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Project 2011-2 UPB DESIS_Lab

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Project 2011-2 UPB DESIS_Lab

  1. 1. UPB DESIS LabWomen weavers of fiqueSanta Barbara, Antioquia, ColombiaKey words:Regions: rural-urban links | local resources valorizationEnterprises: craftsmanship | community-based enterprisesA collaborative network for a ruralcommunity-based enterprise
  2. 2. Context:Santa Barbara town is located south-west from Medellín. There is a community in the areathat’s involved for a short period of time in the production and transformation of fique,which is made of the maguey tree leaves. This community of women is looking for theconsolidation of a community-based enterprise to become autonomous and improve theirwork organization.
  3. 3. Project:We conducted a 3-day camp where we came close to the daily practices of the ruralcommunity gathered around the production and transformation of fique as part of theinvestigation and the co-design process, involving participatory activities and knowledgetransfer exercises.
  4. 4. Design role:To better understand rural practices their limits and possibilities, and be able to participatein the co-designing process of a collaborative network between the rural community tofacilitate the work organization.
  5. 5. Design role:To co-design a collaborative network between the members of the rural community, tofacilitate the work organization and the work production of the community-basedenterprise, to promote rural-urban links and local resources valorization.