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Multi-homed applications

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What I call multi-homed applications are cloud-based applications that don't reside solely on the web, the desktop or in the phone, but work across all of these platforms, exploiting the advantages and coping with the disadvantages of each. This is, in my view, an emerging characteristic that is common for many of the apps we use every day and become really attached to, and hence something that users will increasingly require from new apps

There is also a video of the presentation: http://disruptivemedia.23video.com/video/840598/multihomed-applications

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Multi-homed applications

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  7. 7. Web apps
  8. 8. Web apps and mobile apps
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  14. 14. “Maintaining platform parity – that is, keeping all of your apps functionally identical across multiple smartphone platforms” – Greg Kumparak on MobileCrunch
  15. 15. More than that • Multi-homed apps • Live in the cloud, accessible on all devices • Make the most of each platform
  16. 16. • Awesome note taking • Web • Mac, Windows • iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile • Mobile offline a premium feature • API, third-party apps, services, hardware
  17. 17. • Storage in the cloud (on Amazon S3) • Web • Mount as a file system on Win, Mac, Linux • iOS, Android, Blackberry – also offline • API
  18. 18. • Keep track of your itineraries – parses confirmation emails • Web (including mobile version) • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry – also offline • API
  19. 19. Screen shots from TripIt
  20. 20. • Music streaming • Mac, Windows, Linux – also offline • iPhone, Android, S60 – also offline • Sonos • API • Always available as a premium feature
  21. 21. Does it have to be native apps? • No – web apps can work offline as well • Google Gears • HTML 5 caching and local storage
  22. 22. HTML 5 • Offline application cache (appcache) • localStorage key–value store • JavaScript database class, based on SQLite
  23. 23. CouchDB • Document database (as opposed to relational) • Built-in synchronization and replication – useful not only for redundancy and scaling in the datacenter, but also for syncing data to a mobile device for offline access • CouchOne Mobile for Android • CouchOne Desktop for Mac, Linux, Windows
  24. 24. Ubuntu One • .Mac for Linux • Personal cloud service for syncing all kinds of data • Open for third-party developers • Based on CouchDB
  25. 25. That’s it • Lots of challenges • But also lots of opportunities • And lots of fun tech to poke at :) • Now go out and build great services!
  26. 26. Thanks! • Andreas Ehn • ehn@a8n.se • @ehn • CC0 and in the public domain to the extent possible (photos according to various CC provisions, screen shots owned by TripIt, logos by their respective owners)