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Birdy skinny love analysis

This is a 9 shot analysis of the video "Skinny Love" by birdy. This video was our main inspiration for making our music video and we admired the setting, costume and the lack of storyline it contained.

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Birdy skinny love analysis

  1. 1. Birdy- Skinny Love By Alice Colligan
  2. 2. This zoomed in shot of her foot playingthe piano demonstrates that theinstrument is vital in thisvideo, following the folk convention.The dull black and white colours createan mysterious atmosphere, fitting withthe lyrics and mood of the song.
  3. 3. Next this mid-shot of birdy looksalmost like some kind of shadow, which contrasts with the lightbackground and light coming throughthe window. I think the reason behindher back facing the camera is to createthe shadow effect but also to addemotion and intensity to video, seeingas the song “skinny love” is quiteemotional. It also helps the targetaudience to really feel the music andthe lyrics.
  4. 4. In this mid shot the white lace dressstood out to me as it’s quite simple butcreates a peaceful feeling mixed with avintage style. With her hair coveringher face it a sense of mystery as if likethe audience want to know what shelooks like. The setting of theabandoned house and mistreatedpiano reinforces the idea of mystery.
  5. 5. This close-up shot of birdie’s face Ithink is used to display emotion and toget across quite an sad emotion. Thissadness fits with her lyrics and thegeneral mood of the song.
  6. 6. I particularly liked this establishingshot of the window as I thought it wasa complete contrast to the darkcolours in this video. Also the whitemisty light compliments the other shotof the white lace dress. As the windowappears to be an antique it connotateswith the ongoing vintage style.
  7. 7. This eye level mid shot of just herhands playing the piano links with thefirst shot of her foot using the peddleson the piano. The reason for so manyshots of her playing the instrumentemphasises the folk convention of themusic being the most important thingin the video.
  8. 8. Next this mid-shot of Birdy shows hermaking no eye-contact with thecamera, agreeing with the folk genreconvention that appearance isn’t themost important theme in most folkvideos. Also with the artist lookingdown it emphasises the theme ofsecrecy running through out the video.
  9. 9. Finally this long shot where you cansee all of the artists body. I think isused to show the full setting of thevideo. The dark setting of the housewith no lights is juxtaposed with thebeaming light of the window.