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  1. 2.5 billion unbanked Source: Mackinsey
  2. half the world is unbanked Source: Mackinsey
  3. 455 billion dollars Source: Mackinsey
  4. 65% Latin America Source: Mackinsey
  5. Brazil Colombia
  6. Strong economies Good technology implantation High disparity levels High percentage of unbanked Current situation
  7. 106interviewed 101interviewed Market study
  8. Unbanked (students, workers) (+35%) High phone penetration (+100%) Ready to adopt bank innovation (+67%) High Insecurity feeling (+38%) Low trust in banks (8%) Market study
  9. Bank$
  10. Favorite payment method is cash or card but...
  11. “ is unfortunately common to have our cards "clonned" here. I mean, there are modified credit card machines that manage to make a "copy" of your card, and the robbers use it for buying lots of expensive stuff...” “...What is also common (believe it or not) is a kidnapping in which they take you to a lot of ATM's to use your own card to get money...” Rafael 27, Rio de Janeiro
  12. Solution for this target population?
  13. It’s just like cash but safer and modern!
  14. Simple SMS payment system No smartphone needed Simple activation Current account creation Digital wallet Use it in the JátePago!/YatePago! Network Very safe (no problem if phone stolen)
  15. 2 Purchase information 3SMS with data 4 Confirmation with code and Voilà! 1 Phone number
  16. 2 Purchase information 3SMS with data very rapidinho! 4 Confirmation with code 1 Phone number
  17. pre-paid cards P2P transference Cash já Top-up via
  18. Pay bills Buy online (technology creation) Pay at supermarkets, malls,... Phone talk-time and 3G Help the environment
  19. Our competitors
  20. Not innovative Not convenient Very convenient Very innovative
  21. Pricing
  22. Free!
  23. Rio de Janeiro Sao Paolo Brasilia Bogotá D.C Medellín
  24. Promotion
  25. La manera más segura de manejar su dinero
  26. A maneira mais segura de administrar seu dinheiro
  27. TV ad
  28. To conclude...
  29. Coming soon...