Develop U Coaching Eng

Managing Partner at Develop U em Develop U OOD
24 de Jul de 2010

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Develop U Coaching Eng

  1. Full engagement delivers an increase in bottom-line results and performance
  2. Delivers measurable and sustainable financial/team growth results
  3. Demonstrates ROI, builds or maintains strong relationships with key clients
  4. Develops potential leaders
  5. Ensures that expertise remains within the organization, guides leadership style and expands employer branding
  6. Supports the selection and retention of key talent
  7. Increased employee engagement minimizes future recruitment costs
  8. Creates individual and collective responsibility
  9. More flexibility, choice and responsiveness create or sustain a competitive edge
  10. Increases innovative, future-oriented thinking
  11. Empowered individuals and teams achieve more than commonly thought possible
  12. Promotes the development of new skills thus providing competitive differentiators
  13. Bosses who take the coaching/mentoring approach lose fewer people & gain more productivity
  14. Fight the Brain Drain
  15. Engaged employees exhibit more employer loyalty and are encouraged to think innovatively
  16. Win the Technology Race
  17. Coping with a world where rules and realities change more rapidly that ever before in history
  18. Increase ROI in a Downturned Market
  19. Coaching attitude and approach produces real performance gains & returns on the investment
  20. Improve Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
  21. Coaches bring out the best in others, making us wiser and encouraging life-long learning
  22. Clarify Vision and Values in a World Flooded with Quick Fixes
  23. Strategic plans must be rooted in individual and corporate truths and supported inherently
  24. Strengthen Relationships in Increasingly “Virtual” World