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4 gwes2012

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4 gwes2012

  1. 1. Wednesday - 02/01/12 9:00-9:45amJeff Thompson, 4GWE KEYNOTE SESSIONCEO Towerstream WiFi The Gateway Data Path The Mobile Internet has exploded based on the primed pump provided by WiFi. WiFis roll continues to expand for new spectrum and new services. Towerstream provides us an update on how their services are being used and expanded in New York and other locations.
  2. 2. Wednesday - 02/01/12 9:45 AM -10:15 AM WiFi The Gateway Data Path The Mobile Internet has exploded based on the primed pumpRob Riordan provided by WiFi.NsightTelservices WiFis roll continues to expand for new spectrum and new services. Towerstream provides us an update on how their services are being used and expanded in New York and other locations. Carl Ford
  3. 3. Wednesday - 02/01/12 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM Paul Barbagallo Bloomberg BNA Roaming in an LTE Environment The FCC recently mandated data roaming among mobile operators. James Tagg Tru Philip Merrill How should roaming be BeamSpeed structured in an LTE environment? How should operators handle dataPaul SinderlandWCAI Counsel
  4. 4. Wednesday - 02/01/12 11:00-11:45am What to Do About 4G Backhaul? Although the transition to LTE is well underway, 4G backhaul is still a complex challenge for many operators.Joel Brick With so many solutions available, operatorsSioux Valley need to decide what solution makes sense where. Should an operator deploy fiber or wireless? Should an operator deploying wireless backhaul use its own spectrum or look atErrol Binda high frequency options? John OgrenAviat Networks Speed Connect How can operators deploy low cost backhaul for small cell LTE deployments? Derek This session will provide operators with a Underwood comprehensive look at their mobile Cambium backhaul options in various contexts. Networks
  5. 5. Wednesday - 02/01/12 12:00 PM - 12:45 PMAmir Makleff 4GWE KEYNOTE SESSIONPresident & CEO High Frequency Spectrum SolutionsBridgeWaveCommunications Recent spectrum discussions have focused on the lower frequency bands suitable for mobile services to end users. These discussions often miss significant opportunities for solutions that take advantage of high frequency spectrum to support mobile backhaul and alternative access systems. This session considers the role high frequency spectrum can play in next generation mobile networks.
  6. 6. Wednesday - 02/01/12 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM When Does 4G Take Over Voice: VoLTE RolloutSteve Collins Manuel Vexler Answering the need for data services hasAcme Packet Huawei lead to rapid deployment of LTE by the carriers, while leaving the voice traffic on the existing 2G and 3G systems. However, the goal is to bring all media to the evolved packet core. What is the road map for the migrating toAnatoli Levine Doug Makishima Voice to LTE VoLTE and how will SMSRadvision D2 Technologies Text messaging will be changed. The Panel looks at the migration and how MajidFoodei carriers will evolve. Transwitch
  7. 7. Wednesday - 02/01/12 2:30 PM -3:15 PM Breaking Down the Licensed-Unlicensed Wall Wireless ISPs often categorize themselves as “licensed” or “unlicensed” based on the type of spectrum they use toJeff Kohler Raja Gopal provide service.JAB Broadband Alvarion The spectrum crisis is beginning to break down this categorical wall – all ISPs are feeling the impact of the data explosion no matter what type of spectrum they use. Traditionally “unlicensed” ISPs are beginning to look at licensed spectrum to increase their capacity and coverage, and traditionally “licensed” ISPs are offloading traffic using unlicensed spectrum. Given the new data reality, the time may be ripe for previously unthinkable deals among “licensed” and “unlicensed” ISPs.Greg Williams Chris HorneBelAir networks This panel explores the potential synergies in this sector. LBA Group Thomas Knippen WATCH TV
  8. 8. Wednesday - 02/01/12 4:45 PM - 5:15 PM Birds of A Feather: Open to All Delegates In the Show Floor Theatre The Case for Rich Communication Services: Maximizing Real Time Communications Revenue Steve Collins Manuel Vexler The cross elastics between Voice Calls and Data Use Acme Packet Huawei has lead to revenue anomalies, In building to Voice over LTE VoLTE the transition to the IP network will be complete, but will it be enough to maximize calling revenues? Rich Communication Services offers to expand beyond existing voice and add services including video, contextual media sharing, and presence. How can carriers find the upside in these services?Anatoli Levine Doug MakishimaRadvision D2 Technologies
  9. 9. THURSDAY KEYNOTES 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AMRick Whitt Chris Swearingen Dirk Gates Julius KnappGoogle SenseAware Xirrus FCC
  10. 10. Thursday - 02/02/12 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Managing the Spectrum Crisis Most agree that increased smart device penetration is creating spectrum crisis that the transition toFred Campbell Hank Hultquist LTE can’t solve on its own.WCAI They also agree that more mobile spectrum is AT&T needed, but spectrum legislation has been slow in coming. What are the best options for transitioning more spectrum to mobile with or without legislation? Can heterogeneous networks manage the crisis in the interim? Are wholesale arrangements a viable option? Rick Whitt Paul Sinderland This panel examines the key issues surrounding the Google WCAI spectrum crisis and options for managing it.
