Telecom Trends on B2B - 2013

31 de May de 2013

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Telecom Trends on B2B - 2013

  1. Global Telco Trends in B2B - 2013 Alper Celik LinkedIn: Predictions and ideas presented herein are my personal view and nothing to do with my employer
  2. Telco B2B Trends 2013 HTML5 and billing on behalf for Telcos and why web is waiting for a new leader Convergence of User Experience the next frontier for Telco differentiation The future of voice - LTE From fix telephony to diversity of use cases and VoLTE. Bring your own device and MDM are two opportunities for Telcos Net Neutrality Telcos lobbying to gain more from the OTT players. Big Data how to make money on the data analytics and storage of it Fix Mobile Unification Full service mobility irrespective of device and integrated call management for both mobile and fix. Cloud Computing getting communication and collaboration solutions from a single source will help SMEs to reduce their ICT pain points. M2M billions of connected objects
  3. Megatrends in Telco 2013-05-313 Theme As is Conclusion Leaders to follow Net neutrality Telecom operators are lobbying regulators to relax net neutrality rules, which have allowed internet companies to profit from high-speed broadband infrastructure without having to pay for it. We hope that regulators will have no choice but to allow operators and internet companies to come to commercial charging arrangement in order to encourage broadband investment. Likely to happen in Europe and the US first, where mobile bandwidth shortages are acute Cloud In pursuit of growth, many operators are acquiring cloud services companies to cash in on the cloud wave. Telecom operators have a unique value proposition targetting SMEs. Being a local trusted partner to SMEs will give an opportunity for Telcos. Deutsche Telekom, KPN, SK Telecom, Verizon VoLTE and Voice Century-old assumptions of telephony are challenged and voice will be reinvented as new applications that are no longer recognizable as phone calls Leading operators in the UK, USA, Scandinavia are all testing the VoLTE and we believe Telcos should not miss the voice opportunity coming with LTE. S. Korean, Japanees and American Telcos Big Data 90% of stored data in the world has been created in the last two years. Much of it is unstructured and generated automatically from machine-to-machine (M2M). There is a market for real-time analysis of big data. Operators are trying to transfer the intelligence that is built into their networks via APIs to the developer community. Some, like SK Telecom, are focusing on in-house software; others, like China Mobile, are growing their app stores. China Mobile, SK Telecom, Vodafone M2M Connected machines and devices are promising a growth opportunity for Telcos. In a complex eco-system, Telcos needs to decide what role they will get. M2M is a complex ecosystem an Telcos should decide what role they will play and how much value they will add. Providing only the connection will not be enough the make sensible revenues. AT&T, Telenor
  4. Future of Voice and VoLTE 2013-05-314
  5. Voice communication Up to 2000’s Today single use case diverse use cases dial a phone number, talk, hang-up - any device to any device - voice transcription - voice messaging - group calling - push-to-talk - user-ID to User-ID - machine-to-user - web-to-phone - anonymous calling … and more
  6. Future of voice 2013-05-316 feature phones smartphones voice is blended into web and apps voice = phone voice = app voice = API
  7. Convergence Of User Experience 2013-05-317
  8. Multi screen in Telecom 2013-05-318 201520102005 ? one bill, triple play one device, 1,000s of apps vision focal point compete based on price of service number of apps network device ? ?
  9. It is not only Smartphones anymore! 2013-05-319 Mac computers iPhone iPad Apple TV Chrome browser Android Android tablets Google TV Windows, Office Windows 8Windows Phone Xbox PC smartphone tablet smart TV
  10. User experience will happen around ecosystems 2013-05-3110 2013-05-3110 201520102005 one bill, triple play one device, 1,000s of apps vision focal point compete based on price of service number of apps network device one ecosystem, 10s of screens ecosystems same experience on all screens
