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Convergent Media Group

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Convergent Media Group

  1. 1. Digital Agency Overview
  2. 2. Convergent Media Group (CMG) Our focus is to continue providingis an American full-service digital global digital innovations to the world’sagency based in Europe most successful brands.Established in 2001 in the US, CMG opened its doorsin Moscow the same year as the company’s base ofoperations with a current presence in Croatia, Ukraineand UAE.As a full service digital ad agency, we support clientneeds using in-house resources for creative andstrategic planning, web and mobile design,development, production, content generation andmanagement, SEO, Mobile Media and Social MediaOptimization.
  3. 3. For 10 years, CMG has played a criticalServices role in establishing and scaling P&G brands globally, currently managing approximately 15% of P&G websitesCMG provides full range worldwideof services within the digital space leveragingin-house production:• Creative Solutions• Website Globalization• Digital Strategy and Planning• Ads, SEO, Social Media Optimization• Mobile Marketing• Digital Audit and Consulting
  4. 4. Creative Nokia 5700Solutions Pampers Premium CareEach new client brief provides anew challenge and a newopportunity for CMG to innovatewhile leveraging our formidableexperience in creating HolisticDigital solutions.Our creative approach is thesymbiosis of innovation applied tosolid marketing pillars. CMG’sprimary goal is to support Herbal Essencesbrand/product equity by ensuringthe most memorable consumerexperience. Dreft.ru
  5. 5. CMG has succeeded in making the process of simultaneous site and web asset localization as fastWebsite and effortless as possible for our clients. Our unique approach not only saves time and budget, but alsoGlobalization provides for significant market-specific content to be incorporated into each localization to ensure relevancy for local consumers.Having led localization of over 600sites and campaigns in 55 countries,CMG’s global capabilities areunrivalled. With over 80 projects in Gillette Adaptationssimultaneous production at any giventime, we have established a highlyefficient localization managementprocess.High-quality translators for all majorglobal languages, in-house web andmobile programmers and experiencedproject managers make it easy for ourclients to go global with their brandmessages. Braun Adaptations
  6. 6. Digital Strategy Building relationships with our clients through a deep understanding of the& Planning brand creates effective solutions for successful long term digital strategyAs a one-to-one consumer touch Pampers-Russiapoint for companies, online andmobile sites should aim tostimulate return visits and buildcommunities. CMG’s experiencein developing long-term strategyand ongoing activity planningallows us to set clear goals andlead activities to engage with TAand ensure ongoing consumerinterest. Pedigree.ru
  7. 7. While we do develop traditional ad unitsAds, SEO, and provide media planning services, SEO and Social Networking are key toSocial Media Optimization achieving higher quality reach, frequency and meaningful interaction with your TAOne of CMG’s core competencies is Gillette Venus School of Date Vkontakte Applicationto ensure that, once your Mobile orWeb site is launched, it will continueto have the benefit of the latestapproaches to drive your targetaudience to that site.Using the latest in ad unitapproaches and technologies,providing ongoing search engineoptimization (in all major marketsand languages) and running ongoingsocial networking optimization andinfluence agent programs cancontribute significantly maintainingtop rankings for your site. Pampers Unicef Ambassador Mum Facebook Application
  8. 8. Is every one of your digital assets integrated with Mobile?MobileMarketingThere are 4.1 Billion mobilephones in the World, 60.6% ofthe World’s population usesmobile, which makes mobilemarketing the mostpersonalized and immediate Johnny Walker Bar Mobilecommunication channel. SMS, Game Wella Striking Stiles MobileMMS, applications, games, ApplicationBluetooth, Infrared, Location-based services – stand-alone orin combination with Internetactivity creates strong vibe ofinnovations and interactivity. Gillette Champions Mobile Game Gillette Fusion Mobile Application
  9. 9. Getting the best value from your digitalDigital Audit channels demands understanding of what works and why.& ConsultingDigital marketing audit provides a fasttrack to understand how effectivelyyour digital investments areaccessible and “useable” to youraudience.CMG’s digital audit and thesubsequent consulting supportprovides a clear road map for what isneeded to accelerate your digital ROI.Independent expert view helps buildstrategy, run market research,develop briefs and set goals.Digital technical audit can help savebudgets and win additional traffic viaregular to cross-check for corporateaccessibility policy compliance andalso the latest Search and SocialMedia trends.
  10. 10. Contacts Ukraine RussiaRob Anderson CroatiaCEO CMG USArob@convergent-usa.comOxana Zykova CMG RussiaGeneral Manager CMG Russia +7 495 797 2010 Tel.      oxana@convergent-usa.com +7 495 797 9470 Fax. Petrovka str., 23/10, 2nd floorKarina Melikdzhanyan 107031 Moscow, RussiaAccount Directorkarina@convergent-usa.com CMG Croatia+7 916 1877369 + 385 52 500292 Tel. + 385 52 500292 Fax.Darja Gavocanov Labinska 2C,General Manager CMG Croatia 52100 Pula, Croatiadarja.gavocanov@convergent-usa.com USA CMG UkraineYuri Degtyar +38 095 8700892 Tel.General Manager CMG Ukraine Yaroslavska str., 57-A office 1yury.degtyar@convergent-usa.com Kiev, Ukraine+38 095 8700892
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!All materials are created, developed, executed by Convergent Media Group is integral property of Convergent Media Group (CMG). All rights are reserved. Prior permission must be secured before use of all or part of the content, contained herein.