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More film magazine front cover analysis

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More film magazine front cover analysis

  1. 1. More Film MagazineFront Cover and FilmPoster Analysis
  2. 2. This magazine front cover is verystereotypical of magazine frontcovers. It has the title at the top ofthe page with cover stories andsubtitles around the main image.It also has a barcode in the bottomright corner which followsconventions of other magazines aswell as having a bubble to offermore to the audience.
  3. 3. The title is very large and clearalthough it is not fully seen.However the magazine is wellknown therefore it is easilyrecognisable. The main image isalso large and takes up themajority of the page with thename of the article in boldunderneath, this will allow theaudience to make a connectionbetween the two. The magazineappears to be very masculine,using a male holding a hammer asthe main image and having thedark blues and black as the maincolours. The cover lines may alsointerest males more as words like‘monsters’ and ‘speed’ are usedwhich could relate to somethinglike cars.
  4. 4. This magazine also has the title at thetop of the page, although it does havesome of the title within the title tomake it unique from other frontcovers. It also has a banner at the topof what the magazine includes ratherthan at the bottom where mostmagazines have it. The main image iscentral and takes up the majority ofthe front cover following conventionsof magazines. The barcode howeveron this one is shown in the middle onthe right hand side whereas othermagazines often place them in thecorners, so that the audience are notdrawn to them as easily.
  5. 5. The magazine title is bold, clearand easy to read like manymagazines. The articles andcover stories are presentedeither side of the picture,allowing the audience to readthem but ensuring that themain image can still be seenand is not covered by text. Thismagazine front cover differsfrom others as the title for themain image is extremely smallcompare to other main titleswhich are usually written in alarge bold font to draw theattention of the audience.
  6. 6. This film poster is veryminimalistic yet effective. Themain image covers the entirepage and is eye catching. Thetitle is placed at the top of thepage, stretching right across ina bold yet clear font. Therelease date is at the bottom inthe centre, so it catches the eyeof the audience after they haveread the title. Brief institutionalinformation is underneath in amuch smaller font so that it isthe last thing that strikes theaudience on the page.
  7. 7. This poster has the tagline of thefilm at the top of the page, whichmakes it seem related to the mainimage that is shown allowing theaudience to relate the two. Thetitle of the film is in the bottom3rd, linking positively with the ruleof thirds. The name of the mainactors/actresses are placed abovethe title in a smaller font so thatthe audience are aware of whothey are. ‘Inspired by true events’adds an eerie feel to the film inwhich the audience may be drawnin to watch the film. Institutionalinformation is then placedunderneath in a much smallerfont as this is what the audienceare less interested in.
  8. 8. This poster is also verysimplistic, it has an effectivedetailed main image whichis key to drawing theattention of the audience.The title ‘ Avenger’ iswritten across his chest,with the main characterlooking down at it as if hisname badge to say that iswho he is. The release dateis in the lower 3rd of thescreen, with only thewebsite of the filmunderneath, this allows theaudience to not be filledwith information that theydo not need/want.