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  1. Baseline Nutritional Status (ELEM.) (SY 2016-2017) 1.82% Percent SW W Normal Oerweigth Obese
  2. Baseline Endline SW W N OW OB 2.47% 11.75% 84.17% 1.42% 0.18% 2.52% 7.23% 88.14% 1.69% 0 NUTRITIONAL STATUS 15-16 (SECONDARY) Baseline Endline
  3. SW W N OW OB 3.42% 8.69% 84.84% 2.65% 0.40% 2.99% 8.99% 84.97% 2.65% 0.40% ELEMENTARY Baseline Endline Column1
  4. School-Based Feeding Program • SBFP2015-2016 is continuously done until August 25, 2016 • Only GUBANG ES & TOMAS SAGUNES completed the 120-days of feeding at their own expense. • Endline Nutritional Status of the recipients are yet to be taken. • Schools in rural barangays are doing it even on Saturdays and sundays without claiming leave credits.
  5. SBFP 2015-2016 STATUS REPORT • On-going: 37/40 • Expected date to finish: August 25, 2016 • Reason of cut 120 days of feeding: 2nd tranche of funds were unavailable. • Ways of continuing the program: Personally took out money from their pockets or set up a fund-raising program • PSDS, EPS, SEPS, Health Personnel are hand-in-hand monitoring the implementation of the program • Same recipients were fed up to this time.
  6. ACTIONPLANS • Increase the number of feeding coordinators per school to be a reliever. • Feeding coordinators decreased the academic hours with the consent of their principals and CID chief. • DSWD (4Ps Coordinators) supported the program in a way of obligating the 4Ps parent to provide service in the schools. • We had procured agreed notes that these schools will continue the feeding since the 2nd tranche has been already released. • A motivating factor: Division Certificate to be given away to the coordinators • Will provide demand letter or letter of explanation to principals who will fail to liquidate on the agreed date. So, school heads know the consequences of failure to submit or comply.
  7. SBFP (2016-2017) Beneficiaries: SW-852 W -2279 Total- 3,131 Amount- Php 6,762,960
  8. SBFP Recipients Severely Wasted (852) West- 171 South- 171 Central- 170 North- 170 East- 170 Wasted (2,279) West- 456 South- 456 Central- 456 North- 456 East- 455
  9. Program 1. Health Service Delivery • Physical Assessment of Learners from Kinder to Secondary Students. June-July: Kinder -897/3204(28%), Grade 1- 646/3764(17%) • Learners who are found to be cleft lips and palates, referred to PNP for their outreach program • Classroom/school health talks and community assembly attended by nurses as supported by local officials and 4Ps coordinators • Annual Physical Examination of TPs & NTPS : FBS, Cholesterol test, X- ray, Urinalysis, Sputum AFB and referrals were done for effective treatment.
  10. ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION 94.8% Employees (1058/1117) 37.2% UTI 14% Hypercholesterol (93% under treatment) 13 pax PTB (3 treated,3 underTx) 11% DM (25pax on Tx)
  11. Dental Check-Up of Teachers for SY 2015-2016 District Checked-up School Total No. of Schools East 8 9 West 16 16 South 10 12 North 11 11 Central 3 12 Secondary 12 17
  12. Cont. Health Service Delivery • STRENGTHENING DEPED’S TB PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROGRAM THROUGH ADOPTION OF THE COMPREHENSIVE AND UNIFIED POLICY ON TB CONTROL IN THE PHILIPPINES (referral to TB-DOTS Facilities) • TSEKAP- newly appointed teachers have to apply yet this coming sem break. Others have enoyed the program with its agenda: HEALTH FOR ALL. THREE FACILITIES: Pagadian City Health Office, Sta. Lucia Health Center, Zambo. Del Sur Medical Center. • Regular monitoring of BP;food intake;health assistance during calamities, jamborette, sports fest
  13. Continuation of Health Service Delivery • Provision of basic medicines: 1. Duavent and nebulization service 2. Fast acting antihypertensive 3. Proton pump inhibitor 4. antipyrexia 5.liniments 6. pain relievers 7. anti-cold and cough 8. and more
  14. Continuation… • Free Dental Service to learners, parents, community people, NTPSs, and TPs • Joining on medical updates.. • Linking with Pagadian Doctors and Dentists • Immunization and deworming in partnership with the DOH (a DepED-DOH Joint Program) • Oral- BSBF in partnership with Colgate-Palmolive Inc., provision of toothbrushes and toothpastes to Grade I pupils
  15. School HealthSection Jan. 29’s National Schools Deworming Day (NSDD) Result
  16. • Not yet consolidated, it will finish this Friday. • Goods Received: Albendazole Biscuits Tarpaulin Consents
  17. School-Based Immunization 1. School-Based Immunization • This program of the DOH is supported by our Department of Education from the first day of implementation to immunize the learners of Grades I and VII. Our objective is to immunize at least 80% of Grades I and VII of the division on the appropriate vaccines in order to provide additional protection and also to increase awareness about protection to certain vaccine-preventable diseases.
  18. The last day of administration of the vaccine to the learners was last October 2, 2015 with the following results: Grade I ENROLMENT: 3796 MCV2 =3640 96% TD =3645 96% Grade VII Enrolment: 3857 MR =3479 90% TD =3490 90%
  19. 2. Sanitation and Safety • Health Promoting Schools- toilets (World Toilet Day),Handwashing facility (Global Handwashing Day),Monitoring of School’s safety and injury free and its environment. • Joining in the Earthquake and Fire Drill for sharing the first aid actions • Community and school talk about proper waste segregation.
  20. School Canteen Monitoring School Canteens’ existence: primarily help to eliminate malnutrition among school children and serve as a venue for the development of desirable eating habit. • The section had identified 30 both private and public schools with canteens to be evaluated from time to time, using the division and regional checklists.
  21. Monitoring tools for Canteen Inspection
  22. 3. Adolescent and Youth Development Program • NDEP- Joint Deped-Pagadian City- PNP Pagadian City Advocacy Program presenting the ill-effects of illegal drugs, unlawful acts and penalties, and Roles of schools and community in the anti- illegal drug campaign. • Sports Festival- Intramurals, District Meets, PCDAA, ZPRAA • HIV and AIDS Awareness (prevention and control)