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Content Area 2: Ancient Mediterranean Part 3

Etruscan Art and Ancient Roman Art

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Content Area 2: Ancient Mediterranean Part 3

  1. 1. Content Area 2: Ancient Mediterranean Part IV Etruscan Art & The Art of Ancient Rome Stokstad Chapter 6 Required Images from AP: 9
  2. 2. sub-units a. Ancient Near East (Stokstad Ch. 2) b. Ancient Egypt (Stokstad Ch. 3) c. Aegean / Ancient Greek (Stokstad Ch. 4 & 5) d. Etruscan / Ancient Roman (Stokstad Ch. 6)
  3. 3. “Having absorbed may cultures through conquest, the Roman Empire’s art was an eclectic blend of traditions, mainly Greek, making a Roman “style” hard to define. However, we do know that art was a staple of everyday life for Romans.” The Daily Book of Art Respond to this quote using an example that stands out in your mind from the reading. How is this exemplified by the artwork you’ve studied? How do we know that “art was a staple of everyday life for Romans”?
  4. 4. Etruscan Art 10th Century BCE - 270 BCE
  5. 5. Etruscan Vocab Necropolis (necropoli) Stucco Terra-cotta Triclinium Tufa Tumulus Tuscan Order
  6. 6. Let’s talk Painting...
  7. 7. (Left) This image is from another tomb in the same necropolis. Below is the tomb’s ceiling
  8. 8. History of Roman Art
  9. 9. Pompeii: The Buried City
  10. 10. Virtual reconstruction of the House of the Vettii at Pompeii