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personality development

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Personality Development
Personality Development
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personality development

  1. 1. Submitted By: A.Anand Swaroop M3, AHTM
  2. 2. “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself ,do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicated it.” -Bruce Lee
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all I would like to thank the almighty. Then I would like to thank JOHN MOSES SIR for giving this opportunity for doing this assignment .I would also like to thank all the staff of frankfinn intuition. At last I would like to express my thanks to all my batch members.
  4. 4. Leadership Presentation • Story of Swami Vivekanda • Dhanabal • Maithreye • Arindam • Faridh Khan • Shalini • RR Mohan Kumar Leadership Presentation
  5. 5. Life sketch…. • Born: January 12, 1863 in Calcutta on Makara Sankaranti Day. His name at birth was Narendranath. • Father: Sri Visvanath Datta, a very successful and distinguished lawyer. • Mother: Bhuvaneswari, a very pious lady. Prayer of the Lord was a way of life.
  6. 6. Transformation… • Narendranath spent about 5 years as a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna and learnt everything concerning Spirituality based on Advaita philosophy. • Sri Ramakrishna passed on all his spiritual power to Narendranath before going into Samadhi. • Narendranath takes charge of Ramakrishna mission at the
  7. 7. He emphasizes on spiritual development of child along with material advancement. Naturalism The real education is possible only through nature and natural propensities. Idealism Spiritual and moral development of child, the essence of which is already present in him. Pragmatism Great emphasis on the western education of technology, commerce, industry and science to achieve material prosperity. Harmonious synthesis of the ancient Indian ideals and Modern Western beliefs. Swamiji’s philosophy of educat Contd….
  8. 8. Swami Vivekananda Speech at Chicago • The Parliament of the World's Religions opened on11 September 1893. Vivekananda gave a brief speech representing India and Hinduism. • He began his speech with "Sisters and brothers of America!". Vivekananda received a two- minute standing ovation from the crowd of seven thousand
  9. 9. Three means of Man making education…. Concentration It is the key of true knowledge. It makes a person great scholar. For some educands it is easy while for some persons it is difficult so teacher must help each educand separately. Brahmacharya or abstinence is the first means of achieving concentration. It transforms Discussion It should be carried out in an informal atmosphere. Contemplation It should be practiced in a calm and quiet atmosphere with the mind fully alive.
  10. 10. Inspiration for youth • Develop your muscles and brain • Eat good food and have healthy exercise • “You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the study of the Gita” • Cultivate manliness • Faculty of reasoning
  11. 11. “We have to give them secular education. We have to follow the plan laid down by our ancestors, that is, to bring all the ideals slowly down among the masses. Raise them slowly up, raise them to equality. Impart secular knowledge through religion.” “Self confidence is the real religion”. “Truth is power and untruth is weakness”. “We have to speak less and work more, achieve power first than anything else”. “Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this Divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal”. ..... Swami
  14. 14. A few customer service observations from when I went to BIG BAZZAR has an Enormous range from very good to the customer .I find myself catching service Details when dealing to the customer who came there. Get the ‘sorry’ out. They said ‘sorry’ about a wait or apologize For a happening that is a typical circumstance of the business customer who Are also take your kindness for weakness, so when you say ‘sorry’ or apologize, it Get ‘s their dander up and puts than in a problem of getting heated because of With those words, according to sorry these words are to said “ sorry for the wait” Or “thanks for your patience while we were collecting your data”
  15. 15. LESS ASKINNG MORE DOING: I am standing at service counter waiting For the employee to come assist. They asked me, “do you need help?” finally offering a variety of services and satisfactory. The Welcoming ambiance and of a variety of other facilities.
  16. 16. Characters of Movie Aamir Khan Ram Shankar Nikumbh Darsheel Safary Ishaan Awasthi Tanay Chheda Rajan Damodaran Tisca Chopra Maya Awasthi
  18. 18. Observe a Well Assimilated Personality In The Movie By Giving Examples From The Movie? Definition For “ASSIMILATION”:- Assimilation Is The Capacity To The Observe Inputs Into One’s Personality, Which Also Means Mixing Up. For Example : Sugar When Assimilated Into Coffee Will Make It Sweet.
