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How to last longer in bed and improve ejaculation naturally

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Read this writing to discover key sex tips to last longer in bed and improve ejaculation quickly and naturally: http://www.ejaculationtrainer.sitew.org/

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How to last longer in bed and improve ejaculation naturally

  1. 1. How to last longer in bed and improve ejaculation naturally Read this writing to discover key sex tips to last longer in bed and improve ejaculation quickly and naturally. Sex is much more than an orgasm. It is about intimacy, passion, pleasure and connection. Don’t push too much pressure to last a certain amount of time. Instead of that do what and how you can make your partner feel good. Even when you reach orgasm, this does not mean that sex is over. Have more if you can pleasure and enjoy it with her. The problem is that you have to know your ability about sex. If you are not strong enough, you need to learn to control your ejaculation to last longer in bed or improve any problem related to your sex drive. Here are key tips on how to last longer in bed for men. Read and try all that are guaranteed to work for you!
  2. 2. 1. Do Kegel Exercises Kegel exercises are considered exercises for sex. According to a research conducted by Swedish scientists, men who did pelvic exercises improved their premature ejaculation by 5-fold after 12 weeks. Perform Kegel exercises by isolating and locating the muscle that are used to control urine flow. Then squeeze and lessen the muscles gently and rhythmically. After a few weeks following this type of exercise, you will notice your stronger sexual response. 2. Have A Healthy Lifestyle Yes! By having a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to improve your sex drive and sexual health. A healthy lifestyle can affect your overall health in different ways. Basically, it includes activities that make you happy, positive and healthy. You will get balanced with your physical health and mental health. Physically, you will have healthy blood flow. When it comes to ways to last longer in bed, you have healthy blood flow, so you will have healthy erections. Hence, keep your blood circulation flowing. Be active, stay away from alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes. Hit the gym. Improve your diet, and stay motivated to improve your sex drive as well as to last longer in bed. 3. Masturbate More Get clear about benefits of masturbation to your health and sex drive. By masturbating often, you will get in touch with sexual response more. When stimulating yourself, you should stop before reaching the point. Give yourself some minutes to calm down. Then start stimulating yourself again. Repeat it until you have more control in your sexual release. 4. Practice Breathing & Relaxation Techniques Among quickest ways to last longer in bed, this is breathing and relaxation technique. By performing these techniques, you can control your premature ejaculation instantly. First, breathing techniques help send more oxygen through the body, including the dick so that you can boost your stamina faster. If you are anxious in bed, deep breathes will help control your mood. You will get rid of embarrassment and get more confidence to satisfy your partner.
  3. 3. Like breathing techniques, relaxation techniques focus on your mind. By practicing relaxation techniques, you will get rid of premature ejaculation and enjoy your sex totally. Moreover, you can combine breathing and relaxation techniques with meditation for faster results. 5. Control Ejaculatory Muscle What physically cause your ejaculation? As you see it your muscle, to last longer in bed, control your ejaculatory muscle. I mentioned to Kegel exercises above. This is one of effective methods to control your ejaculatory muscle. Try to relax to take complete control where and when do you want to finish. In other words, don’t try to last longer, just control the ejaculatory muscle with your relaxation. Besides Kegel exercises, you can do tantric techniques. 6. Create Mental Control & Confidence Beside exercising, dieting, pay attention to controlling your mind to eliminate pressure about endurance, orgasm and time. For instance, you can have an open
  4. 4. talk with your partner. Let her know your problems and worry. Ask her to support you to have more confidence, passion. Then, you both will have a mental connection to last longer in bed and satisfy each other. For the original version on Web visit: http://www.ejaculationtrainer.sitew.org/