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The Change Starts Here (Boston Spin)

Slides of the talk at Boston Spin.

Do you feel your organization, your team, and yourself are focusing on the right things or are you overwhelmed by the thousands of tasks that you need to do? What do you need to get your organization, your team, and yourself to continuously improve to get to the point of doing the things right?
Going open is the best way to support your organization’s transformation. Going open is applying the principles of the open organization. Open is the antidote of the lack of focus and the lack of continuous learnings that is ailing organizations today.
What are the differences between a centralized organization and an open organization? Learning about these differences can help you advance your objectives in your digital transformation.
The open source development model is the root of the Open Organization. The diversity the open source model brings is an endless source of inspiration to transform your organization--and this is what this session will expose.
Attendees will leave this session learning:
Notable differences between conventional organizational structures and open organizational structures,
How to apply an open organization model to your team in the context of your digital transformation,
Ways to get inspired to transform your organization,
How to set priorities and focus on doing the right things.

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The Change Starts Here (Boston Spin)

  1. 1. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam The Change Starts Here Alexis Monville
  2. 2. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam ALEXIS MONVILLE @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam alexis@monville.com http://alexis.monville.com
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  4. 4. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam ALEXIS MONVILLE @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam alexis@monville.com http://alexis.monville.com Tweet your feedback! Drop me a note!
  5. 5. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam http://alexis.monville.com/en/changing-your-team-from-the-inside
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  13. 13. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  14. 14. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  15. 15. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  16. 16. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam A leader is followed because he acts accordingly to the agreed values and principles of the group.
  17. 17. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Open Source Software
  18. 18. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  19. 19. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  21. 21. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Open unlocks the world’s potential.
  22. 22. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam FREEDOM ACCOUNTABILITY COURAGE COMMITMENT
  23. 23. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  24. 24. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam VALUES AND PRINCIPLES
  25. 25. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam There is no president of open source. Contributors are acting according to shared values and principles.
  26. 26. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  27. 27. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam ?
  28. 28. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam VALUES AND PRINCIPLES
  29. 29. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  30. 30. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam ❖ Portable. Kubernetes runs everywhere -- public cloud, private cloud, bare metal, laptop, ❖ General-purpose. Kubernetes should run all major categories of workloads, ❖ Meet users partway. Kubernetes doesn’t just cater to purely greenfield cloud-native applications, nor does it meet all users where they are, ❖ Flexible. Kubernetes functionality can be consumed a la carte, ❖ Extensible. Kubernetes enables you to integrate it into your environment and to add the additional capabilities you need, by exposing the same interfaces used by built-in functionality, ❖ Automatable. Kubernetes aims to dramatically reduce the burden of manual operations, ❖ Advance the state of the art. While Kubernetes intends to support non-cloud-native applications, it also aspires to advance the cloud-native and DevOps state of the art, such as in the participation of applications in their own management.
  31. 31. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Inner Source
  32. 32. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Open Organization
  33. 33. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Transparency Inclusivity Adaptability Collaboration Community
  34. 34. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Transparency
  35. 35. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Inclusivity
  36. 36. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Adaptability
  37. 37. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Collaboration
  38. 38. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Community
  39. 39. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Shared values and purpose guide participation in open organizations.
  40. 40. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  41. 41. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  42. 42. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  43. 43. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  44. 44. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam LEADERSHIP
  45. 45. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Leadership is about creating the conditions for self-organization
  46. 46. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  47. 47. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam VALUES AND PRINCIPLES
  48. 48. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  49. 49. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam What to try?
  50. 50. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Best Possible Self
  51. 51. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Transparency
  52. 52. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Make the work visible
  53. 53. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  54. 54. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Inclusivity
  55. 55. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam What to try?
  56. 56. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam The Matrix of Principles
  57. 57. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam AGREEDISAGREE NOT APPLIED APPLIED
  58. 58. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Care Personally
  59. 59. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  60. 60. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Adaptability
  61. 61. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Reviews and Retrospectives
  62. 62. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam What to try?
  63. 63. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam The Timeline Retrospective
  64. 64. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  65. 65. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Collaboration
  66. 66. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Team Agreements
  67. 67. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  68. 68. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  69. 69. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam What to try?
  70. 70. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam The Team Mood Graph
  71. 71. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  72. 72. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam Community
  73. 73. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  74. 74. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam
  75. 75. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam THANK YOU!
  76. 76. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam http://alexis.monville.com/en/changing-your-team-from-the-inside
  77. 77. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam ?
  78. 78. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam http://alexis.monville.com/en/changing-your-team-from-the-inside
  79. 79. @alexismonville #ChangingYourTeam