  19. 19.  In The Movie We Observed That RAM SHANKAR NIKUMBH Was a Well Assimilated Personality. He Was The Person Who Had Positive Attitude Throughout. He Was Working In The School Where The Students Are Physically Handicapped And Mentally Retarded. He Was Appointed As Temporary Painting Teacher In The Boarding School and In That School He Meets a Student Who Is Exactly Like Him, his Name Was “Ishaan Awasthi”. Ishaan was The Student Who Cannot Learn And Write Properly But Very Creative At Painting…..
  20. 20. Ishaan Cannot Read Due To a Problem Name Dyslexia, Which Ram Shankar Also Gone Through It. He Showed His Talent By Taking Ishaan Responsibility From the Principle And He Made Him To Study. Ram Shankar Did not Show Sympathy On Ishaan, He Showed Empathy i.e.., he Tried To Solve Ishaan’s Problem….
  21. 21. WHAT ARE THE NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE CONDITIONING YOU OBSERVED IN THE MOVIE?  Threats and punishment to influence employees  Trust employees  Allow for employee input NEGATIVE CONDITIONING :
  22. 22.  Autocratic leader  Senior EXECUTIVE always talking about output
  23. 23. Give rise to Stress Tremendous impact on behaviour 1. Not punctual 2. Does not care about the work
  24. 24. POSITIVE CONDITIONING:  Class room Training Team work in the organization  Team work in the organization
  25. 25.  Participation  Repetition
  26. 26.  Transfer of training  Executive Training
  27. 27. WHICH CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE YOU FEEL NEEDS IMPROVEMENT IN HIS/HER PERSONALITY? Father OF “Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi” Character should be improvement in there personality.  He is negative minded  By motivating kids instead of scolding  He is not wise in his way of behaving
  28. 28. Talk About A Good Time Manager In The Movie. What Sort Of Time Management Skills Did She have? TIME MANAGEMENT: Time Management Is The capacity To Manage The Time By Setting The Time Table, Remainders, Schedule etc., The Good Time Manager In The Movie Is Ishaan’s Mother, By Hook or Crook She Want Her Children And Husband To Be Successful In Life.
  29. 29.  She Gets Up 5’oClock Early In The Morning And Cook For Her Husband.  When He Went To The Office She Starts Cooking For Yohaan Ishaan’s Elder Brother.  After That She Has To Wake Up The Ishaan And Make Him Ready, Cook For Him And Make Him To Do His Breakfast And Finally She Send Ishaan’s To School.  When Ishaan Return Back In The Evening To Home She Make .
  30. 30. She Take Care Of The House Like One Man Army. She Does Many Tasks Daily By Managing The Time. She Is As Busy As Bee, But She Is Active Every time. So, In This Way I Think She Is The Good Time Manager In The Movie.
  31. 31. MY EXPERIENCE AS A ‘GOOD TIME MANAGER’.  I had to manage my team in the best way so that they could manage all the activities in a better way.  Finally I was really proud of myself for achieving the goal as well I am awarded .
  32. 32. DISCUSS THE ‘LEADERSHIP QUALITIES OF A PERSON IN THE MOVIE? “LEADERSHIP IS THE INFLUENCE EXERCISED IN INTER-PERSONAL SITUATIONS DIRECTED THROUGH THE COMMUNICATIN PROCESS,TOWARDS THE ATTAINMENT OF GOALS.” The following are some of the qualities I observed in the movie;  organizing and planning.  goal oriented plans.  proper decision making.  motivation to students. Aamir Khan Ram Shankar Nikumbh
  33. 33. During Your Class Activities Did You Come Across A Leader? What Sort Of Leadership Qualities Did You Observe? LEADERSHIP QUALITIES:  LEAD  INFLUENCE  MOTIVATE  CONTROL  STIMULATE  ASSERT  COOPERATIVE
  34. 34.  Yes I Come Across A Leader During My Class Activities Are The Leadership Qualities That I Observed In me Are:  I Propel People To Watch Attaining Goals Either Personally Are Purely In Spirit.  I Affect The Team In A Positive Manner And Direct The Team’s Behavior.  Technical skills, Communication skills, Social skills And Charge The Team.  I Want Everyone To “Work Together And Complete The Task”.
