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Fighting Malnutrition with SMS and Django

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  • if you are looking for sending SMS from django using gateways, see django-smsgate application http://bitbucket.org/vgavro/django-smsgate/
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Fighting Malnutrition with SMS and Django

  1. 1. Fighting Malnutrition with SMS and Django Andy McKay clearwind consulting andy@clearwind.ca @clearwind
  2. 2. clearwind consulting Lots of Plone sites Wrote book
  3. 3. clearwind consulting Prinicpal of Clear wind Been doing Python for about 9 years co-founder of Enfold Systems
  4. 4. clearwind consulting
  5. 5. clearwind consulting existing project
  6. 6. clearwind consulting rapidsms
  7. 7. clearwind consulting Schuyler Erle Matt Berg Adam McKaig and others...
  8. 8. clearwind consulting deployment help?
  9. 9. clearwind consulting 4 days, 32 hours flight...
  10. 10. clearwind consulting
  11. 11. clearwind consulting and yes this area is home to a certain famous family....
  12. 12. clearwind consulting health care workers for community health care workers in the field large number of children to look after in village (not in clinics)
  13. 13. clearwind consulting
  14. 14. clearwind consulting identify and help sometimes not easy to spot malnurished kids maybe no records let other people know the kid needs help parents sometimes have enough trouble feeding rest of the family
  15. 15. clearwind consulting disclaimer I am not a health care worked or related to development i know the techy bits can't speak about efficiency of the program
  16. 16. clearwind consulting Robbed of vital nutrients as children, they grow up stunted and sickly, weaklings in a land that still runs on manual labor. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/28/world/africa/ 28malnutrition.html
  17. 17. clearwind consulting muac mid upper arm circumfrence Matt Berg
  18. 18. clearwind consulting muac children worker
  19. 19. clearwind consulting muac sms children worker django
  20. 20. clearwind consulting muac sms sms children worker django clinic
  21. 21. clearwind consulting serial spomskyd
  22. 22. clearwind consulting serial spomskyd http django route
  23. 23. clearwind consulting
  24. 24. clearwind consulting serial pygsm http since then spomskyd has been replaced by pygsm django route pygsm do a lot of work sorting out all those sms quirks
  25. 25. clearwind consulting serial workers pygsm http custom ui django route django runserver
  26. 26. clearwind consulting Note: test data
  27. 27. clearwind consulting Note: test data
  28. 28. clearwind consulting Note: test data
  29. 29. clearwind consulting serial workers admins pygsm http custom ui admin django route django runserver
  30. 30. clearwind consulting 7654321 > +26 105 d v f child 26 MUAC 105 diarrheoa vomiting fever
  31. 31. clearwind consulting 7654321 > +26 105 d v f 7654321 < MUAC> SAM+ Patient requires IMMEDIATE inpatient care. +26 MADISON, M, F/4 (Sally). MUAC 105 mm, Diarrhea, Fever, Vomiting
  32. 32. clearwind consulting 7654321 > +26 105 d v f 7654321 < MUAC> SAM+ Patient requires IMMEDIATE inpatient care. +26 MADISON, M, F/4 (Sally). MUAC 105 mm, Diarrhea, Fever, Vomiting 7654322 < @jdoe reports +26: SAM+, MUAC 105 mm, Diarrhea, Fever, Vomiting
  33. 33. clearwind consulting malaria
  34. 34. clearwind consulting 7654321 > mrdt +34 y n f malaria rapid diagnosis child 34 y has malari n has no bednet f has a fever
  35. 35. clearwind consulting 7654321 > mrdt +34 y n f 7654321 < MRDT> Child +34, MADISON, Molly, F/12m has MALARIA. Child is less than 3. Please provide 1 tab of Coartem (ACT) twice a day for 3 days
  36. 36. clearwind consulting Matt Berg
  37. 37. clearwind consulting flew back
  38. 38. clearwind consulting slept moved house slept, slept http://www.flickr.com/photos/chris_gin/2388032929/sizes/l/
  39. 39. clearwind consulting technical details some of these are based on later work for Malawi talk about a few of the bits i worked on interesting
  40. 40. clearwind consulting rapidsms
  41. 41. clearwind consulting from rapidsms.message import Message message.text message.person rapidsms api message.send() message.respond(text) message.forward(identity, text=None)
  42. 42. clearwind consulting decorator for routing
