them
  8. 8. Google Confidential and Proprietary 8Google Confidential and Proprietary 8 Audience & behavioral data reaches qualified prospects Remarketing and demographic & interest category targeting drive ROI * 2010 Google study. Remarketing Engage past site visitors Users who have visited your web site Shopping Sports AutomobileMen 18-34 Interests and demographic targeting Reach more qualified customers Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase
  9. 9. Google Confidential and Proprietary 9Google Confidential and Proprietary 9 Hoa Yeu Thuong tapped into specific audience segments
  10. 10. Google Confidential and Proprietary 10Google Confidential and Proprietary 10 Remarketing can engage shopping cart abandoners Studies show remarketing drives 51% higher conversions* Users who abandoned the shopping cart process Combining display with search drives purchase intent by an incremental 7 points** 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Likelihood to purchase Search Search+display Targeting customers when they’re in-market Search and shopping cart activity are strong signals of intent *2010 Google study. ** Iprospect & comscore real branding implications of digital media - aug’11. Share of exposed respondents who answered affirmative. Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase
  11. 11. Google Confidential and Proprietary 11Google Confidential and Proprietary 11 Display ads +1 lets your advocates recommend you across the web Brand advocates are your best customers They recommend and help others discover your brand Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase Loyalty Users trust personal recommendations more than any other advertising source
  12. 12. Google Confidential and Proprietary 12Google Confidential and Proprietary 12 Time to convert decreases 5x Display speeds up the purchase cycle * Searchignite, 2010. Display’s strengths are in building awareness, increasing campaign reach, driving conversions and speeding up the purchase cycle * Creative drives 4x campaign impact 92% reach and best of breed contextual targeting options Site visitor remarketing drives 51% higher conversions Search + display increases likelihood to purchase by 8%. +1 drives awareness and trust in your brand Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase Loyalty
  13. 13. Google Confidential and Proprietary 13Google Confidential and Proprietary 13 Why choose the Google Display Network for your business? • You can reach million of sites, videos and devices • Search and Display is the perfect tandem to reach your customers in every step of the buying cycle • Combining Search and Display in your campaigns will get you more conversions compared to Search only campaigns
  14. 14. Google Confidential and Proprietary 14Google Confidential and Proprietary 14 The Google Display Network
  15. 15. Google Confidential and Proprietary 15Google Confidential and Proprietary 15 What is the Google Display Network • The Google Display Network ( GDN) is a network of websites with advertising space where you can place your ads • The Google Display Network uses precise targeting to reach engaged audiences – this delivers better results for advertisers • It’s simple, cost-effective way to advertise on millions of high-quality news pages, topic-specific websites, video sites and blogs
  16. 16. Google Confidential and Proprietary 16Google Confidential and Proprietary 16 Across both mass-media and niches sites
  17. 17. Google Confidential and Proprietary 17Google Confidential and Proprietary 17 • >83% unique Internet users globally • Reaches users in 20 languages over 100 countries > 800M Weekly ad Impressions served in Vietnam Google Display Network – largest globally
  18. 18. Google Confidential and Proprietary 18Google Confidential and Proprietary 18 Our Key Partners in Vietnam
  19. 19. Google Confidential and Proprietary 19Google Confidential and Proprietary 19 Comscore Key Metrics – September 2012 Top visited sites in Vietnam ComScore Key Metrics 14,472 12,874 11,525 11,441 9,797 9,034 7,583 6,896 6,034 4,858 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 Google’s GDN Key Partners 96.3% 85.7% 76.7% 76.1% 65.2% 60.1% 50.5% 45.9% 40.2% 32.3% 6 out of 10 top visited sites are Google Display Network’s Key Partners; enabling us to have a greater reach to Vietnamese Audiences both locally and internationally.
  20. 20. Google Confidential and Proprietary 20Google Confidential and Proprietary 20 Text Ads Images Ads Websites & Mobile Sites for you to run your inventory Text Ads Image Ads Google Display Network (Vietnam) Ad Formats
  21. 21. Google Confidential and Proprietary 21Google Confidential and Proprietary 2121 Premium Network – ATF position in top sites
  22. 22. Google Confidential and Proprietary 22Google Confidential and Proprietary 22 Engagement Ads Lightbox demo
  23. 23. Google Confidential and Proprietary 23Google Confidential and Proprietary 23
  24. 24. Google Confidential and Proprietary 24Google Confidential and Proprietary 24 Tools: the right toolset to drive your campaign Right message (Creative) Right person (Audience) Right time (Context) Video Image Rich media Expandables ContextualInterests TopicDemographics ++ Above the fold Exclusions Brand selectReserve In a brand safe environment
  25. 25. Google Confidential and Proprietary 25Google Confidential and Proprietary 25 Thank You