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Space Solutions in Makerspaces at Darien Library

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An image-heavy presentation of how equipment in the Digital Media Lab and TEA Room makerspaces are arranged.

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Space Solutions in Makerspaces at Darien Library

  1. 1. Digital Media Lab & TEA Room at Darien Library Space Solutions: Amanda L. Goodman User Experience Librarian, 2016 CLC Maker Roundtable Discussion
  2. 2. Digital Media Lab
  3. 3. Origins
  4. 4. Planning Stage
  5. 5. Transformation Stage
  6. 6. Pros The space is small, so it really encourages a focus on a single project instead of competing for resources in a multiuser workspace. Plenty of storage space Screen placement helps with privacy on digital projects. Items consistently moved: Table on the right Anything on the table Lamps Tripod Not enough counter space for laying out project pieces for either digitization or filming/photography. Cons
  7. 7. Technology Engineering Arts Room
  8. 8. Origins
  9. 9. Paint Choices
  10. 10. Hello Goodbye
  11. 11. Pros Flexible options with carts and chairs on wheels. Plenty of storage space Large amounts of counter space for kids to work on projects. Room gets crowded when more than 10 kids are in it at once. Only two computers can fit on the short counter. The other computers are located just outside the door, but in a public area. Bigger groups have to be moved to the Storytime Room. Cons
  12. 12. Follow Up with Us Amanda L. Goodman Digital Media Lab agoodman@darienlibrary.org Amy Laughlin TEA Room alaughin@darienlibrary.org darienlibrary.org/dml darienlibrary.org/tearoom Slides: http://bit.ly/darienmakerspacerooms