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  1. 1. & PresentINDIAN INDIAN RETAIL RETAILCONGRESS 2012 AWARDS 2012 Powered byFEBRUARY 20-21, 2012 HOTEL CLARIDGES, SURAJKUND, DELHI Awards Conference ExhibitioneRetailconsumption grows,business savouringrevolutionary growth
  2. 2. The onlineretail industryis evolvingto create abrightcommercialecosystem.With 100 million internet users alsupporting the e-revolution, the tot tonumber of transactions in India is set n lliotake a leap from the present 8-10 mito 40 million by 2015.
  3. 3. Everyone is craving for an eShare these days; the corporates are looking at the online market to multiply their presence, the existing small business players want to innovate their business by getting online and the startups are jumping towards the low risk opportunities of the virtual space. The ePie surely has an opportune slice for all… The last decade of retail was dominated by the entry 40 million by 2015. Easy access to the Internet has of chain stores in India with both Indian and also played an important role in the growth of the international brands vying the Indian consumer. market. Changing lifestyles of the Indian youth and While these brands have been working on their exposure to the developed markets, coupled aggressively building their presence across the width with the soaring real estate costs in India, have of the country, yet Indian consumers were lured by certainly inspired many an online e-retail venture. The shopping in international destinations or had to reach online retail industry is evolving to create a bright out to metros or tier I to purchase popular brands or commercial ecosystem already touching the $ 11.2 products. In this decade, the retailing divide already billion mark, moving up by 30 per cent from last started to narrow down and the Indian consumer too, year’s $ 8 billion. The upsurge in the eRetail industry is like his global counterpart, is increasingly shopping impressive. Travel portals today account for over one online. The opportunity is immense and today third of the total domestic flight ticket bookings. The retailers, many of whom once adopted a wait-and-see scope is wide. An average e-shopper’s list includes attitude, can no longer ignore the Internet. Merely leisure, books, apparel, jewellery and accessories — having a retail website is not enough and retailers showcasing that the digital revolution is geared to need to reconsider who their customers are and how take on the retail space. they behave in this digital century. I welcome you all aboard. Be a part of this With 100 million internet users supporting the eRevolution that will change business, by changing e-revolution, the total number of transactions in India the way we buy and sell. is set to take a leap from the present 8-10 million to Gaurav Marya,President, Franchise India
  4. 4. eRetailing hasled to an overall growthof the industry. and priceIn spite of the consumer becoming re has only grownconvenience sensitive the market sha ral support. ctuwith growing affluence and infrastru
  5. 5. eRETAIL ECONOMICSThe much anticipated paradigm shiftThe current size of the e-commerce The Indian government plans to invest Trend Watchmarket in India is about $ 11.2 billion. ` 20,000 crore to build a national fibreThere are about 360 e-commerce portals optic network as part of its National 46000offering services in India. The numbers of Broadband Plan, which will provide asites have now tripled from about 120 in further fillip to the growth of Internet2010. The industry is ridding on a growth usage in the country. It is expected thatwave with around 30-35 per cent growth. the number of unique Internet users inEvery day, we get to hear about an e- India will grow five times to reach 376commerce sites coming up. But it’s not million by 2015. This growth of the onlinethe same gold rush now as was the case retail market is bound to have direct 19688in 1999 or 2000, this time, the implications on the standing of thefundamentals are much stronger; e- organised retail players. The first effect is 8146 e-commerce Marketcommerce is for real its lot more seen on the price sensitivity created withsustainable now and here to stay. eRetail the involvement of the internet as a (in crore)and e-commerce in India have all selling mode. The internet becomes the Year 2007 Year 2009 Year 2011branched out from the dotcom story that standard for competition, it works to Aroundtook roots around two decades ago in the reduce the consumers cost of accruingIndian business ecosystem. The online information about products & prices- thus 4,000companies that were just aggregatinguseful information for the consumer have making it difficult to sell overpriced goods. The second economic paradigm megastores 360 e-commerace portals in India in the UK faced closure More than FDI- local retailers will facemoved to create their own product shift led towards the growth of offline over the past seven threat from online shopping formatsoffering. eRetail today stands as a mode larger firms and smaller online businesses. months due to the if they do not innovate and adapt theto fulfill purchase demand. The added The ones that suffered were those who growth of e-commerce. eRetail format.convenience and growing credibility is had neither scale nor ability to innovatesure to shape a new economic sub- technology (going virtual to penetratesystem, where the demand connects to market better). The third trend is over all 85% ` 20,000 376supply and renders growth to the growth of the industry- through the non-store transactions crore to be invested by GOI million uniqueindustry. consumer got price and convenience constitute of e-commerce in building national fiber internet users sensitive the market share has only grown. transactions. optic network under by 2015. National Broadband Plan.