  43. 43. clearwind consulting # Register a new patient @keyword(r'new (S+) (S+) ([MF]) ([d-]+) ( D+)?( d+)?( zd+)?') @authenticated def new_case (self, message,...[snip]): # Do something with the new patient
  44. 44. clearwind consulting i like urls.py
  45. 45. clearwind consulting 1. see what's going where 2. route to different its a django standard, more friendly for other users easier to change sms without having to change the code
  46. 46. clearwind consulting urlpatterns = patterns('', (r'^new (.*)', "apps.mctc.views.joining.new_case"), ) despite the name, url patterns can be used for more than just urls
  47. 47. clearwind consulting try: callback, args, kwargs = resolver.resolve (message.text.lower()) except Resolver404: message.respond(_("Unknown command: %(msg) s...) % {"msg":message.text[:10]})
  48. 48. clearwind consulting form handling
  49. 49. clearwind consulting full of checking code, views were full of checking and validation in django this is done by forms
  50. 50. clearwind consulting parse string into form
  51. 51. clearwind consulting # NEW 70 1201 M 19102008 123124124 class NewForm(Form): child = StringField(valid="(d+)") gmc = StringField(valid="(d+)") sex = GenderField() dob = DateField(format="%m%d%Y") contact = StringField(valid="(d+)", required=False)
  52. 52. clearwind consulting class based views http://www.slideshare.net/simon/ classbased-views-with-django
  53. 53. clearwind consulting class based view that does repetitive work → validate form → process form → what to do if it goes wrong subclassed for different country (eg. Malawi)
  54. 54. clearwind consulting class MalawiNew(New):     @authenticated     def post_init(self):         self.form = NewForm          def pre_process(self):         # malawi specific request         years, months = years_months(self.form.clean.dob.data.strftime.data)         if years > 5:             raise FormFailed, "You have attempted to register child #%s. However, "                 "the date of birth entered is %s. The age of this "                 "child is above 5 years. Please resend SMS with corrected "                 "age." % (self.form.clean.child.data, self.form.clean.dob.data.strftime("%m. %d.%Y"))          def post_process(self):         if self.form.clean.contact.data:             self.data.case.mobile = self.form.clean.contact          def error_already_exists(self):         # malawi specific code         return "You have attempted to register child #%s in %s GMC. However, this child already exists. If this is an error, please resend SMS with correct information. If this patient is new or a replacement, please use the EXIT command first, then re-register." % (self.form.clean.child.data, self.data.provider.clinic.name)
  55. 55. clearwind consulting testing
  56. 56. clearwind consulting tests really matter
  57. 57. clearwind consulting brillianty done format test_05_cancelling = """ allows easy reading by non technical users 1234567 > REPORT 70 25.2 95.5 13.5 N Y 1234567 < Thank you Mariam Coulibaly for reporting child #70, weight = 25.2 kg, height = 95.5 cm, MUAC = 13.5 cm, no oedema, yes diarrhea...[snip] 1234567 > CANCEL 70 1234567 < Report for 70 cancelcel... [snip]"""
  58. 58. clearwind consulting reusable table http://github.com/andymckay/ django-reusable-tables/tree/master
  59. 59. clearwind consulting Note: test data
  60. 60. clearwind consulting liking it less
  61. 61. clearwind consulting register("case", Case, [ ["Id", "ref_id", "{{object.ref_id}}"], ["Name", "last_name", "{{object.first_name}} {{object.last_name}}"], ...[snip] ])
  62. 62. clearwind consulting what challenges?
  63. 63. clearwind consulting another framework? designed for a non-technical audience as a techy that can be annoying, eg settings.py if you just want to speak to SMS and nothing else, maybe better way to go
  64. 64. clearwind consulting not enough time schuyler, adam, matt
  65. 65. clearwind consulting infrastructure this is the pavement in the main street
  66. 66. clearwind consulting We have over 5000 kids in the system now and counting. It's been used to catch over 100 kids with malnutrition and about 400 with malaria. Matt Berg
  67. 67. clearwind consulting thank you, django
  68. 68. clearwind consulting volunteers wanted 5-10 Hour projects we would love volunteer help with
  69. 69. clearwind consulting more info www.rapidsms.org/rapidresponse mberg@ei.columbia.edu
  70. 70. clearwind consulting questions Andy McKay clearwind consulting andy@clearwind.ca @clearwind