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Making a Cleaner Cloud with Open Source

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Presentation from London Cleanweb meetup, November 2012

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Making a Cleaner Cloud with Open Source

  1. Make a Cleaner Cloud Andy Piper with Open Source! @andypiper
  2. Hello I’m Andy
  3. Developer Advocate @ Cloud Foundry social web enthusiast maker, educator, LEGO fan OSS supporter / contributor Eclipse Committer (Paho / MQTT), mqtt.orgLondon IoT, Green Hackathon, Home Camp, Cleanweb etc @andypiper apiper@vmware.com a few things about me
  4. 1. Why be / do / think Open?2. Open Cloud Platforms... FTW?3. Making it Sustainable!
  5. 1. Why be / do / think Open?
  6. From:&torvalds@klaava.Helsinki.FI Newsgroups:&comp.os.minix Date:&25&Aug&91&20:57:08&GMT Organization:&University&of&Helsinki Hello everybody out there using minix -1991 I’m doing a (free)An important year in software operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.
  7. 21 years later: Linux has won
  8. #P0WN ALL TEH GADGETZ ! (even old versions, on crashyLinux runs everywhere airline entertainment systems...)
  9. It runs on Windows Azure! Jun 2012, w. Canonical
  10. The Penguin is (maybe not this one…) triumphant!
  11. Linux is ubiquitous(but mostly invisible)
  12. 2. Open Cloud Platforms... FTW?
  13. Gmail, Salesforce, Software Flickr, Google Docs... Google AppEngine, Heroku, Cloud Foundry, Platform OpenShift, Apprenda... Amazon EC2, Google CE, OpenStack, vSphere,Infrastructure Joyent, Rackspace, Cloud Stack, Eucalyptus... 3 layers IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  14. Google AppEngine, Heroku, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift,Uhuru, Stackato, Cloudbees, AppFog, Apprenda,Amazon Elastic Beanstalk...
  15. Cloud Foundry - the Open PaaS OSS communityvFabricPostgres Private I) Ap CP Data Services pli Clouds e( ca fac ti on er nt Se rI vFabric Public rvi ide RabbitMQTM ce ov Msg Services Clouds Int Pr er d ou fa ce Cl Other Micro Services Clouds Additional partners services …
  16. All the pieces to make “if you can’t open it, you your own! don’t own it” (O’Reilly MAKE)
  17. cloudfoundry.org community project cloudfoundry.org Your Infrastructure Download Setup Setup Deploy Behind Code Environment Scripts Firewall Cloud Apache2 Foundry license BOSH
  18. “We really areSteve Herrod aspiring for thisCTO, VMware, 11 April 2012 to be the Linux of the cloud.”
  19. Open & public from the start cloudfoundry.org and Github
  20. Can haz API? managing apps and clouds
  21. Partners building new multi-OS, multi-IaaS, multi-tools and integrations language... multi-cloud
  22. Keeping it all together core.cloudfoundry.org
  23. ... and ...http://blog.gardeviance.org/2012/11/ hi-ho-silver-lining.html
  24. 3. Making it Sustainable!
  25. “Data centers are power- hungry, and Facebooks Oregon center in Crook County is no exception, using 28MW. While thats fairly standard, it has doubled the power use of the county... The entirety of Crook County uses just under 30MW... [Data Center Knowledge via SlashDot; Image: Tom Raftery]”Ouch. Jan 31, 2012 via Gizmodo
  26. “Facebook’s energy mix was 23 percent green, 27 percent coal, 17 percent natural gas, 13 percent nuclear, the company said... While the remainder was uncategorized, it can include all the above energy sources...”“no wait! It’s not that bad!” Aug 1, 2012 via Bloomberg
  27. http://www.slideshare.net/TomRaftery/ can-we-hack-open-source-cloud-platforms-to-help-reduce-emissions
  28. Yup.
  29. To make this sustainable... Software make this “efficient”*, with dashboards... Platform and thismeterable, instrumented, Infrastructure run on sustainable sources Rethink the layers gotta catch ’em all? *efficient software
  30. But -We need to do this together!
  31. Let’s do this! what PaaS tools do we need?
  32. “Let a thousand <sustainable, -- Patrick Chanezon @chanezon, VMware Cloud Foundry open> clouds bloom” <words mangled by @andypiper>
  33. Connect http://twitter.com/andypiper http://andypiper.co.ukhttp://slideshare.net/andypiper
  34. Image credits• Happy Tux http://igloo.crystalxp.net/ZeNDaMs• Other images are author’s own, or royalty-free and CC-licensed works from Wikimedia Commons (Kitchener poster image Public Domain in the UK)• Thanks to Tom Raftery and Patrick Chanezon for some content