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Post-production: Customizing Discovery



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Post-production: Customizing Discovery
Presented at the Maryland Digital Library Vendor Day: Discovery Services, Beyond the Sales Pitch
November 2014
Columbia, MD

Alana Verminski
St. Mary's College of Maryland Library

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Post-production: Customizing Discovery

  1. 1. Post-production: customizing discovery Alana Verminski St. Mary’s College of Maryland
  2. 2. What customizations have you made to your discovery service? What unexpected challenges or impacts have you encountered? For libraries without a discovery service, what questions do you have about implementing or maintaining one?
  3. 3. EDS & St. Mary’s College of Maryland Library
  4. 4. ImpacImtp oactf oIfm Impplelmeemntaetionnt:ation Access & Discovery of Library Resources and Collections
  5. 5. USMAI Catalog
  6. 6. Integrating Local Digital Collections into EDS
  7. 7. Guest Access Image courtesy of Eckerd College Library
  8. 8. Impact of implementation Impact of Implementation: Public Services
  9. 9. Springshare LibChat Widget
  10. 10. Advanced Search Facets & Limiters
  11. 11. USMAI Shared Platforms & Applications Subgroup
  12. 12. Thank you! Alana Verminski amverminski@smcm.edu
  13. 13. Image Credits e-z load by Jessica Wilson https://flic.kr/p/6pbXBC giovanni. by giovanni gallucci https://flic.kr/p/oUpwhc img_3466 by Steve Rainwater https://flic.kr/p/5VTKaz
  14. 14. Request Item Custom Link: Admin View
  15. 15. Request Item Custom Link: Admin View
  16. 16. Request Item Custom Link: Admin View
  17. 17. Request Item Custom Link: Detail EDS Admin → Linking tab → Custom Links click the link to Modify → Add New CustomLinks → Create New CustomLink ● Create Link Name ● Select Document Delivery as Category ● Link Text & Mouse-over Text: Request Item ● Leave Link Icon blank ● Base URL: http://catalog.umd.edu/F ● Query String: func=bib-request&doc_library=MAI01&doc_number={ILSRecNo} ● Mandatory fields: {IfEqual({dbcode},cat01481a,ok)},{ILSRecNo} (Enter catalog identifier) ● Window Properties and Window Name leave blank ● Display in new window: Yes ● Hide link if full text: No ● Show link: Always ● Show on Result List and Show on Detailed Record: Yes (All others no) ● Primary and Secondary Proxy: None
  18. 18. Springshare LibChat Widget: Admin View
  19. 19. Springshare LibChat Widget: Admin View
  20. 20. Springshare LibChat Widget: Detail EDS Admin → Viewing Results → Widgets (Modify) ● Determine Order (If this widget is the only one in menu, order is 1) ● Enter text to display above widget ● Default to Open: Yes ● Check the “Show” box ● Edit Custom Widget: Modify ● Select Custom HTML ● Enter text to display above widget ● Height (recommended max is 500 px) ● Enter custom code from Springshare ● Submit (twice)
  21. 21. Advanced Search Facets & Limiters: Admin View
  22. 22. Advanced Search Facets & Limiters Detail EDS Admin → Searching → Limiter & Expander Settings → Limiters (Modify) ● Screen: Advanced ● Name limiters and select which limiters to display and order