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Facial products that bring out your best skin

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Facial products that bring out your best skin

  1. 1. Facial Products That Bring Out Your Best SkinHave you ever had a bad skin day? You know, the kind where your complexion feels dry andashy, you can’t conceal the creases around your eyes and you just feel tired and dull? We’veall been there; even the models you see in beauty magazines, though you wouldn’t be ableto tell based on their fresh, radiant skin as they go about hawking moisturizing cream orshower gel.Don’t be fooled by the advertising though; simply using one chemical-filled product won’tmake your skin glow with health. Instead, you need to begin a natural beauty regimen filledwith great products that will help make your skin look fresh and healthy. Here are the threeproducts that you need to be utilizing daily to reveal your best skin.Facial CleanserAn all-natural facial cleanser is a great product to have in your arsenal. Whether you choosea gentle foaming formula or one with tiny exfoliating beads, your face wash should makeyour complexion feel clean and hydrated. Your pores may feel slightly tight after you’vewashed and dried your face, but it’s nothing that a little moisturizer can’t fix.
  2. 2. Face MoisturizerAfter you’ve washed your face, whether it’s in the morning or right before bed, you shouldalways apply a face moisturizer to re-hydrate skin, since you’ve just rinsed off the top layerof the skin’s natural oils. The type of moisturizer you purchase should depend on your skintype, susceptibility to acne and how dry your complexion feels in its normal state. There areplenty of options when it comes to face moisturizer; water and oil-based products, heavymoisturizing cream or lighter hydrating gels, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. You mayneed to experiment to see what does your skin the most good. A proper face moisturizerwill absorb within a few minutes and will keep skin feeling soft without looking slick orsticky.Anti Aging CreamYou may choose to use your face moisturizer in the morning, but if you use anti-agingproducts, you may want to use your anti aging cream before bed, since during sleep iswhen your skin heals itself. An anti aging cream helps ward off crow’s feet, fine lines andwrinkles, and it helps reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles. A good anti aging creamwill be packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and will keep your complexion hydrated justas well as a moisturizing cream.Why is it so important that you choose all-natural products? Most drugstore brand cosmeticsand beauty products are packed with chemicals that can absorb into your body — and evenyour blood stream — when you apply the product. Every time you rub on that chemical-laden shower gel or facial cleanser, you’ve inviting the sulfates, alcohols and parabens intoyour body to wreak their havoc. Natural products don’t contain these chemicals, so you canfeel safe about what your skin is absorbing.
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