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Concept, Construct and Variable

The presentation is on the concepts of Concept, Construct and Variable in Research.

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Concept, Construct and Variable

  1. 1. Concept, Construct and Variable By Dr. Anamika Ray Assistant Professor in Mass Communication Gauhati University, Assam, India
  2. 2. The word ‘concept’ gives a vivid picture on something, which helps to understand the category and diversity of particular related pragmatic phenomenon. CONCEPT
  3. 3. CONSTRUCT The word ‘construct’ means focused abstract idea on something inferred from an observable phenomenon.
  4. 4. VARIABLE ‘Variable’ means the factor or aspect of an issue or incident or a content which should be able to be measured. Variable is based on values. It varies from incident to incident, issue to issue. We may have example- if we are conducting a research on the present condition of village, there the demographic profile, economic condition, health and hygiene status could be considered as variables.
  5. 5. TYPES OF VARIABLES 1. Dependent and Independent variables: An independent variable is presumed the cause of the dependent variable –the presumed effect. Dependent variable is one which changes in relationship to changes in another variable. 2. Experimental and Measured variable: The experimental variables spell out the details of the investigators manipulations while the measured variables refer to measurements.
  6. 6. 3. Active and Assigned variables: Any variable which can be manipulated is called active variable and if that cannot be manipulated is called assigned variable. 4. Qualitative and Quantitative Variables: the quantitative variable is one whose values or categories consist of numbers. On the other hand this variable category can be expressed numerically. But the qualitative variable consists of discrete categories rather than numerical units.
  7. 7. 5. Moderator and Combined Variables: The moderator variable is a secondary independent variable which is selected for study to determine if it affects the relationship between the primary independent variable and the dependent variable. On the other hand the combined variable maintain the relationship with a cause ,relationship and effects.
  8. 8. FARTHER READING  Ahuja. R (2014), Research Method, Rawat Publication, New Delhi