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figos Innovators Pitch hub conference 2015

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figos Pitch at hub conference 2015 in Berlin

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figos Innovators Pitch hub conference 2015

  1. 1. THE FIRST EUROPEAN BANKING SERVICE PROVIDER hub conference Berlin Picture by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography, flickr WE ARE THE BACKBONE OF 
  2. 2. Banking and banks are changing fundamentally and permanently User behavior and expectations Unbundling the bank Regulatory frameset
  3. 3. New needs Smart banking Aggregation End of data silos Flexible and open infrastructure Compliance
  4. 4. What we do? The service and infrastructure layer between 
 financial data and new services. We do the 
 job of companies like stripe or twilio in the banking sector.
  5. 5. One API connects all financial data Today: our partners are connected to more than 50m online banking accounts and credit cards in Germany. 
 Tomorrow: to more than 200m accounts all over Europe.
  6. 6. The use cases on top of figo’s platform touches all 
 areas of financial life > 420 partners are using the platform: Banks, Corporates, FinTechs etc.
  7. 7. What we achieved until now 9 API calls p. second > 24million/month >99% Connectivity to financial 
 services in Germany >160.000 Daily user 40 Paying disruptors 50m Accessible 
 accounts >420
 Developer teams 
 on the platform
  8. 8. Expansion: 
 Ready for roll out all over Europe Based in Hamburg, Germany was the starting point Further countries are following soon 
 With a great team from six nations End of 2016 figo will be available all over Europa
  9. 9. Super team with the backing of great investors and advisors Over 30 years experience in FinTech André M. Bajorat Joachim Penk Sebastian Tiesler Heiko Rahlfs Jörg Heilig
 Google Uli Hegge
 Marketing Expert Jochen Siegert
 traxpay Henri Kühnert
 Builder Arnulf Keese,
 PayPal CEO
 Advisory board Investors Carlo Kölzer
  10. 10. André M. Bajorat E-Mail: Mobile: amb@figo.io +49 172 4574783 Address figo GmbH Burchardstr. 21 20095 Hamburg Web www.figo.io @figoAPI Let’s change the way we bank today 
 by using the figo platform all over Europe!