  6. 6. Consumerswant shopping to beconvenient andenjoyable. display and bundlingMerchandising is all about product ich looks salable. whthem together to create a solution
  7. 7. eRETAIL ECOSYSTEMWorking to create a strong network of merchandising, sourcing, paymentmodes & delivery techniquesThe eRetail ecosystem is a combination of convenient and enjoyable. Applying Trend Watchconnecting with the consumers, some traditional merchandising Supply Chain Warehousing and Broadband andmanaging regulatory setup, creating techniques to online shopping helps Transportation Networkingtrustworthy and credible payment consumers become more comfortablemodules, and last but not the least shopping at a Web site, which increasesdelivering the promised proposition. This revenue and long-term loyalty. Thewould require getting deep into the delivery infrastructure includes the entireworking of the eRetail ecosystem that set of supply chain services — storage, { DELIVERY INFRASTRUCTURE { {CONECTIVITY INFRASTRUCTURE {consists of these stakeholders. warehousing, bulk transportation and courier services. Specialised large scale BUSINESS CONSUMER Products/ Services TRANSACTION CONSUMER Demand Ability to Demand/ Ability to Pay PayThe primary requirement of an online provider of end to end supply chainbusiness is to manage its orders well. solutions have been the backbone ofThey are required to keep a tab on theinventory levels, reduce pilferage, deliver successful e-commerce activities in { REGULATORY INFRASTRUCTURE { {PAYMENTS INFRASTRUCTURE { developed countries.via swift distribution channels, and mostimportantly sourcing from the rightvendors. But even here the largest costs State/Local Digital Paymentsare incurred by the inventory or stocks Taxes and Levies and Gatewaysheld, as it directly impacts the supply Sector Regulationschain and warehouse levels. The best wayto analyze the optimum inventory level isunderstand the consumers demand 3,296 2 million products across 2,000 categories available online. cities in India havewhich is backed by detailed market access to eRetail portals Online market place has umpteen SKUs options &research. and deliverables. opportunities.Further merchandising is all about Merchandising design Many manufacturers Online retailers are setting up has direct implication on getting into direct their own delivery networksproduct display and bundling them instinctive purchases. sale via eRetail model. and reducing reliance ontogether to create a solution which looks professional couriers to improvesalable. Consumers are always looking for customer service and cut costs.ways to make their shopping more
  8. 8. Indian consumer is maturing andnot shying away from online shopping With information about most products readily available, most online purchase decisions are being made quickly and across different transaction mediums
  9. 9. BUSINESS MODELSShopping on the virtual medium is tipping off to other transaction mediums as well,with m-commerce being the trend and teleshopping coming back in vogue Trend WatchInternet usage on mobile phones is The engagement with internet furthergrowing at a scorching pace, giving rise increases on weekends with 69 per cent Non-store transactions in India 2011to predictions that mobile internet usage youngsters spending more than twowill soon overtake desktop computers. hours as compared to 35 per cent 85%We are witnessing a second innings of e- spending more than three hourscommerce in India, and there is also a watching television.quiet revolution taking place. The Indianconsumer has matured and is no longerhesitant of shopping online. Till now PCsand laptops were used for browsing andlooking for the best deals. But with 10%information about most products readilyavailable, most online purchase decisionsare made quickly. What this means is thatyou don’t really need a 17-inch screen to 2% 3%complete an online purchase; you can doit on your mobile phone app. E-COMMERCE DIRECT TELESHOPPING OTHERS SELLINGMost ecommerce are companies haveeither launched or are working on their Internet is preferredapps. 2012 will see e-commerce shift to medium for youngsters. 56% on internet spend moreweek days.hours youngsters during the than twothe mobile phone. According to the Online purchases moving to mobile with access toresearch, Internet is a preferred medium product details and payment processes.compared to television for youngsters inIndia. 56 per cent of them spend morethan two hours on the internet during the 44% Mobile internet usage will Aroundweekday as against just 44 per cent of youngsters spend more than soon take-over desktop internet usage. 70% Internet usagethem spending even more than one hour one hour watching TV. during weekends.watching television.
