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The European Data Science Academy: Bridging the Data Science Skills Gap

As a global society, we are producing data at an incredible rate, fuelled by the increasing ubiquity of the Web, and stoked by social media, sensors, and mobile devices. However, as the amount of produced data continues to increase, so does the demand for practitioners who have the necessary skills to manage and manipulate this data. The European Data Science Academy (EDSA) is looking to bridge the data science skills gap by developing multimodal open courseware tailored to the real needs of data practitioners. The EDSA courseware is implemented as a combination of living learning materials and activities (eBook, online courses, webinars, face-to-face training), produced via a rigorous process and validated by the data science community through continuous feedback.

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The European Data Science Academy: Bridging the Data Science Skills Gap

  1. 1. edsa-project.eu Designing and Delivering a Curriculum for Data Science Education across Europe Dr. Alexander Mikroyannidis The Open University, UK
  2. 2. edsa-project.eu Digital/Big Data Skills Gap (UK) • 750,000 tech vacancies by 2017, according to a recent prediction by O2. • The UK is already losing a potential £2 billion per year from unfilled roles requiring digital skills. • Only 1/3 of ICT teachers have the relevant qualifications. • Tenfold increase in Big Data staff demand over last 5 years: – 41% increase in the past year – 77% of Big Data roles were “hard-to-fill” – 160% increase in demand for Big Data specialists 2013-2020 to 346,000 new jobs
  3. 3. edsa-project.eu The Modern Data Scientist
  5. 5. edsa-project.eu EDSA Activities • Surveys • Interviews • Dashboards Landscaping • Modular and media-rich • Core, domain-specific, and technology-specific topics Curriculum and courseware • Video lectures • Professional training • MOOCs • eBooks Courses and learning analytics
  6. 6. edsa-project.eu Initial Version of Module Final Module: eBook & Course Webinar – Final Recording Webinar – First Recording Collection of Module Materials Slides – First Version Slides – Final Version Stakeholder Communities Industrial Advisory Board Demand Analysis Reflection Module Dissemination Online & F2F LearningAnalytics Curricula EDSA Analytics Dashboard Reconfiguring & Repurposing Learners Learning Delivery End-to-End Approach
  7. 7. edsa-project.eu Survey Response Data
  8. 8. edsa-project.eu Curriculum Foundations • Foundations of Data Science • Foundations of Big Data • Statistical / Mathematical Foundations • Programming / Computational Thinking (R and Python) Storage and Processing • Data Management and Curation • Big Data Architecture • Distributed Computing • Stream Processing Analysis • Essentials of Data Analytics and Machine Learning • Big Data Analytics • Process Mining Interpretation and Use • Data Visualisation • Visual Analytics • Finding Stories in Open Data • Data Exploitation
  9. 9. edsa-project.eu Courses portfolio • The EDSA courses portfolio consists of a wide range of Data Science courses adopting a variety of pedagogical models, as well as employing different delivery channels and formats in order to address different learning contexts and audiences. • The EDSA courses cover all types of pedagogies, from the traditional face- to-face pedagogical model, to the more recent trends in online education (MOOCs and OERs). • Course categories: – Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – Online courses (e.g. OERs) – Face-to-face courses – Blended courses
  10. 10. edsa-project.eu Delivery channels • The EDSA courses employ different delivery channels and formats in order to maximise the impact of the EDSA learning materials on the community and bring them closer to as many students and practitioners as possible. • In particular, the EDSA courses are available: – Via the EDSA online courses portal – Via the EDSA eBook
  11. 11. edsa-project.eu Faceted search interface
  12. 12. edsa-project.eu Learning pathways
  13. 13. edsa-project.eu The EDSA eBook • The EDSA eBook offers an additional delivery medium for the project’s courses, targeting primarily tablet devices and mobile phones. • The eBook contains the textual and image/video learning resources of the EDSA self-study courses, as well as self- assessment exercises in the form of quizzes. • In order to widen the audiences reached via different platforms, the EDSA eBook is available both in the iBooks and ePUB format.
  14. 14. edsa-project.eu Dashboard • http://edsa- project.eu/resources/dashboard/ • View the current demand for data science jobs across Europe. • Filter demand by required skills and region. • View trends and statistics regarding data science jobs and skills for a given timeframe. • Explore the current supply of courses and learning materials that will help you acquire certain skills. • Build personalised learning pathways towards acquiring certain skills.
  15. 15. edsa-project.eu Next steps • Designing a curriculum that covers data science is an inherently difficult task that faces a number of challenges, most notably the speed at which this field is changing. • We will carry out revisions to the curriculum and the associated learning resources throughout the duration of the project, in order to reflect the most up-to-date needs of the community and the latest cutting- edge techniques for making sense of data.
  16. 16. edsa-project.eu Join us • Help shape an evolving data science curriculum endorsed by the European Commission through its Horizon 2020 programme. • Improve the quality of data science training available across the EU by reusing EDSA learning materials. • Help create the next generation of world-leading data scientists by delivering co-branded training. • Develop the community around data science training and education together with other EDSA members. More info: http://edsa-project.eu