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  1. 1. BMW Z3 Session 7 Summer 2008 XMBA 206.1Ganesh Iyer
  2. 2. Benefits and Risks of Non Traditional Marketing Benefits English Fast cars Credibility German » Adv. More credible than paid for advertising Hero Ultimate Technology Efficiency through word of mouth Driving Sophisticated Drives an » Leveraging the buzz Machine Aston Risks Sexist Loss of control » Timing » Target audience » Over what is seen » Over what is said Challenge of translating awareness into sales Difficult to measure impactGanesh Iyer
  3. 3. How does NT work? Awareness / Visibility Awareness Word of mouth, Buzz InterestExcitement Involvement / Infatuation Desire, Preference Consumer Advocacy Purchase Purchase • Focus on awareness • Leverage the buzz • Cannot fully control what is said and to whom • RELIES ON AUDIENCE SELF SELECTION Ganesh Iyer
  4. 4. Traditional versus Non Traditional Credibility » NT can be more credible have more impact and more efficient when it works. Budgeting » NT costs can be uncertain » Traditional advertising costs can be better forecasted. Target market » Traditional advertising can be well targeted through mass media » NT relies on audience self selection Metrics » Traditional advertising = measurable, reach GRP, frequency = more easily measured by market research. » NT is more difficult to evaluate.Ganesh Iyer
  5. 5. Products best suited for NT marketing Stage in product life cycle » May work well for product launches in conjunction with mass media advertising May work better for social productsGanesh Iyer
  6. 6. Success of NT Comparative performance Intro year Launch Spend/car 1998 1997 1996 units exp. sales ad units units (000’s) (units) support (000’s) (000’s) (millions) Z3 / Total 20.6 / 19.4 / 10.3 / BMW 131.6 119.3 102.4BMW Z3 9k waitlist $20 $667 for 3.5 months = Boxster / Total 9.7 / 5.3 / Na / 6.8 30,000 p.a Porsche 17.2 11.5Land Rover 14,085 $9 $667 (selling price =Discovery $40K)Infiniti I-30 15,194 $35 $2304 Ganesh Iyer
  7. 7. Success of NT Elements Some examples Element Objective Reported results Neiman Marcus WOM, Buzz After 2 days, 100 orders placed. 20 units over 3.5 month By Christmas 6000 orders Christmas season Central Park event Media exposure and Buzz 2000 media reps attended. # of Z3 editorials in leading publications can be counted. Jay Leno WOM, Buzz Unpredictable, all we know is “it worked out very well” Role for campaign evaluation research to measure awareness impact. Radio DJ Unstated Statements like “Amazing Credibility,” “Had 3 times the WOM of other events. What does this mean in terms of measurable effects on sales?•Always try to specify quantitative objectives for each element to the extent possible• Important role for campaign evaluation research to understand the sales impact of these programs.Ganesh Iyer
  8. 8. Postscript By Jan. 1996 BMW had to scale down their marketing efforts to avoid potential consumer backlash by not being able to meet demand. Tactics shifted to maintaining consumer interest » Cinema advertising (60 sec. Teaser placements) » In flight videos targeted at business travelers. » Dealer sponsored direct marketing programs to maintain interest of people on waiting lists. Launch date March 1996. Selling price in 1997 = 30k to 36k.Ganesh Iyer