  10. 10. THE CONSUMPTION STORYIndian consumers are leading the e-Retail revolutionQuick shopping remedy three months ago this number was inOnline shopping suffices the ‘get-in-get- single digits. Trend Watchout’ approach to compensate theinadequacy to shop for the restless male Credit card flexibilitymind. Men treat shopping as instrumental One of the most unique features of theand retailers are cashing in on this Indian payment card market is the sharing 100 Million internet usersobservation to provide a way around the of cards. People will borrow the card of aproblem. Online fashion portals facilitating family member or friend, make an onlinea faster, hassle-free shopping experience purchase, and remit cash to the friend or 50 Millionseem to be the best way forward. Majority family member. search or buyof the online trend (about 48 per cent), is products onlinefuelled by male ranging from 21 and 29 Online kids retail boomingyears, followed by 28 per cent of users The Indian kids-wear market is growing atbetween the ages of 31 and 39 years and a compounded annual growth rate of 10 Million about 20 per cent and is likely to reach Rs active online11 per cent between 40 and 49 years. shoppers 80,000 crore by 2015. Multi brand onlineLuxury solutions for the affluent stores generate about 10 to 12 per cent ofmiddle aged their revenue from the kids segment. MoreConsumers in late forties and fifties are and more e-commerce sites are enteringchoosing e-retail for better luxury to tap the market and the early birds are Dailybargains. There is a growing prominence ofolder demographic in Indias nascent e- expecting a double digit growth over the next 12 months. internet user 60%site in November 2011. a retail online users in India visited base up bycommerce industry. Consumers in their The number of active online shoppers islate forties and fifties, it is becoming Smaller towns and cities going online to fulfill aspirations 33% projected to reach 38 million by 2015apparent, are turning to the internet luredby the combination of access to global People from Tier II towns are not the only ones being driven by aspirations. 18%luxury brands, bargain pricing and theconvenience of shopping. Studies have Transaction is also being seen from Tier III 49% consumers buying cities and towns such as Nasik, Asansol, online consumer is young discounted luxury Tier-II & Tier-IIIshown that 18 per cent of customers male population ranging products online were over online consumersbuying the steeply discounted products on Dibrugarh, Haldia and Lucknow. between 21 and 29 years. the age of 45 years. are aspiration driventhese sites were over the age of 45; just
  11. 11. THE BLUE EYED SECTORSIndia is moving towards other product and service ranges available online,shifting focus from the all-time favourite travel and ticketing portalsThe online market in India had been skewed in favour of games, devices, etc. This rise owns to availability of latest Trend Watch‘online travel’, which accounted for 76 per cent of the entire gadgets online, with a wide variety to choose from as wellconsumer e-commerce market in. However, there are other as credible user reviews that attract the buyer to make the Share in e-commerce Market (in%)categories which are also growing at a significant rate. In purchase.the past year, the increase in Internet sales was sharpest in Travel & Leisurethe non-travel category, which made shopping the second Coupons Retailmost popular online activity among Indians after emailing. These are gaining prominence with the increase in the Financial ServicesAccording to the study, there are 13.5 million shoppers need for digital marketing and promotion by traditional Online Servicesordering non-travel products online compared with 8.6 retailers. This is the trend of discounting or gifting services Digital Downloadsmillion buyers of travel products (train and air tickets) on which have purchased online. This lures the customer bythe Internet. offering best discounted deals for exclusives products and services. This is a new edition to the online market map ofTravel & Leisure Indian, but has been fueled by robust growth of Top Retail Categories by VisitorsTravel is still the most successful consumer e-commerce 629 per cent in the last one year.categories in India. It has seen a growth of 40 to 45 percent year-on-year with air ticketing and railway bookings Gifts, households & books Nov-10being the major activities, other segments such as bus Books, online gifts and small households items are the