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Software Compare

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Software Compare

  1. 1. AIE ASSET MANAGEMENT August 28, 2007 FROM: SCC Group HCM Office TO: Mr. Smith, Mr. Chaeng Samruk, Mrs. Phuong COMPARISON OF STOCK SYSTEM AVAILABE IN VIETNAM SOLUTIONS (*) FEATURES DESCRIPTION Freewill CMS*Nova FPT-Bocs (Index) Ibroker (iCBS) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) SUMMARY Origin ThaiLan Aus. VN. VN (Hungary) Start in VN 2007 2007 2001 2001 Ref. in VN 2 (thanglong 1 (ftps) ~30 ~12 + ssi) Vendor Freewill Sol. CMS FPT TNC,BSI License price (1 site) 500K – 700K 300K – 600K + 25K 25K Futher renew license / year consideration requrired Lincese Policty Full Renew Full Full + Lizing First Version 1992 N/A 2002 1993 TECHNICAL Technology Informix, VisualBasic, Oracle, .NET Oracle, Magic, .NET, Java, Delphi Oracle Java Scaling > 50000 > 50000 trs/day N/A 15000-25000 trs/day trs/day (VCBS, ACBS info, load-test) Data center Centralized Centralized Distributed or Distributed (~9 sites) Centralized (new or Centralized (3 feature) sites) Server OS OS2 Windows/Linux/Unix Windows/Linux/Unix Windows/Linux/Unix Hardware Multiplatform Multiplatform Multiplatform Multiplatform STP Y Y N N QUEUE/MSG N N N N FUNCTIONAL Order Y Y Y Y Custody N (interface N (interface to Y Y to Custody Custody Center) Center) Short Sell/Buy Y Y N Y Officially not Used in VN (but for so- called “VIP” …) Future contract Y Y N Y Not used in VN Option Y Y N Y Not used in VN Margin Y Y N Y Not used in VN Forwared Y Y N Y Not used in VN Repo (Bond) Y Y N Y Not used in VN GL interface No No Manually Automated VNS ≠ IAS Cash Box N N Y Y 1
  2. 2. AIE ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (*) FEATURES DESCRIPTION Freewill CMS*Nova FPT-Bocs (Index) Ibroker (iCBS) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Definition of New Y Y N Y Transaction Type INTEGRATION / MODULES Online Trading Y Y Y Y SMS Trading Y Callcenter N/A N/A Integrated Integrated Transaction Office Y Y Y (Merchant) Risk Management Y Y N N GL N N Y Y VNS ≠ IAS Porfolio Y Y Y Y Managament SERVICE Maintaining Fee N/A N/A 5K 5K More Consideration Required Onsite Support N/A N/A N Y (outsourcing fee More Consideration payable) Required (*) No rewiew availabe for BASS, DST, VSSD (new Vietnamese vendor). 2