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Interactive Learning Resources and Linked Data for Online Scientific Experimentation

Presentation at the Linked Learning Workshop of the WWW 2013 conference.

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Interactive Learning Resources and Linked Data for Online Scientific Experimentation

  1. 1. Interactive Learning Resources andLinked Data for Online ScientificExperimentationAlexander Mikroyannidis & John DomingueKnowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK
  2. 2. Agenda• Background & motivation• The FORGE project• The FORGE approach– Linked Data– Pedagogical approach– Interactive learningresources
  3. 3. FIRE (Future Internet Research andExperimentation)• A European initiative to ensure that “theEuropean Internet Industry evolves towards aFuture Internet containing Europeantechnology, services and values.”http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/fire/• A variety of facilities have been developed:– Cloud computing services– Wi-Fi and sensor network test-beds– Infrastructures for High Performance Computing– …and more
  4. 4. BUT…• Costs both for the establishment and operationof these facilities are not to be neglected!• Optimal usage of the FIRE facilities is desired byits owners, a goal which has NOT been yetachieved.
  5. 5. New trends in education online
  6. 6. FORGE is a step towards turning FIRE into a pan-European educational platform for Future Internetthrough Linked Data.
  7. 7. FORGE objectives• Study and develop new processes andapproaches to online learning based on theintegration of FIRE facilities and eLearningtechnologies.• Inject into the higher education learning spherethe FIRE portfolio of facilities and tools.• Introduce the learning community to theconcepts of Experimentally Driven Research.• Increase the overall usability and take-up ofFIRE facilities through the layering of how-to-use resources over the FIRE platforms.
  8. 8. AdaptationplugineLearningWidgeteLearningWidgetLMS and ebook contentThe federation ofFIRE facilitiesFIREfederationAPIs
  9. 9. Project partners
  10. 10. Linked Data in FORGE• Delivery and navigation of learning materialsSemantic links and a uniform data format enableheterogeneous resources to be easily combined into asingle space or page. Linked Data will enable us tocombine data and services from multiple FIRE facilitiesinto a single easy-to-navigate place.• Discovery and recommendation of learningmaterialsUsing semantic links we can highlight relatedresources. Linked Data will provide support fordiscovering FIRE facilities related to course materialsand vice-versa.
  11. 11. Pedagogical approach• Constructivist or learning-by-doing approach• FORGE will contribute to fostering constructivistlearning by turning learners into activescientific investigators, equipped with world-class experiment facilities.
  12. 12. Pedagogical approachFORGE will promote Self-Regulated Learning byenabling learners to take control over theirlearning journey.
  13. 13. Interactive learning resources
  14. 14. Conclusion• FORGE aims at complementing online learninginitiatives with laboratory courses for an in-depth and hands-on educational experience.• Constructivist and Self-Regulated Learningapproach based upon the notion of theexperiment.• Targeting the application of Linked Data in thedelivery and discovery of online learningresources.
  15. 15. Thank you!Dr. Alexander MikroyannidisKnowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UKwww.alexmikro.net

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    May. 16, 2013

Presentation at the Linked Learning Workshop of the WWW 2013 conference.


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