  11. 11. Thursday - 02/02/12 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Regulatory 2.0: The New Rules Are Here Glenn Richards Todd Daubert The FCC has set in motion a new Pillsbury Law SNR Denton era of regulation and its time to look at where we stand with acceptance by the industry, the impact on Internet services and the opportunities for wirelessAdrienne Biddings Brendan Kasper broadband.Google VONAGE
  12. 12. Thursday - 02/02/12 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Small Cells Where they Count; Building out the Core Small cells are being billed as a cost effective solution for network congestion and thePiyush Raj Craig Easley seemingly insatiable consumer appetite forAmerican Tower Accedian Networks data, yet small cells also present interesting and complex challenges relating to deployment, spectrum reuse and operations of a heterogeneous network. This session will explore the future of small cells from the perspective of leading operators and vendors in the field and address some of the key challenges posed by this fast emerging technology.Ronen VengoshPureWave Networks
  13. 13. Friday - 02/03/12 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Mobile Opportunities & Security in the Enterprise Sector Mobile deployment is accelerating in the enterprise sector due largely to the availability of relatively low cost, highly capable devices. Although there is significant potential for growth inTim Wagner the enterprise sector, fear of data loss and leakage is hindering broader adoption of smartphones by businesses with regulatory compliance or enhanced security requirements. What are the security requirements of the mobile enterprise sector and how can operators take advantage of this opportunity? Find out in the session.
  14. 14. Friday - 02/03/12 10:00-10:45am Policy Control Comes of Age The use of policy controls is growing rapidly, especially in the mobile sector.Grant Lenahan Russ Green The proliferation of mobileTelcordia VPI Systems broadband devices and the transition to LTE are creating policy control opportunities and challenges for operators and equipment vendors. The latest evolution of policy controlFred Campbell in LTE networks and its impact onWCAI the players will be analyzed in this session.
  15. 15. Friday - 02/03/12 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Marketing by the Numbers Thanks to Buddy Lists and ContactNoah Rafalko Managers the odds that people actuallyTSG - Global dial a number is becoming rare, but the long form of the number is still the most embedded way to connect to customer. This panel discusses the issues in marketing to a mobile market with all sorts of tools at their finger tips and how to blend marketing communication with wireless communications.Theresa SzczurekRadish Systems
  16. 16. Friday - 02/03/12 12:00 PM-12:45 PM Wireless Access Open For Business Wireless Access Opens the Business As the Twilight of the PSTN nears the usePeter Radizeski of wireless services to provide access Ray Pasquale becomes more common.RAD-Info Unified Office Wireless Access also features several alternative strategies in the delivery or redundancy. What are the capabilities of wireless fixed access and what are the plans for expanded services based on the use of these solutions? Mark Gianinni Addiel Lopez Accel Networks Sling Broadband
  17. 17. Friday - 02/03/12 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Global Trends Impacting US. Its a global economy and sometimes the trends are global and sometimes they are local. It is theKelly Dunne contention of this panel that global trends areOne Economy impacting the US now. First we take a look at the Digital Divide and the opportunity to deliver a wireless device to everyone in the US. The question here is what are the benefits and how do we ensure we achieve them. The next digital divide we speak about are the implications of spectrum us and particularly the impact of TDD vs. FDD. As we put more devices in peoplesAnton Wahlman hands will the spectrum requirement be solved in unique ways?The Street Who benefits from our adoption of these technologies?