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Recruiting Pundits Corporate Presentation

At Recruiting Pundits we strive for Quality and Time bound Services. We work hard towards making our customers happy. We acquire an unparallel reputation for meticulous working and total commitment to assignments taken up. People are our best assets and we are in business because of them. Our objective is to cultivate long-term, successful relationships with our clients & candidates, confidentiality, and the most ethical professional standards in the recruiting industry.We apply a systematic management consulting approach to all assignments, to ensure that qualified candidates are presented to our clients within agreed timeframes.

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Recruiting Pundits Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Recruitment Services OutsourcingRecruitment Services Outsourcing
  2. 2. Quality Through Focused Research Presentation Path Corporate Overview About Us Our Services Recruiting Process Research Methodology Facts and Figures Recognition Our Values
  3. 3. Corporate Overview
  4. 4. Quality Through Focused Research About Us  Everything starts with a thought, so did Recruiting Pundits.  Recruiting Pundits was formed by a group of like minded individuals wanting to leave a mark in the staffing industry.  Avinash SinghAvinash Singh joined as Investor Advisor in year 2008. Avinash is venture capitalist and owns Excel- Ventures  In the Winters of 2005, Recruiting Pundits hit the market creating and developing networks to reach the right people in order to support the ever-growing needs of our clients.  Our approach to staffing services is designed and specifically tailored to the unique needs of our Client Requirements  Currently we are operating out of Americas, India and AustraliaAmericas, India and Australia
  5. 5. Quality Through Focused Research Our Services  Research Driven - Competition Analysis  Right Sourcing – Source the best fit  Performing qualification and talent assessments to ensure that only actionable candidates are engaged  Our program is aggressively managed and we report to you on the status of our efforts regularly  Our program delivery process is designed to account, incorporate and accommodate our customers requirements
  6. 6. Quality Through Focused Research Recruiting Process Recruiting Process RecruitingRecruiting HUBHUB Remote or On Site Customer Analysis Centralized Resource Centre Location 1,2,3... Recruiting Pundit ‘s Recruiting Engine New Hire Internet Portals Call Internet DELIVEREDDELIVERED Recruiting Pundits, Customers, Partners, Consultants
  7. 7. Quality Through Focused Research Representative Client Base  Our Sourcing team conducts most of our research internally. However we do have tie-ups and arrangements with various Industry bodies and Institutions to aid us for the same.(Tie, Nasscom, CII etc.)  55% of our effort on research utilizes Internet-based resources.  45% is devoted to Passive searches and referral networking, using free job boards and groups on search engine optimizers for posting and searching networking sites like Linkedin, Plaxo, TooStep, Face book etc.  Follow a drilled down approach while searching for candidates. – Screen on an average 20 candidates, to identify 10 candidates who would go through the multi- level drilled down evaluation process. – Goal is to sieve out the best 2 candidates to submit for every position we attempt to fill and 2 for backup. Research Methodology
  8. 8. Quality Through Focused Research Representative Client BaseFacts and Figures
  9. 9. Quality Through Focused Research Recognition
  10. 10. Quality Through Focused Research “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change” Charles Darwin Origin of the SpeciesOrigin of the Species Our Values
  11. 11. Quality Through Focused Research Representative Client Base  Be a toolkit for the corporations to manage and transition their most important and expensive asset - their people  Earn the trust of our customers  Earn the respect of our employees through exceptional teamwork, good business ethics, and a high level of commitment  Quality through focused research  Focus on excellence in Leadership & Management search, IT search and Customer Relationship Management  Our clients are our staunchest ambassadors and the strongest component of our sales activities Our Values
  12. 12. Quality Through Focused Research