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How to clear IIT JEE with Top Rank

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Most rankers in IIT JEE will tell you that they did not study the whole day, in fact, they took considerable amounts of breaks to keep their minds stress free and relieve of the exam pressure.

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How to clear IIT JEE with Top Rank

  1. 1. 1 How to clear IIT JEE with Top Rank If you are among the pool of students trying to make it big through the IIT JEE exams, you are most likely to question yourself “What is it that will make me a topper?”; if this is the question bothering you in the meantime, you have already taken a step towards success. Let us guide you through your journey of IIT JEE exams with the ‘7 Ps’ to make the most of your time and ensure a topper out of yourself. Psychology Whether the race course or an exam hall, the root of all victory is having a positive attitude. If you face issues developing that attitude, you can borrow it from sources like meditation, breathing exercises or the best, talking to your mentors, by having the right mentality set for the upcoming challenges, you only help yourself. While you are required to maintain a sense of awareness about your progress, you should not delve into overthinking which will cause stress and instead of moving ahead, you will face impediments during studies, So its better to be calm and composed and work hard during the initial phase than panicking at the end moment and invite troubles. Trust your decisive abilities. Planning After you have set your mind on achieving what you want, it time to set a road map. You will be facing strong competition from the students who choose to begin the preparing for IIT JEE since class 10th and 12th . You need not worry because hard work outsmarts competition. It is crucial for you to determine time slots and allotments for each subject and likewise for each topic. In fact, make a chart on which you can keep a track of your progress and date wise preparation; an Excel sheet or simply a piece of paper that stays with you to help you gain control of your preparations will do. Preparation When it comes to preparation, nothing but smart studies will be your guiding light, you can memorise a topic a thousand times yet it may fade away the next morning but if you choose to rather read the topic and understand the concept with a creative articulation, it will stay with you
  2. 2. 2 forever! (Remember how the teacher taught us nursery rhymes using hand gestures and word manipulations?) It is things like these that will save you on your exam day. There may be a few moments of doubt when it comes to preparation since there is a plethora of topics which you need to cover within the stipulated time, the subjects are numerous of which your favourite or the ones you find easier may not get you to be a topper, on such occasions, you are advised to analyse carefully the subjects which need immediate attention or which may prove to be the weak points and the subjects which you can easily go through without Play Most rankers in IIT JEE will tell you that they did not study the whole day, in fact, they took considerable amounts of breaks to keep their minds stress free and relieve of the exam pressure, you can indulge in an activity of your choice, you can as well watch a Television show or simply take a quick refreshing nap; whichever suits you the best, you must adopt a hobby to keep your mind away from wandering constantly over how you can top the exams. After all, it is efforts of the chef and not just the thoughts that make a soup. Practice Another step towards success is to Practice, repeating what is taught in the class or what you have learnt during the initial hours of the day during the rest of the day for a couple of hours will enable you to memorise the fundamentals and make your basics stronger which will further enhance your learning abilities and help you keep your records on check. Participate We highly recommend the IIT JEE aspirants to participate in reading. Reading and repeating the main concepts of the topics will lead to a better understanding and visualising the real case scenario to an extent that every sum and practical becomes a stepping stone for the exam day. Participating in group discussions and class activities held by your mentors will help you measure the competition and make decisions accordingly, Push Last but not the least, you must push yourself, to do better and never lose faith in yourself, because it is you who can motivate you to the best as they say, if IIT JEE is the competition, self-motivation is the best motivation.