  35. 35. An Analysis Of The Johari Window Using Examples From The Movie? Johari Window Consists Of Four Self's. They Are: OPEN SELF - Ram Shankar Nikumbh BLIND SELF - Ishaan Awasthi HIDDEN SELF - Ishaan Awasthi UNKNOWN SELF
  37. 37. WHAT SORT OF EGO SATES YOU OBSERVED IN THE MOVIE ? Ego state relates purely to behavioral age, unrelated to chronological age ,can change several times during transactions, guide human behaviour,cause victory or defect. PATRENTAL EGOSTATE: Authoritative,caring,controlling,advisory and sometime bossy. example: I’ve seen this sort of ego in parent’s of Ishaan Awasthi.
  38. 38.  ADULT EGO STATE: Care, concern, respect, responsibility and maturity  example: As a Teacher he has the abilities to control the student. Aamir Khan Ram Shankar Nikumbh
  39. 39.  CHILD EGO STATE: The child ego state has the liberty of fun loving and carefree behavior the playfulness may end or escalate when adults and parents enter the scenario  example: “Ishaan Awasthi”
  40. 40. TALK ABOUT A PERSON FROM THE MOVIE WHOM YOU THINK ‘OPEN-SELF PERSONALITY? Ram Shankar Is The Person Knows Ones Own Personality And Is Willing To Share Ideas, Thoughts, Feelings And Values With Others, That Person Is Called An Open Self Personality.
  43. 43. Which factor you observed in the movie which you think is responsible for development of one’s personality?  Participative Leader  Team work in the organization
  44. 44.  Employees performance  Establish goals  Encourages employees to grow  Recognizes and encourages achievement.
  45. 45. Which Character Do You Resemble Or Want To Resemble In The Movie. State The Changes You Would Have To Bring Yourself To Be That? The Character That I Want To Resemble In The Movie Is RAM SHANKAR NIKUMBH Because Of The Following Example: Nikumbh Teaching Style Is Different From That Of His Strict Predecessor, And He Quickly Observes That Ishaan Is Unhappy And Contributes Little To Class Activities. He Reviews Ishaan’s Work And Concludes That His Academic Shortcomings Are Indicative Of DYSLEXIA.
  46. 46. In His Free Times He Visits Ishaan’s Parents And Asks If He Can See More Of Their Son’s Work. He Is Stunned Of One Of Ishaan’s Paintings, And Tells His Parents That Ishaan Is A Bright Child. Who Have Information Differently From Other Children In Class.
  47. 47. Make a positive action plan for continuous enhancement in your personality Action Plan :  Be friendly with everyone .  Read good books to increase reading skills .  Need to go class regularly to get the knowledge OR education .  Inspire and motivate others .  Concentrate on what you do well, and do you better than anybody else .  Be grateful for what you have .
  48. 48. DESIGN AN ACTION PLAN FOR ACHIEVING A GOAL IN YOU LIFE Goals:  Career - I want to be a successful in travel and hospitality industry.  Family - I want to spend more time with my family.  Ultimate Goal - I want unity between my career goals and family goals.
  49. 49. Reasons:  Career I love travelling and adventure. I have a dream to travel the whole world. With such a profession I can overcome my dreams.  Family Being home with my family has helped me to see how important the time I spend with them is.  Ultimate Goal Both my career and family are important to me, and if I can effectively harmonize these areas of my life together, this will be my idea of success.
  50. 50. Evaluate your own Time Management Style. Time management : Applying management principles which helps in maximizing the value of time by including those activities which produce results and rejecting the activities which wastes time or which gives negative results.
  51. 51. IMPROVING TIME MANAGEMENT :-  PRIORTIZE: We should make a note all what we need to do and which things is most important should be done first.  DO IT NOW: We should stop pending things, should try to complete it as soon as possible. And when our goal is achieved it gives us good feelings and gain self confidence, which again motivates us to achieve best in future.  SET GOALS,ACHIVE GOALS: The people with strong goals automatically decides what to do and when. It will help us to select the work which is important and which is not.
