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Create A Great Social Media War Room

This is a guide to building a solid real time marketing plan for live events using Netflix at the 2014 Oscars as a case study.

I presented this at Upload Lisboa 2014, Portugal's largest digital and social media conference. If you are interested in me presenting at your event please shoot me an email: aehorsburgh@gmail.com

This presentation proposes that brands should build real-time marketing into their every day practice through smaller events that align well with brand values. (Slides 4 - 13)

It then looks at the inner workings of a social media war room, sharing how to plan for real-time opportunities with Netflix at the Oscars. (Slides 14 - 38)

Finally it shows how to scale a war room for teams as small as one person with the required free tools. (Slides 39 - 46).

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Create A Great Social Media War Room

  1. A War Room of One An all you need guide to creating a pretty awesome real-time marketing practice for teams large and small. @AmberHorsburgh
  2. I made this presentation at Upload Lisboa 2014. Portugal’s largest digital & social media marketing conference. It has been modified just slightly for Slideshare. Enjoy!
  3. What you will hear from me today 1. What we mean when we talk about real time marketing 2. Executing successful real time marketing with War Rooms 3. The war room of one
  4. We’re here to talk about Real Time Marketing
  5. Made famous by this OREO SUPER BOWL XLVII
  6. And this NASA OSCARS 2014
  7. And this one too... SNICKERS 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP
  8. But its not just that. “For most brands the real event is not the Super Bowl but smaller and mid-size moments that align to brand values and offer an opportunity to create an experience in near real time.” - Linda Boff, Executive Director of global brand marketing GE
  9. Real time is Crisis management CHOBANI YOGURT RECALL, 2013
  10. Real time is Customer service Responds in 78 mins to 96% of queries KLM AIRWAYS
  11. Real time is Responding to critics BELIZE TOURISM BOARD, 2014
  12. Social channels operate in real time. Brands that are not aware of their immediate environment risk losing great opportunities for fan interaction.
  13. But in order to execute in real time teams must be set up to rapidly respond to the environment.
  14. In buzzwords The war Room
  15. WAR ROOM. A place that centralizes operations for performing a given project. Image courtesy of LA Times http://framework.latimes.com/2012/12/11/times-editors-working-during-first-world-war-ii-blackout/
  16. War rooms allow the agility to leverage the now
  17. War rooms focus a team
  18. War rooms enforce accountability
  19. War rooms facilitate immediate communication
  20. How to do it
  21. Let’s pretend we’re in the #Oscars war room for
  22. The key is to Plan to be spontaneous
  23. COMMUNITY MANAGER Assign everyone a role ANALYST STRATEGIST COPYWRITER DESIGNER PRODUCER Image courtesy of LA Times http://framework.latimes.com/2012/12/11/times-editors-working-during-first-world-war-ii-blackout/
  24. Ensure everyone is versed in the process MONITOR CONVERSATIONS IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES PUBLISH Strategist Community Manager SEEK APPROVAL MAKE CONTENT Copywriter Designer Producer + client Analyst
  25. Have 90% of content ready made
  26. Fill the content calendar before the show even begins 70% PRE-APPROVED - Design assets - Copy - Concepts - Community management strategy - Success metrics - Measurement dashboards - Influencer lists 20% SEMI-APPROVED - Templated designs - Copy options - Reporting templates 10% REACTIVE - Community interactions - Reactions to key moments - Social listening
  27. Set rules guided spontaneity
  28. Empower the team to seek real-time opportunities RULES FOR ENGAGEMENT 1. Respond to people with high follower counts 2. Media interactions require client approval 3. Don’t ignore customer service questions 4. Don’t interrupt conversations between friends 5. Don’t respond to people that talk frequently about competitors
  29. Separate important conversations from fluff
  30. Important Critical event moments
  31. Important What influencers are saying
  32. Important What brands are saying
  33. Important What fans are saying
  34. Fluff Spam, shared and sponsored content - Shared content - Unrelated to event - Sponsored content - What partners, clients and agency teams are saying
  35. Established an approval process
  36. Obtained approval ahead of time BE COOL WITH LEGAL Ensure the things said about the brand can be said about the brand. BE COL WITH CLIENT Establish communication flow for quick edits and approval during event.
  37. Have paid media briefed and on standby
  38. Have audience targeting and budget ready to get behind content that gains traction.
  39. How to replicate as a one man show [without working the weekend]
  40. Let’s pretend we have one week
  41. Monday Set up social listening
  43. Wednesday Make the content
  44. Thursday Schedule everything [Netflix]
  45. Friday Figure out where the client will be • Outline a process for getting content approved • Share contact info - email, IM, SMS or Whatsapp
  46. If you remember only three things. Remember these... 1. Real time marketing is most effective when participating in events that align with brand goals, not unrelated gigantic ones. 2. To be set up for real time marketing success operate as a war room. 3. War rooms can scale big and small. Planning is key.
  47. THANKS @AmberHorsburgh