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Things to Do When Vinyl Flooring Suffers From Damages

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Vinyl floors may suffer from damages like small cracks, bubbles or others over time. In order to know how to deal with these kinds of damages, go through this slide.

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Things to Do When Vinyl Flooring Suffers From Damages

  1. 1. Things to Do When Vinyl Flooring Suffers from Damages
  2. 2. • The vinyl flooring may suffer from small cracks or cuts because of normal wear and tear. • If the floor has suffered from water damage, it may bubble up in various sections. • Peeling up at the corners when the adhesives get dried up is a common problem • Sometimes vinyl floors also suffer from major tears, rips or burns. Problems with Vinyl Flooring
  3. 3. How to Deal with These Problems?
  4. 4. • If it is the small scrapes and cuts that you want to repair • Vacuum or sweep the affected area for removing the dirt and dust. • Mop and rinse with warm and fresh water • Apply a vinyl seam sealant to the cut or scraped portion
  5. 5. If you want to repair the bubbles • Make use of a utility knife for making the cut straight down the length of each bubble in middle. • Wait until the floor dries completely before making the cuts. • Use a glue syringe for squirting the vinyl floor adhesive into each of the cuts you have made in center of each of the bubbles. • Use a plastic putty knife for spreading the adhesive evenly under each bubble. • A rolling pin can be very useful for rolling across the adhesive spots to make it stick evenly to the ground. • Place stack of books on the spot where the adhesive is. But don’t use that portion until it’s dried fully.
  6. 6. If there is peeling up at the corners, use the same process of repair that you used for repairing the bubbles. The only step you need to eliminate is making cuts in vinyl.
  7. 7. When the ground suffers from major damages replacing the flooring is only the option. Get in touch with companies that offer vinyl repairs in Perth for doing this task.
  8. 8. www.perthcarpetmaster.com.au