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Thesis1 final

here is my final thesis presentation

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Thesis1 final

  1. 1. digital memory&the demise of FORGETTING
  2. 2. HYPOTHESISThis thesis presents the hypothesis that theexternal memory created by social networkingsites and other forms of digital recording incyberspace may have negative consequences forour personal and professional advancement.
  3. 3. HYPOTHESISThe high level of detail with which siteslike facebook record events interferes withour natural ability to forget, suggestingthat a need exists for digital forgetfulness.In contrast to widely accepted notions of thedesirability for legacy through photographicand text-based documentation, being ableto quickly surpass every detail of a difficultexperience, can be ultimately advisable forpersonal and social betterment.
  4. 4. HYPOTHESISUnderstanding the role of human memory inpersonal development might provide anexplanation for how digital archiving hindersthe natural process of letting go. This inturn could lead to a solution that wouldrestore the ability to forget every detail ofpast experiences.
  5. 5. What is human mEmORY?mem•o•ry (mm-r)n. pl. mem•o•riesthe faculty by which the mind storesand remembers information
  6. 6. Long Term Memory Short TermSensory MemoryMemory
  7. 7. Procedural Memory Long Term Memory Declarative Memory Short TermSensory MemoryMemory
  8. 8. Procedural Memory Long Term Memory Semantic Memory Declarative Memory Episodic Memory Short TermSensory MemoryMemory
  9. 9. What is EXTERNAL mEmORY?
  11. 11. WRITING
  14. 14. FILm
  15. 15. from ANALOG to DIGITAL a shift in external memory“By eliminating noise, the incremental forgettinginherent in analog technology, the notion oforiginals and copies is rapidly becoming anoutdated concept.”-from Delete: The Virtue ofForgetting in the Digital Age
  16. 16. FORGETTING“Today, with the help of widespreadtechnology, forgetting has becomethe exception, and remembering thedefault” -from Delete: The Virtue ofForgetting in the Digital Age
  17. 17. Why we FORGET
  18. 18. Why we FORGETas individuals we forgetso that we can survive
  19. 19. Jill Price, known as “AJ” in sciencejournals, remembers every detail of every daydating back to 1974, when she was 14 yearsold.
  20. 20. Why we FORGETas a society we forget sothat individuals can redeemthemselves
  21. 21. 1999 2011Actor Robert Downey Jr. in a mugshot forhis drug related arrest (left) and with hisgolden globe award 12 years later (right)
  22. 22. with the demise of FORGETTING we lose power and time
  23. 23. for example
  24. 24. Gordon Bell, Principal Researcher atMicrosoft, Author of Total Recall: How theE-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything.
  25. 25. For some of us, avoidingreplaying painful memoriesis not easy...
  26. 26. project ideas & potential SOLUTIONSVirtual Memory Kit
  27. 27. SYSTEm forSafetyHierarchyAbility to cope