  11. HTML5: Web is waiting for a new leader 2013-05-3111
  12. HTML5 – the future of mobile apps and phones 2013-05-3112
  13. Who will be the winner? 2013-05-3113  Mobile operators hoping to regain control that was lost to native platforms and get back to the billing on behalf business  Apple looking to move the web away from Flash  Google searching for more ways to commoditize complements  Facebook aiming to break-down Apple/Google silos and distance Adobe  Microsoft to onboard web developers onto Windows 8  Adobe aiming to sell tools that facilitate web-to-native hybrid apps
  14. Cloud Computing 2013-05-3114 “The value-add could be to bundle the different cloud apps and provide one user interface, security, single sign- on and one billing relationship for all these” Joachim Horn, MWC Barcelona, 2013
  15. Everything will be connected and supported by Cloud 2013-05-3115 Capability Time Mechanical & Analog Mainframe & Digital PC & Mobile Laptop & Internet Cloud & Internet of Things
  16. Traditional SME Office SME Office with Cloud Traditional SME Office SME Office with Cloud Computing CAPEX Heavy CAPEX Limited CAPEX OPEX Heavy OPEX Pay per use Mobility Limited Available from anywhere, any device Scale up & down Can only scale up Can scale up & down Potential for downtime Very possible Telco-grade and up time guaranteed with SLAs (99.9%) Potential for data loss Very possible Regular backups are taken and securly protected Unexpected costs Very possible No Single point of contact & single bill for all ICT Not possible Possible via Telco SMEs need help with their ICT setup
  17. Making it easy for SMEs to consume ICT 2013-05-3117
  18. Helping SMEs to be more productive 2013-05-3118 Your applications & files are available on any device, anywhere! Telco Rationale - New services offering from Telco to our enterprise customers - Creates new revenue sources from popular SaaS/OTT players - Enables Telco as a value added provider rather than a discounter or bit pipe - Enables Telco as a one-stop-shop for SMEs
  19. Bring Your Own Device & MDM 2013-05-3119
  20. Device experience is getting fragmented 2013-05-3120 Services Connectivity Devices From Old Game… …To New Game Services Connectivity Devices OSS / BSS OTT Services Telco Services Telco Network - Smartphones - Tablets - Laptops - M2M Controlled by telco Device Management OSS / BSS
  21. Consumerization of work devices 2013-05-3121 Source: Accenture
  22. MDM market opportunity 2013-05-3122 Source: Analysis Mason, 2013
  23. A BYOD use case 2013-05-3123 Ingrid Role: Head of Innovations Corporate Services None Ingrid Role: Head of Innovations Corporate Services VPN Wi-Fi Exchange 2007 Ingrid Role: Head of Innovations Corporate Services VPN Wi-Fi (New) Exchange 2010 Ingrid Role: CEO of X Corporate Services VPN Wi-Fi Exchange 2010 Corporate Apps Stolen Device All Access Denied Corporate Resources Certificate Services Directory Services Mail Services Wi-Fi VPN Content Securely enroll device using MDM 1 3 MDM configures device to access corporate services Company upgrades Exchange and rotates Wi-Fi certificates MDM automatically upgrades device configuration J. Doe is promoted to the CEO role MDM configures device based on new role for higher access to corporate services Device stolen! MDM removes corporate data, apps, access to corporate services and remotely wipes the device 5 2 4 MDM Solution Applications
  24. Fix Mobile Unification 2013-05-3124
  25. Market demand 2013-05-3125 • Fix lines are still important in B2B and they will stay so. • Apply excisting callflows and ICT integrations on both mobile and fix devices • Making office telephony features available to mobile users • User intentional status, single number representation, single voice mail, single reporting.
  26. Complete stack of voice switching services 2013-05-3126 # employees Complexity 25 50 75 100 125 150 250 Voice VPN IP Centrex - Light IP Centrex - Advanced - Customer premissed or Managed PBX MEX/FoPBX
  27. Big Data 2013-05-3127
  28. Big data – an opportunity for Telcos? 2013-05-3128
  29. How Telcos are doing? 2013-05-3129
  30. References  VisionMobile  Analysis Mason  Computer Sweden  IDG  Accenture 2013-05-3130
  31. Thank you! 2013-05-3131 Alper Celik