  52. 52. What Sort Of Job Do You Want To Option For In The Future? What Time Management Skills Do You Need For That? I Want The Job That Which Well Suits For My Profile And Gives Me A Self Satisfaction. The Time Management Skills That I Follow Are:  I Maximize The Value Of Time By Including The Activities Which Produce Positive Results And Rejecting The Activities Which Either Waste Time Are Produce Negative Results
  53. 53.  I Do All The Things On Time, I Respect And Promote Me To The Best Position In Life.  I Always Use Time Wisely To Produce Excellent Results In All Areas Of My Lives.
  55. 55.  I Always Act As A Role Models In The Team Creates Confidence In The Team. I Posses With Right Decision Making.  I Listen More And Talk less  I Use Positive Body Language  I Praise Loudly And Blame Softly.  Success Is Directly Related To The Quality Of Leadership In Both, Personal And Team spheres…
  56. 56. AFTER COMPLETION OF YOUR TRANING WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF AS A LEADER . I want to be leader after completion of my training. In any origination, company, and where I do the job.  Team work always wants Co-operation mainly between the leaders & the sub-ordinates .  Every organization needs dedication at every level . Humanity, Creativity, Fairness, Assertiveness & sense of humour . ANAND
  57. 57. DO YOU THINK LEADERSHIP QUALITIES BRING ABOUT A CHANGE IN ONE’S PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE?  Leadership qualities can be defined as one’s ability to get others to willingly follow. Every organization needs a leader at every level. A leader must be able to communicate clearly and passionately as passion is contagious.  A good leader must have a goal to work. Somebody said that action speaks louder than words. So action is the mark of the leader with humility recognize that they are no better or worse than the other member of the team
  58. 58. CHANGE IN ONE’S PERSONAL LIFE :  CONFIDENCE: Only a person who has confidence in his/her abilities can help others know their truth worth and perform well. The confidence that helps a leader fight problems and come out of the successfully.  HONESTY:A good leader will always be honest that gains the respect and trust of others. Success is always a team effort and it cannot be possible if the team member’s do not trust the leaders ability and respect his/her judgement.  WILL POWER: As they say will power is what makes one breaks man. A true leader will always have a will power to never give up and keep going inspite of troubles. This gives leaders helps them succeed in the midst of problems.
  59. 59. CHANGE IN ONE’S PROFESSIONAL LIFE :  PEOPLE FOCUS: It is the team that gets the work done and the lot depends on them. Team members look up to a leader only if they consider him/her apart of the team progress understand problems and gives solution.  MOTIVATION: A good leader is a good motivator. One’s needs to understand that a motivated team can do wonders and as such is self motivated and leads them from front towards success.  VISIONARY: A good leader must be able to see the future and decide what is it that has to be done today to achieve a great future. A leader thinks out of the box and see’s opportunities that others do not.
  60. 60. Assess your own inter personal skills and state how would you improve on the same .  Interpersonal skills are the interpersonal skills that a personusertrs to empathy interact with other people. Building trust active interpersonal skills are delegation sometimes also referred to as people skills or communication skills.  It is how well you communicate with someone and how well you behave or carry yourself
  61. 61. Some ways to improve interpersonal skills :  Think Positively.  Do not Criticise others or yourself.  Be patient.  Be sensitive of others.  Have a sense of humour.  Treat others & their experience with respect.  Praise and compliment people when they deserve it.  Be cheerful and try to make others smile.  Look for solutions.  When someone compliments you, don’t disagree.
  62. 62. IF YOU WERE THE DIRECTOR OF THE MOVIE ,WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU BRING IN, IN THE MOVIE. No changes , I want to bring in the movie Its all for making you understand EVERY EXECUTIVE IS SPECIAL
  63. 63. How Will Your Interpersonal Skills Help You In Your Personal And Professional life.  A positive Personality Tends To Have Positive Interpersonal Relations While Negative Personalities Tend To Have Poor Interpersonal Behavior And Relationships.  To Achieve Success In My Personal Or Professional Life Depends Upon My Interpersonal skills  In Order To Set In A Top Position In Today's Competitive Environment. These Interpersonal Skills Help Me A Lot.  In My Personal Or Professional Life If I Want To Become A Winner I Should Have Excellent Inter personal Behavior.
  66. 66. Declaration I, Anand Swaroop here by declare that all the above work has been done by myself.
  67. 67. Thank You! ADD COLOUR TO YOUR LIFE