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Planning: mood board and flat plan

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This part of the planning includes the mood board (colour scheme, mast head designs, flashes, camera shots, mode of address and images used). It also includes the flat plan of my magazine.

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Planning: mood board and flat plan

  1. 1. My mood board:<br /><ul><li>Colour scheme
  2. 2. Fonts
  3. 3. Flashes
  4. 4. Mode of address
  5. 5. Images
  6. 6. Photo shoot</li></ul>Genre:<br />The genre of my magazine is a mixture, mainly RnB, Dance, DnB, pop and hip hop. I tried to incorporate a range of music genres so it will appeal to more people. My target audience is mainly young women aged 15 – 21. By including more genres more people in my target audience will be drawn to it.<br />Colour Scheme<br />This is my favourite colour scheme, the dramatic bright purple stands out on the grey and black. I think this colour scheme would be appropriate for my music magazine.This colour scheme is good, the grey would be the background which could be better then have a white which looks like an empty space. The bright pink would attract attention to it therefore appropriate for the magazine.I like this colour scheme too, the bright blue is appropriate for my target audience it draws attention to it. If I used this colour scheme the white background would make the black and blue copy stand out a lot.I like this colour scheme, the colours complement each other making each one stand out. The purple is quite a dramatic colour which draws attention to it. I will use this for my colour scheme because I think it is dramatic and will appeal to my target audience.<br />Font Styles<br />Europe Underground Worn: I like this font because it has an edge to it, the lines that go through it make it look casual yet dramatic. I think it would suit my target audience and attract them to the magazine because it looks fun and not too smart/serious. Neuropolitical: This font is up to date and edgy, it looks like something my target audience. This font is very bold because of the thick lines used, it creates a dramatic impact. This means it will stand out on my front cover. However this font is a little difficult to read, for example, the ‘a’ does not look like an ‘a’.Acidic: This font is very different, it looks like vibrations are coming through the text. This would be an appropriate font to use for a music magazine. However I do not think this font will stand out that much, it is a little faint and won’t draw attention to it.Coolvetica: I like this font, it is quite fun and trendy. I think it will appeal to my target audience because it is trendy. It is bold because of the thick lines used. This means it will stand out on my front cover in any colour so it could be the font I choose. I think I will use this font on my magazine.-2070102219960-2190757053580-2070105450205-2901953763645-219075521970A love of thunder: This font bold and eye catching, something a mast heading should be. I like how it is all in capitals so it looks dramatic. It suits my teenage target audience because it looks trendy and dramatic.<br />Flashes and Camera Shots<br />Right aligned shot: this shot is similar to the previous shot. It allows the attentions to be focused on the model and still show the surroundings. The empty space next to the model will allow me to put text there.Left aligned shot: this shot draws attention to the model however you see more of the background. This would be good to use in my magazine because it allows me to put text around the model. Centre frame: this focuses on the model in the photo. You also get to see the surrounding background. This shot is good to use to draw attention to my model.I like this flash, it has rounded edges which make it look less formal/serious, I think my target audience would prefer this because of the shape. It would be easy to insert text into it. If this shape was in a bright colour it would draw the audience to it.This shape is a little boring, because of the shape of it attention will be drawn to it. It may be difficult to insert text in it that will fit because of its circular edge.I don’t particularly like this flash, it looks a little childish something that wouldn’t appeal to my teenage target audience. Because of the shape it could be difficult to put text in it that will fit. It looks tacky however the shape if different which will draw people to it.<br />Mode of address<br />I think slang will be appropriate for my magazine because the mode of address is what mode teenagers use in their day to day lives. They will be able to relate to it and may be more inclined to buy a magazine that uses some slang language rather than formal language.Slang<br />This mode of address is very formal. It is all proper English with no slang. I do not think I will use this for my magazine because teenagers may not relate to it. Adults like to read magazines with proper English but teenagers prefer ‘slang’. If teenagers see a music magazine with proper English text on the front it may put them off.The Queens English<br />The use of exclamation marks can be a good and bad thing. If you use too many it can look tacky and put you off. However if you use them appropriately then it can draw attention to it in the right way. I think I will use some exclamation marks but not excessively. My target audience may like to see exclamation marks because it will look less formal and more fun.Use of exclam-ation marks <br />Numbers instead of lettersI may use numbers instead of letters however it can look a little tacky. You expect to see lots of numbers instead of letters on a child’s magazine so I am not sure if it would appeal to my target audience. If it is appropriate and used in the right way to attract attention I may consider using them.<br />Images<br />3165475265938026797026949402647104425863171683442586<br />32372302581910<br />26797045085<br />Photo shoot<br />4068445141605222758017684754375785176847528003517684752783571423352093510142335<br />22275801212852679701644654377055164465<br />2585085494030435610494030-1524000494030<br />-3848102160905Flat Plan For My Magazine <br />