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How to Be an Effective Leader

  2. THE KEY TO ANY SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION IS STABLE LEADERSHIP with these 5 ANDREWBARNETTFT.COM anyone can become a competent, capable leader in no time
  3. Don’t try to do everything yourself.  EFFECTIVELY DELEGATE Not only does that encroach on your employees’ territory and make them uncomfortable with you scrutinizing their every move, but... It also inhibits you from doing your own job correctly Delegating the work to competent individuals allows the organization to achieve more than one person could on their own Instills confidence in your employees  Creates an overall more harmonious workspace. 
  4. Goals give people purpose. They allow people to measure their progress in a very visible way, as well as offers employees something to bond over because they are all working towards a common goal. SET GOALS ANDREWBARNETTFL.COM
  5. ANDREWBARNETTFL.COM Just as it is crucial for employees to make their yearly goals, it’s equally important to celebrate when those goals are accomplished. Recognition in some capacity shows that you as the boss are paying attention, and the gesture shows that you consider your employees’ and company’s success as your own. RECOGNIZE WHEN THE COMPANY ACHIEVES GOALS. A simple HANDWRITTEN NOTE can go a long way.
  6. Take the time to talk with your employees. Make sure they have the information they need in order to complete their jobs so you can do yours. COMMUNICATION IS KEY ANDREWBARNETTFL.COM Being available goes a long way, as do actually talking to employees and treating them with the same respect they would towards you.
  7. ANDREWBARNETTFL.COM It can be easy to worry about the immediate solution, and merely focus on that. But for continued success, it’s imperative to look to the future and work to anticipate the cause of the problem. THINK LONG-TERM Finding a lasting solution will make the organization function more smoothly, in the long run, giving you more time to attend to other pressing matters.
  8. ANDREWBARNETTFL.COM Within reason! You want to make sure everyone is getting the job done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing so. MAKE THE WORKPLACE FUN! Start a dress-down Friday, or bring in dessert once a month. When employees come into work excited to be there, they’ll work harder and produce better results.