Nov-11ticketing, hotels bookings and packages are still very small. easiest and most risk free online purchase. The online stores for such products offer more range and convenienceRetail then their off line counter stores. Thus, leading to a highlyRetail is the second largest consumer e-commerce precedential growth pattern in this category as well. Total Internet Retail Coupons CDIT Gifts, Fashion &category in India and has seen a rapid growth. The internet audience Households... Lifestyleaudience has grown 13 per cent from November 2010 and Fashion & Lifestyle TOP RETAIL CATEGORIES (in crores: by visitors)November 2011, while retail has grown by 18 per cent India ranks third across the globe in terms of onlineduring the same period. shopping and approximately a third of Indians make online Nov 10 Nov 11 % Change purchases from websites which offer them a diversity of Total Internet audience 41169 46390 13CDIT brands, designers and stores to choose from. This sector Retail 23021 27171 18The third largest category is of consumer durable has also seen a rise by almost 100 per cent in the last one Coupons 1048 7647 629electronics. There is high online demand for mobile CDIT 11413 12830 12phones, software purchases and also electronics like Gifts, households & books 6296 6783 8 Fashion & Lifestyle 3310 6743 103
  12. 12. Need to integratetechnology andmarketing to providecustomer centricsolutions. andeRetail leverages on technological moremarketing support for deeper andsustainable market penetration.
  13. 13. IN-BUSINESS RESOURCESTechnology to enable and marketing to fuel the eRetailgrowth revolutioneRetail is akin to any business model, promotional support to attract the Trend Watchwhich, beyond a healthy market scenario, customer base. In November 2011, 27.2seeks for inbound resources that willcatapult its structure on the high growth million online users in India, aged 15 and older, accessed the retail category from a $ 500 0.75-1% 2% million is the annual IT per cent of its sales is per cent of sales istrack. Technology is one such enabler for home or work computer, an increase of spend by the Indian invested in IT by the global average ITthe online business venture. eRetail 18 per cent from the previous year, as retail sector. retail industry. spend.renders its major support from its consumers continue to turn to the web toinfrastructure resting on technology. shop for and purchase items and retailersTechnology has invaded all areas of continue to increase their online visibility For online startups, IT is the only crucial initial investment.eRetailing; the quintessential support through active marketing campaigns.system needs to include customer Technology retail is another growth area.relationship management software to Companies are on a lookout for customer Integrated marketing andcreate a wider base of customer focused solutions for consumer technology growth for eRetailknowledge. RFID tags are important to insights/analytics, multichanneltrack product movement; scanners, integration, social media and • Consumer facing, mobile based applications that leverage the smartphone revolution for creating new shopping channelskiosks, self-serve checkouts form integral personalisation may also becomepart of point-of-purchase engagements. important. Digital platform development, • Improved online shopping platformsFurther enhancing the online shopping as more Indian consumers begin to buyexperience are web technologies like online, is another growth area. The next • Pilferage Control – Pilferage remains a problem for many retailers andonline shopping carts, purchase paradigm shift that can be seen coming RFID based solutions have so far proved too expensive. Retailersrecommendations and reviews that add over is the integration of technology and continue to look for alternatives herethe real time shopping experience to the marketing to provide customer centriconline exercise. solution via eRetail model. • Collaboration systems that link for retailers, suppliers and customers • Solutions that support multiple retail business models (for eg, revenueThe retail sector is a fast growing adopter sharing business models in a shopping mall context)of technology in India, another importantin-house facilitator for eRetail growth ismarketing. Just like any other business,the eRetail ventures also need
  14. 14. Equity at incubation stage iscreating rage around eRetail industry. Retail business models stand as scalable propositions because of low startup cost and ability to reach out to a wider customer base.
