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Developing a research strategy

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Tips and Tricks for Efficient Legal Research

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Developing a research strategy

  1. 1. Developing a Research Strategy
  2. 2. Getting the Research Assignment Asking the Right Questions: 1. Ask fact questions 2. Frame the issue 3. Brainstorm research strategies 4. Take Notes
  3. 3. Steps to Take before Beginning the Research Process • Write down the issue statement • Ask yourself about the assignment • Create a list of key words • Devise a research source strategy
  4. 4. The Research Process • Always make a research plan • Always keep a research log • Organize your saved research
  5. 5. Making a Research Plan • Preliminary Analysis is never a waste of time • Creating and following your Search Strategy will help make sure you don’t miss anything • Refine, double check, & update
  6. 6. Preliminary Analysis 1. Facts 2. Search Terms 3. Issue & Jurisdiction 4. Search Strategy/Knowledge Assessment 5. Sources
  7. 7. Keep a Research Log • Print/save everything. • Make sure to note on the cases why it is important. • Where/how did you find it? What parts of your strategy were successful?
  8. 8. Deciding When to Stop 1. Time constraints 2. You start finding the same thing over and over 3. You have followed your research strategy list and checked every source 4. You are able to present the research and there are no holes or open questions