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Check Engine Light

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Suddenly you are getting warning symbol from your car as the lights on your dashboard blinking means something going wrong in your car. So, visit ant trusted Automotive Center to solve the issue.

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Check Engine Light

  1. 1. It is a part present in dashboard of every car. One of the safety feature
  2. 2. Check Engine Light Parts Catalytic Converter Airflow Sensor Oxygen Sensor Spark Plugs
  3. 3. Neutralizes Adverse effect of carbon monoxide
  4. 4. Reduction in Miles Per Gallon efficiency. Car may not run at all.
  5. 5. Controls air entered into engine. Influences amount of fuel needed at a given time.
  6. 6. Poor fuel economy. Impact the spark plugs
  7. 7. It is a part of emission control system. Helps to run engine efficiently.
  8. 8. Computer no longer shows the fuel/air ratio. Poor performance of car and more consumption of fuel.
  9. 9. Performance level
  10. 10. Provides spark needed in combustion chamber. Uses a ceramic insert to isolate high voltage.
  11. 11. Performance of engine adversely affected. Hampers auto ignition system too.
  12. 12. Annual Check UP Quick Action
  13. 13. automobile center
  14. 14. Thank You Resource:- http://www.avusautosport.com/ top-causes-of-check-engine-lights/