  15. 15. GROWING BEYONDOnline retail business model is highly scalable and conducive for equityinvestmenteRetail and e-commerce ventures are Early investment also helps pre-empt the Trend Watchenjoying the growth wave. Reason steep rise in valuation expectations as thebehind the scalability of the business e-commerce firms grow. For the secondmodel is governed by low startup cost and third round of investments, `1,040 Crore ($230 million)and wider customer base. Private equity valuations become high ranging- around FY - 10investments in the online and e- $ 100 million and $ 200 million. FY - 11commerce ventures have gone up by 147 The positives which are peeping from theper cent during the last one year. Industry horizon talk big about some companiesexperts opine that the growth trends of getting acquired by global firms wantingthe online industry are on a much to enter India. Another trend that willstronger footing than they were during govern the coming decade also will see `420 Crorethe dot-com bubble a decade ago. The online ventures going public in 4-5 years ($93 million)eRetail industry is built on the of starting up.fundamentals of consumer base,convenience, innovative solutions anddeeper market penetration. In 20 online In 33 onlineAnother growth trend that brings out the entities ventures Data courtesy: Venture Intelligenceexcitement around the industry is theadvent of equity at the incubation stageand even earlier for online retail 147% $ 30 77companies. The reason being that private increase in PE million required million internetequity firms do not want to miss on a investment in last to set up usersgrowth opportunity. An investor’s one year e-commercebacking out at a very early stage helps ventureslimit competition from rivals. A lot offunds are chasing few quality companiesand to reduce risks related to execution of 100% Major PE investments in social e-commerce Mobile commerce comes forward as month-on-month growth in ventures the most upbeatthe businesses are inducting managers most cases sector for investorswith experience in e-commerce ventures. in the near future
  16. 16. & Present TWO-DAY INDIAN CONFERENCE AGENDA RETAIL12 0 The economic environment, as well as the continued growth CONGRESS 2 Powered by in broadband, has meant that the Internet has become an JKUND, DELHI 12 HOTE L CLARIDGES, SURA important and cost-effective resource for driving revenue for FEBRUARY 20-21, 20 retailers today. This is a golden time for all retail consumer service categories to build or enhance their web presence. The two-day conference is aimed at creating a thoughtWHO SHOULD ATTEND? leadership that will lead eRetail revolution in India. TheThe Congress is an opportunity to bring together • Suppliers and allied industry vendors ranging from premier forum helps you in capitalising on the trends aheadministers from telecom and IT industry, senior manufacturers, suppliers, IT resource, and distribution as the conference is set with an aim to create an activerepresentatives of national government, trade bodies, channel vendors like courier, warehouse operators, dialogue amongst industry experts that will help structureretailers, suppliers, vendors, policy makers, investment etc. holistic solutions for the everyday roadblocks and challengesgroups and stakeholders of the retail sector including • Investors, BFSIs, PE/VC firms, Angel & Seed investors, faced by the online business community. The sessions are corporate & commercial banks, etc. build to cover a wide range of topics affecting the industry,• Organised & unorganised retail stakeholders ie • Regulatory authorities and channel partners involving both panel discussions between industry veterans CEOs/Directors/Department Heads and senior • Professional associations and elaborate key note sessions detailing the successful case management. • Retail, resource and technology consultants studies directly from the true innovators of the online• Corporate Representatives community, followed by one to one interactions. The two day agenda is spaced out to create networking opportunities andKEY TAKEAWAYS around round table discussions that will come up with innovative solutions for the e Retail industry.The two day conference will bring together key policy • Using innovative business models for better ROImakers, retail professionals, corporate, vendors & • Business dynamics behind deals and discount sitessuppliers at both national and international level for • Branding & marketing differentiator for online market Keep up to date with the future direction of online retailing indeliberations and interactions that would lead to share • Sourcing and merchandising dynamics India with Take away key strategies for:learning and knowledge, draw attention to best • Building a well networked distribution channel • Understanding consumption trends via market • Implementing a unified cross-channel, multi-touch point,practices and promote innovation to capture consumer research multi-interaction selling solutioninterest in the eRetail segment • Choosing the best payment mode for online • Expanding on and improving your website offering• Overview of the eRetail industry: eRetail economics transactions • Knowing about the various eRetailing formats • Boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty through• Building customer trust in the online medium customer experience improvement• Detailing prospective funding for online ventures • Detailed category analysis to interpret growth and• Risk management analysis for online shopping portal scope of various industries to understand future• Technological interface for greater market market trends penetration
