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This is England powerpoint

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This is England powerpoint

  1. 1. Narrative • Equilibrium > Montage of the 80’s starts of with Thatcher's policies progresses on to the war, montage becomes more violent. At the end of the montage it shows a dead soldier carried out , fades to black, shows an image of Sean’s father suggesting to the audience that he’s dead (Sean’s dad). • Disruption > Combos return is also he’s introduction – as the movie progresses Combo acts like a father figure to Sean , therefore Sean looks up to him. Either • Disruption 2 > Sean meeting Woody’s gang which leads to the events that occur in the movie and later on the introduction of Combo • Key scenes : - Disruption of Corner Store - ‘LOL’ rejecting Combo stating that he took advantage of her / whilst he thought it was a start of something beautiful. - Montage of the groups actions, such as : spray painting the walls with racist messages towards the workers, racism towards the teenagers and taking away their ball • Climax > Milky gets beaten up by Combo. This occurs because Combo realises how wealthy Milky is and he’s jealousy grows. • New Equilibrium/Resolution > Sean throws the flag away symbolising change , but also it shows that he throws away he’s previous identity which was created/ influenced by others.
  2. 2. This is England setting • Shaun is a 12 year-old boy from 1980s Grimsby. Grimsby is a working class seaside town on the UK’s east coast. The area was once famous for its booming industry but since the conservative government of Margaret Thatcher came in to power the industry has declined and has left many out of employment. • As a result of such unemployment many joined the army as the UK was at war in the Falklands against Argentina. Some soldiers including Shaun's father died in the war and the economic crisis for the working class worsened. Mobs grew too and identity as a teen was a part of growing up with many becoming “Skinheads” who listen to reggae and Caribbean style music. Racism was also rife and many claimed that the foreigners were taking all of the jobs yet they weren't. • The skinhead culture changed in to a darker culture and many has racist ideologies and this led to the formation and up rise of the EDL and National Front.
  3. 3. This film can be seen as a social realist film ,as the film maker shows how many of the characters in the film are struggling with everyday life, due to Thatcher's policies. It shows the struggles of Shaun with his home being so small and scruffy looking because of the area it is in, also shows the closing of factory’s due to Thatcher's policies making it unable for men to get jobs, this is also shown when Combo is talking to Lol about his feelings, it shows no men going to work only Lol letting onto women that she works with. This is just one example of many. It can also be seen as this genre because of the look of combos flat and the way it looks ,one scene that stands out is the ending scene when a few of the main characters are in combos flat and there is no food in the cupboards, this is the result of unemployment from Thatcher’s policies. This is England- Genre
  4. 4. Representation: Shaun's mum –Taxes were increased so we saw scruffy areas. E.g. Shaun's bedroom – single parents/family's were finding it more difficult in the 80. Milky – Combo is racist to him multiple times in the film to milky (Ends up fighting him at the end) – Shows there was a lot of conflict in the 80s. (Parts of the Asian Community) Where combo robs the store, says racial comments to the 2 kids and where they spray paint the walls in the tunnel with racial/inappropriate messages.  No authority figure throughout the film.  No authority is shown when a crime has been committed. E.g. o robing the store o Graffiti  Combo – Background of being in prison, the tear tattoo instantly tells us that he is possibly a violent person. The racial comments made in front of milky show he is proud of what he thinks. Thatcher (not a criminal but some may see her as one) – Most people in the film seem to be suffering/in need of money including Combo (no food in the house, and no bedroom.)
  5. 5. This Is England - Film Language Mise-en-scene 1. The area that was used for This is England has always been looking derelict and unkempt since Thatcher, as seen by the abandoned factory Shaun goes to during the montage after his day at school. Cinematography 1. The camera shots, mainly on Shaun, show that even though he may have a group with him, he is still feeling alone inside as he is still feeling upset at his dad dying. The close up at the end of the film shows his emotion on that he has to find an identity with what he has learnt from both Woody and Combo. Sound 1. The song used for the new equilibrium (please, please, please give me what I want) was used to show that a world such as the one that is portrayed can turn anyone to the life of crime. Editing 1. The start of the film is a montage of things that were popular to the times it was portrayed. Yet the link between Thatcher smiling and the dead soldiers shows that she has zero concern about those risking their lives for their country.