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Speed con trol of dc motor

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Speed con trol of dc motor

  1. 1. A Power Point Presentation OnSpeed Control Of D.C Motor Based On Fuzzy Logic Presented By :- Amit Ranjan Ravi Shankar
  2. 2. The purpose of this paper is to control the speed of DCmotor by using FLC with MATLAB applications.Thispaper is a humble effort to implement an FLC usingfor motor control. There are three parts to fuzzycontroller, the fuzzification of the inputs, thedefuzzification of the outputs, and the rule base. Thispaper is about to introduce the new ability ofestimating speed and control the DC motor. By usingthe controller, the speed can be tuned until it getsimilar to the desired output that user need.
  3. 3. content :-  What Is Fuzzy Logic ?  Why Use Fuzzy Logic ? When Not to Use Fuzzy Logic ? What Can the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Do ? Dc Motor Principle Construction Type Of dc motor
  4. 4. What is fuzzy logic ? Fuzzy logic is all about the relative importance of precision. Fuzzy logic is a convenient way to map an input space to an output space.
  5. 5. Mapping :-
  6. 6. Why use fuzzy logic ?General observations about fuzzy logic:- Fuzzy logic is conceptually easy to understand. Fuzzy logic is flexible. Fuzzy logic is tolerant of imprecise data. Fuzzy logic can model nonlinear functions of arbitrary complexity. Fuzzy logic can be built on top of the experience of experts. Fuzzy logic is based on natural language.
  7. 7. When not to use fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic is not a cure-all. When should you not use fuzzy logic ? The safest statement is the first one made in this introduction: fuzzy logic is a convenient way to map an input space to an output space. If you find it’s not convenient, try something else.
  8. 8. What can the fuzzy logic toolboxdo ? The Fuzzy Logic Toolbox allows you to do several things, but the most important thing it lets you do is create and edit fuzzy inference systems. You can create these systems using graphical tools or command-line functions, or you can generate them automatically using either clustering or adaptive neuro-fuzzy techniques.
  9. 9. Methodology Fuzzy logic controller Structure of fuzzy logic Preprocessing Fuzzification Rule base Defuzzification Postprocessing
  10. 10. Fuzzy logic toolbox  FIS Editor  Membership Function  Rule Editor  Rule viewer
  11. 11. Fuzzy logic toolbox:-
  12. 12.  Fuzzy logic controller are customizable. Low Cost. It Is Design Without Knowing The Exactmathematical Model Of The Process.
  13. 13. It requires a lot of data. The estimators must be familiar with the historically developed programs.It is not use full for programs much larger or smaller than the historical data.
  14. 14.  Principle & working of DC motorConstruction of DC motorTypes of DC motor
  15. 15. Principle & working of DC motor A D.C motor is an electric motor that runs on direct current electricity. The electric motor uses an electrical energy to produce a mechanical energy.
  16. 16. Construction of DC motor
  17. 17. Types of DC motor There are two types of DC motor :- Brushless Brushed DC motor DC motor
  18. 18. Brushed DC motor
  19. 19. CONCLUSIONThus the fuzzy logic controller is sensitive to variation of the reference speed attention.It is also over come the disadvantage of the use conventional control sensitiveness to inertia variation and sensitiveness to variation of the speed with drive system of dc motor.

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