  17. 17. Conference Agenda - DAY 1 Conference Agenda - DAY 2A 360 degree overview to eRetailing • Expanding the range of products available to The rules of a new eRetail startup• The current state of the eRetail industry and customers • Why eRetail is the best launch-pad for an innovative concept key statistics • The lean startup• Leveraging opportunities in today’s exciting Reaching out to your market! Investing In • Profiling your acquisition base through effective online search and categorization economy for sustainment and growth Marketing & Customer Acquisition for • The vendor selection criteria for moving customers from retail to eRetail• The regulatory framework, the policy overview • Operational and reporting considerations for running a branded ecommerce site Maximum Operational Profitability • Controlling costs that will not affect customers’ online experience on e Governance, data protection • The important role new media and social• Understanding the complex consumer journey networking plays in today’s economy How deals & discounts sites are leading eRetail and intelligently connecting with consumers • The role of online communities in eRetail • Are coupons and discounts leading online sales? • Attracting youth to your technological • Economics of deals and discount sitesOverview of consumers’ online spending innovation • Discount sites growing prominence for offline-stores onlinetrends • Paid search - a marketing channel or a sales • Handling holiday and promotional traffic spikes and flash crowds• Detailed category analysis of the top online channel? • Why performance and uptime matter consumables and future reach • Gathering feedback in real time to optimize• Travel & leisure as the top category for online your media mix Scalability economics of an Ecommerce Venture transaction in India • Reaching out to places where there is no • Creating a business model conducive to outsourcing with lean operational• Fashion: apparel & accessories physical presence of brand/product sub-system• Services: health & beauty • Intelligent sourcing – reducing dead stock • Adopting a holistic view of the customer purchase cycle over time and leveraging• CDIT: mobile & electronics Connecting the business structure and consumer data for revenue technical solutions for “anytime, • Optimising merchandising and site capability functionsA multi channel insight: online opportunity vs. anywhere consumer”other mediums • Technological interface – web design and Banking and PE Funding• Stores; eStores; Teleshopping; m-shopping – development • PE funding trends and opportunities how and how much are people buying • Focusing on ease of navigation and smart, • Scalability of the eRetail business model• Fostering closer integration, experience clean content layout • High growth model lucrative for business investment consistency and messaging between channels. • CRM and data management • Trends for equity investment in e-commerce distinct from other business formats• How to bring the in-store shopping experience • Developing onsite user generated content • Early investment and incubation trends alive online – examining synergy in how • Improving your SEO rankings customers interact with retailers offline and Starting local; going global what retailers do to market their products eRetail payments Insights • Deciding on what and where to sell• From sourcing to consumer delivery – creating • Demonstrating your value proposition to a new set of consumers • The payment forms consumers use to make • Building local languages site and maintaining it a seamless distribution network their online purchases – debit card, credit card• Efficient distribution network important for and alternative payment options Building Trust, Loyalty and Long Term Engagement with customers reaching out to a large and scattered customer • Building consumer trust and security in • Gaining the trust of consumers from initial attraction to completing the transaction base ePayments • Maximising site visitor confidence and trust• How reliable are courier services and best • Cash on delivery: enabling consumer buy-in • Creating systems for redressal of consumer grievances practices for distribution of product delivery • Incorporating consumer privacy concern and sensitivity into your online strategy
