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AIIM + Alfresco Infographic



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All organizations make use of processes to get things done - most of which require paper or electronic information to work.

AIIM + Alfresco Infographic

  1. 1. Input Output informaƟonto work.most of which require paper or electronic All organizaƟonsmake use of processes to get things done - Where is my data? enterprise content held in business systems ...have of their non-ECM Finance ERP HR Loan OriginaƟon Legal Contracts ECM Insurance Claims Customer Invoices Government Records STORE ● INDEX SEARCH ● PROCESSMANAGE●REUSE ● RECORDARCHIVE●SHARECOLLA BORATE● CAPTURE●PUBLISH DEPLOY ● PR O CESS PROCESS PROCE SS LET’S JOIN FORCES more producƟve if their processes were work-flowed using scanned forms and documents, with automated data capture. Believe administraƟve staff in their organizaƟon would be What are people integraƟng? Other ConsideraƟons Need it on mobile Do you need to integrate to Do you need to integrate to LEGACY DATA LEGACY DATA Are you using to make integraƟon easier? Have you considered Open Source? What about using the to share content? For customer processes Provide mobile access to ECM content consider mobile technologies to be important or extremely important BUT ONLY Real benefit comes from integraƟng ECM and Business Processes together ECM with Business ProcessesECM with Business Processes Integrating AIIM (www.aiim.org) is the global community of information professionals. We provide the education,research and certification that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile,social, cloud and big data. www.alfresco.com www.aiim.org/research Alfresco is the open platform for business critical document management,automation of document-intensive business processes and team collaboration.Every day,over 7 million business users in 75 countries rely on Alfresco to manage 4 billion documents,files and processes - behind the firewall,in the cloud and on their mobile devices.