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Emirates aluminum

SWOT analysis for Emirates Aluminum company

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Emirates aluminum

  1. 1. Emirates Aluminum (EMAL) Company Introduction and profile about Emirates Aluminum (EMAL) Company Emirates Aluminum (EMAL) Company is a state-of-the-art aluminum complex that smelts aluminum, produces and supplies its products for various applications. The organization was founded in 2007 in United Arab Emirates as a subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA). It is located at Al Taweelah in Abu Dhabi and the Aluminum complex occupies an area of six square kilometers. Its formation was as a result of the need to diversify Abu Dhabi’s economy and reduce its reliance on the fossil fuels which is a rare finite resource. EMAL core values are in line with the United Arab Emirates vision 2030 that promote optimal utilization of the available resources to create a centre for manufacturing, scientific exploration, production and business that would result to economic diversification and growth. Since the completion of Phase I of its construction in 2011, the company’s advanced infrastructure t has been a guarantee for high-quality, sustainable and reliable production as well as distribution to their esteemed customers. Before the start-up of the company’s Phase II production expansion, EMAL could produce and supply eight hundred thousand tones of high quality aluminum metal annually. However,the completion of Phase II by the end of this year is expected to result to an increase in production of up to 1.3 million tons of aluminum thus making EMAL one of the largest aluminum smelter globally. The aluminum products manufactured by Emirates Aluminum (EMAL) Company are usually for domestic and industrial use both locally in the United Arabs Emirates and currently many other countries across the world. The products include; extrusion billets, sow, sheet,and standard ingots and the foundry aluminum. Currently the company has more than 150 customers worldwide and the expansion of Al Taweelah plant from 2100MW to 3000MW by end of 2014 is expected to further enhance the production capacity (Emirates Aluminum, 2014).
  2. 2. A Strengths Analysis ofthe company EMAL has become a leading producer of a wide variety of Aluminum products globally over time. This is as a result of using the state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. The organization has exhibited a major strength in the ability to initiate, deploy, maintain and continually enhance the effectiveness of the Integrated Business Management System which allows integration of all initiatives under a single framework. The timely implementation of the Integrated Business Management System will ensure the company has the capacity to continually unite and standardize various key elements that critical in meeting and exceeding the expected excellence standards. The company has constantly shown great dedication to delivering the best value to meet the customers and stakeholders’ expectations. By adopting the best global operations and management practices the company has shown its commitment excellence. Through the use of Lean Manufacturing systems and modern tools, the company has shown the ability to maintain effective and efficient production centers that are capable of offering world class Aluminum products that satisfy the customers’ expectations. The ability to promote a business culture that eradicate waste and creates value shows the company’s strength and commitment to support its mission and long-term goals. The ability to put customer needs first, use of modern production systems and quality raw materials has enabled EMAL to produce the best quality wide variety products constantly (Emirates Aluminum, 2007). EMAL has also shown great strengths through its commitment to corporate social responsibility, conserve the environment, and ensure health and safety among other best practices. The company ensures the community in its neighborhood is always informed about its development. It also participates in enriching the local community through community programmes such as sports, health, special needs among other company-society’s engagements. By complying with the existing Abu Dhabi Environment Agency requirements, EMAL has shown its commitment to protect and conserve the ecology. This is through use of
  3. 3. emission control facilities, wildlife translocation and always carrying out environmental impact assessments (Emirates Aluminum, 2014). A WeaknessesAnalysis ofthe company The Emirates Aluminum (EMAL) Company is currently among the leading Aluminum producers globally. However,with the trend in the global economic interdependence the company should ensure it continually analyses the existing operational strategies to ensure its input remains significant in the global market. EMAL aluminum and its products are not immune to the global market fluctuations that may result from the changes in the United States dollar market value (Emirates Aluminum, 2012). Therefore,the company should always ensure there are mechanisms to counteract unexpected price fluctuations. This would ensure the sustainability of the company despite unexpected changes in the global economy that would affect the cost of production or the prices of the aluminum products. The company should be more responsive in the case of a demand growth that is weaker than expected. This would ensure that the complex aluminum smelter would not be at a risk of shutting down if the demand growth becomes slower than expected. Currently, Emirates Aluminum (EMAL) Company products include various semi-finished domestic and commercial products. To keep pace with the competition in the global market, the company should also expand its production to include refineries and other secondary aluminum products plants. Thus, when a temporary global economic crisis cause a sharp drop in demand for certain products the company will have a wide variety of products to sustain its production costs thus remain responsive to the unexpected pressure on the global prices for such products. Although the world aluminum industry may require more discipline to restore and sustain post 2008 economic crisis that had a great negative impact on the global aluminum demand- supply balance, individual companies has the responsibility to ensure there are strategies put in place to prevent adverse effects on their production capacity in the occurrence of such unexpected global crisis.
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