  18. 18. & Present INDIAN RETAIL 012 AWARDS 2 Powered by D, DELHI HOTEL CL ARIDGES, SURAJKUN FEBRUARY 20, 2012AWARDS CATEGORYThese are for the category leaders who enjoy the largest market share within their category and are also leading innovation for the growth of theirrespective market category. Fashion eRetailer of the Year Leisure & Travel eRetailer of the Year Book & Music eRetailer eRetailer specialising in fashion merchandise (Clothing, eRetailer specialising in leisure and travel services like e- eRetailer specialising in books and music merchandising footwear, watches, Jewellery, accessories) ticketing, travelling packages, etc. online Quick Service Food Delivery eRetailer of the Year eRetail Store of the Year Specialty eRetailer of the Year eRetailer into quick service food delivery via online order eRetailer specialising in ordering daily need products eRetailer specialising in a product and service meant for the placement niche consumer eRetailer of the Year — Value for Deals Health & Beauty eRetailer of the Year eRetailer who gives best deals for brands and non-branded eEducation Services of the Year eRetailer specialising in Health, Beauty and Pharma products products and services of any category Online educational services and services Luxury E-Retailer of the Year Gaming eRetailer of the Year Consumer Durables eRetailer of the Year eRetailer in the luxury category whose services/products are Organisations into selling online games eRetailer specialising in consumer durables, IT and also sold online telecommunication products and services eRetailer advertising campaign of the year Home & Lifestyle eRetailer of the Year Best advertising campaign for eRetail promotion eRetailer specialising in hard and soft furnishings and accessories for home
  19. 19. SPECIAL AWARDS CATEGORYThese special awards are for individuals and companies who have created path breaking trends and who have led unprecedented innovations that haveuplifted the morale of the entire eRetail industry. These are for those who have worked to create a special service for their customers or offered viablesolutions for their problems and played a vital role in enhancing their online shopping experience. Pure-Play eRetailer of the Year efficiency of delivery. Customer service and marketing are Re-design/Re-launch of the Year New and established pure-play online retailers without a among the factors that will be taken into consideration when Screenshots of the old website will need to be provided to physical store, demonstrating best practices in merchandising, judging the customer experience award, with contenders compare with your new one, allowing the judges to assess service, functionality and customer experience. requiring high scores in all the above mentioned areas. both content and overall look and feel. Evidence that the changes have led to increased business for the retailer and a Debutant eRetailer of the Year Best Site Optimisation & Design more positive experience for the customer. Best start-up (launched post Jan 1, 2010), be it pure-play or This award is for the best overall site design from an aesthetic, multichannel, someone who demonstrates a sound, innovative usability and technological perspective. will be specific focus Innovation in Delivery Award and effective business strategy to develop a growing customer on conversion optimisation features to improve shopability This award will recognise the company that can demonstrate, base. and the path to purchase. through service improvements, product innovation and technological enhancements, a measured improvement in Smart use Technology eRetailer of the year Emerging eRetailer of the Year service and customer satisfaction. eRetailer utilising available technologies or proprietary systems This category recognises the new eRetail concepts that have that deliver improved efficiencies for the business, better carved out a niche for themselves in the highly competitive Best eCommerce Payment Innovation customer experiences and valuable analytical data to eRetail arena. Entrants could be multiple retailers or online The company who has thought creatively about the point of continually improve customer experience. business which has been started in the last five years, or one payment and made it part of the total look and feel of the which has experienced significant growth from a small start brand. Multiple payment options are a must and also evidence during the stated time. on how customers are accepting the options. Most Innovative eRetailer The most imaginative initiatives in the online retail space, ranging from site design, usability, customer experience, Marketing/Advertising Campaign of the Year Best Use of Social Media service, need fulfillment or any other area of the eRetail This category recognises any marketing initiative - whether an Judges want to see social media employed to demonstrate discipline. What we’re looking for is something original, advertising campaign, promotion, sponsorship or online business benefit, preferably in an innovative way. Good PR is exciting and practical. Must be able to prove demonstrably marketing initiative - which has delivered genuine results for hard to come by and positive PR from social media sites is pure how innovation has led to tangible and positive results. the eRetailer. The judges will be looking at the campaign gold. Evidence that you are engaging with your customers on a strategy, the creative execution and most importantly, regular basis, via all appropriate sources. Active conversations evidence of tangible success. on Twitter, use of Facebook and blogs are becoming standard; Best eRetail Marketing Initiative what sets your social media engagement apart from the rest of An award for the best online eRetail marketing initiative, via a single channel or an integrated campaign, such as email, eCommerce Site Innovation Award the pack? mobile, social media, search, offline, live events or a The most imaginative development of the year, which could be combination of many. Must be able to show a link between the in terms of content, service, technology, marketing or all of the Outstanding Contribution to eRetailing Award marketing initiative and increased traffic and sales. above. Clear demonstration of platform advancement Individual having contributed significantly to the eRetail improvements beyond accepted norms like customer reviews, industry in India. In terms of economic redemption and click and collect, etc. developing the overall eRetail ecosystem. Best Customer Experience Ranked on the basis of site usability, product and content and