Notas do Editor

  1. Net Neutrality:
  2. Century-old assumptions of telephony are challenged and voice will be reinvented as new applications that are no longer recognizable as phone callsIt can no longer be improved in a way that is meaningful to customers - the basis of competition will shift from quality and reliability to flexibility of communication in multitude of use cases beyond telephony. Users will evaluate services based on the breadth of use cases available, not on traditional quality metrics. The post-disruption value system will unbundle voice from the network on which it travels to unleash innovation of voice use cases and applicationsTogetherwithVoLTE, for the firsttime in wholetelcohistory, mobile willhave the opportunitytohavebetter voice qualitythan fix line. Fix sound is 3,5 kilohertzVoLTE sound is 7 kilohertzWhere previous cell phone voice codecs only supported frequencies up to 3.5 kHz and upcoming wideband audio services branded as HD Voice up to 7 kHz, Full-HD Voice supports the entire bandwidth range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. For end-to-end Full-HD Voice calls to succeed however, both the caller and recipient's handsets as well as networks have to support the feature.
  3. Twilio has one of the most robust APIs in the technology industry. The API helps connect users via voice or messages from any client they are using. That includes adding voice and messaging functionality to the browser or within a mobile app. Twilio is taking the notion of communication, bringing it to Web technology and unleashing it to a new class of developers. Twilio’s business model is to enable millions of developers to use their free APIs and developed apps so that Twilio can charge a margin for the calls and messaging that comes from those apps.
  4. Vision: manyconnectedscreensFocalpoint: eco-systemCompetebased on: userexperience. Same experience on different devices
  5. Keyecosystemsareexpendingacross 4 screens and it seems like wewill get more and morescreens like google glass and so on…
  6. - HTML5 brings capabilities of web apps closer to those of native apps; UI tools, off-line storage, 2D graphics, plugin-free video/audio, geo location, speed and communication.- 5 yearstime from now, maybe the mobile deviceswill not haveany operating systmsanaymorebut just HTML5
  7. HTML5 canenableTelcostoregain the app and billing on behalf business.
  8. Currentlywesee a hughdegreeofdemand from medium tolargecompanies and from public sector. However, weforeseethateven small and microenterpriseswill ask for MDM services in the future.
  9. People demand the freedom to work on the device of their choice. 70% of Lotus traveler users is BYOD at Tele2 today.Tele2 BYOD project:Computer: ~ 5000 SEK/yearinsteadof Tele2 ComputerPhone: ~ 1000 SEK/yearinsteadof Tele2 phoneIf 15% of the employees in Sweden wouldusetheirown computer and 30% wouldusetheirown mobile phone, costsavingswould be 1,47 MSEK / yearBenefitsProductivitySatisfactionTalent recruitmentEmployee retention
  10. Wehave MEX in Sweden toenableour B2B customerstointegratetheir mobiles withtheirPBXs and weare at the moment working on a pre-study in Netherlandstoenabletrue fix-mobile-unification. The trends in the world goes towards mobile, however fix linesare still veryimportant for us.
  11. Operators invest large amounts of money in technology and marketing to develop and promote mobile data services, hoping to compensate for the loss of voice revenue. It is however expected that the compensating effect of data revenue will wear out by 2013. By then, mobile data will have become a commodity just like mobile voice today and the usual price battle between operators will continue. · Some mobile operators try to bring added value to their network by adding Centrex services inside their networks, hereby ignoring that Centrex solutions are not meeting the requirements of most midsize and large enterprises. These enterprises are investing in very advanced PBX and UC eco-systems, deeply integrated inside their IT environmentand are not willing to outsource this critical and demanding part of their business to a Centrex platform. Ignoring this fact means accepting the downward spiral of enterprise mobile voice revenue. Some mobile operators invest in a Voice VPN solution that is only partially answering the needs of enterprises to integrate their mobile fleet into their infrastructure.
  12. - 90% of data stored in the internet produced in last 2 years. This trend will just continue. So there will be a huge amount of data that needs to be stored somewhere - The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so-called big data—will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus, according to research by MGI and McKinsey's Business Technology Office. Leaders in every sector will have to grapple with the implications of big data, not just a few data-oriented managers. The increasing volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things will fuel exponential growth in data for the foreseeable future