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Parking study traffic eng

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parking space study are vital in traffic engineering course

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Parking study traffic eng

  1. 1.  To obtain data on the extent of usage of parking spaces.
  2. 2.  On street parking  On street parking means the vehicles are parked on the sides of the street itself. This will be usually controlled by government agencies itself.  Off-street parking  Parking bay like at the mall
  5. 5.  Ungku Omar Polytechnic (UOP) , off street parking • Full parking lot
  6. 6. • Parking bay A • Parking bay B
  7. 7. • Parking bay C • Parking bay D&E
  8. 8. 1. Select a suitable off-street parking area at Ungku Omar’s Polytechnic (PUO) compound, such as in front of CISEC, Administration Building or behind PUO basketball court car park. For our group, the location of parking space is in front of the futsal court, Campus A.
  9. 9. 2. Sketch the plans of the streets and the parking plans using suitable symbols. List the number of parking spaces provided in the car park area. 3. Take the frequency of the vehicle parked in every 15 minutes interval to be satisfactory for off- street parking. 4. Do the observation of vehicle arrivals and departures for 1 1/(2 ) hour. 5. Perform analyze data
  10. 10. Figure 7: Parking bays and accumulation curve
  11. 11. From this experiment, first of all, we must find the parking area and determine the amount of parking bays. The amount of parking bays in the area we did the experiment which is confronted with the Civil Engineering Department and next to the administration office is 30 bays. The total of vehicles in the parking lot is 166. It shows that the peak hour is not that very peak because almost all the lecturer is having a class. So the movement of the car is very small. It takes a long time to change the car in the parking lot.
  12. 12. Based on the experiment that we conducted, we can conclude that the parking bay is always full and it is very difficult for other car to park because most of them will be parking cars until the end of working hours. Especially this parking space is for a lecturers and administration. Thus, the management has to make an alternative parking lot to provide more parking spaced for the lecturers and the visitors and also to prevent it from the traffic jam in the polytechnic. So, this will make it easier for the lecturer, the administration and also the students.