  20. 20. Organized byFor registration & Payment method Exhibitionmore information call: Option 1: Cheque / Demand Draft The expo will be a showcase & brandingCall Amio +91 9312687253 drawn in favour of “Franchise India Holdings Ltd” opportunity for your product or servicesMail at kamio@franchiseindia.com payable at par and to be sent to 4th & 5th Floor, Charmwood Plaza, Eros Garden, Charmwood Village, Surajkund Road, Faridabad - 121009 operating in the virtual space, connecting with suppliers and retail allied industries.Conference registration fees Option 2: Wire transferRegular Package: Rs. 15,000* per delegate For account details, please contact the above.Premium Package: Rs. 20,000* per delegate(includes networking dinner on Feb 20, 2012) Option 3: Online payment*inclusive of taxes www.franchiseindia.com/payment-gateway.php & Present INDIAN INDIAN RETAIL12 AWRET20IL 20 ARDS A 12 CONGRESS Powered by CLARIDGES, SURAJKU ND, DELHI FEBRUARY 20-21, 2012 HOTEL Conference Exhibition Awards
  21. 21. Events and Shows 2012 FRO2012 Franchise India Holdings Limited is Asias leading integrated th 9 International Franchise and Retail Show 12 INDIAS BIGGEST MULTI-CITY FRANCHISE & RETAIL SHOW 7th International Retail Opportunity Expo INDIA 2012 Franchise consulting company since 1999 with an absolute 10th 7th AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN RETAILING authority on Franchising, Licensing, Retailing, Small Business Marketplace Retail BUSINESS and Real Estate. We have helped hundreds of investors in India’11 OPPORTUNITIES selecting the right opportunity and in turn assisted various 9th International Retail Real Estate Show SHOW 2012 organizations in international & domestic franchise INDIAN expansions & business development. With its strategically RESTAURANT formed divisions, FIHL has created its own niche as the CONGRESS 2012 AWARDS 2012 2012 2012 2012 CONGRESS 2012 pioneers of franchise industry and a small business authority. INDIAN INDIAN INDIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION EDUCATION RESTAURANT AWARDS 2012 GROW YOUR BUSINESS INDIA 2012 CONGRESS 2012 National Convention on Business of Education AWARDS 2012 National Awards on Excellence in Education UAE 2012 NATIONAL FRANCHISE AND TRADE SHOW SUMMIT’12 F&B Bloomberg UTV is India’s fastest growing business news FASHION JEWELLERY FRANCHISE’12 INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE’12 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE network & part of the BLOOMBERG TELEVISION® network which FRANCHISE’12 FRANCHISE’12 Food, Beverage & Hospitality Pavilion is the only global 24-hour business and financial television service, broadcasting to more than 200 million homes. It is a INDIAN INDIAN INDIAN INDIAN INDIAN INDIAN strategic partnership between BLOOMBERG, the global leader LUXURY LUXURY HOME CONGRESS 2012 HOME FMCG FMCG in business news and information and UTV, India’s leading CONGRESS 2012 AWARDS 2012 AWARDS 2012 CONGRESS 2012 AWARDS 2012 integrated media and entertainment company. BLOOMBERG UTV’s edge comes from UTV’s local newsgathering, production INDIAN INDIAN and distribution expertise combined with the deep financial SALON SALON news capabilities and global reach of Bloomberg to broadcast AWARDS 2012 CONGRESS 2012 news and information for and about the Indian markets. Bloomberg also adds depth and context to on-air reports, Magazines providing viewers with charts, breaking news, stock quotes and relevant stock indexes in real time gleaned from the news, data and analytics of the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service. Visit: www.franchiseindia.com/eretail SMS eretail to 5667779 QUITTERS Be a quitter. Be . IN the change.Conference Delegation Awards Nominations Exhibition / SponsorshipCall Amio +91 9312687253 Call Neha +91 9310055559 Call Neeta +91 9311144600Mail at kamio@franchiseindia.com Mail at awards@franchiseindia.com Mail at contact@franchiseindia.com IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. QUIT IT! “You have to quit doing things that stop you from doing things you are born to do” Organized by Knowledge Partner Supported by Official Magazine Official Portal Quitting is a need, it’s an attitude, but more over it’s the moment that changes one’s life. It’s a movement to start your journey for change. Following the simple ideology that either you like it or you quit it. It’s ENTREPRENEUR INDIA the art of loving what you like or the art of quitting what you dislike. ADVISORS