Documentary Rationale

7 de Apr de 2022

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Documentary Rationale

  1. Culture in the digital age
  2. I am making a documentary for the BBC 3 Northern Voices campaign about the impact of technology on culture. It will be aimed at 16 to 24 year olds. The purpose of the BBC is to inform, entertain and educate so this is what I will do with my product.
  3. Existing documentaries – The Like Movie From watching the trailer for this documentary, I noticed that it uses a lot of interviews. Interviewing many different people is common in a lot of recent documentaries and it gives the viewer the opportunity to hear different experiences and come to their own conclusion. It also makes the documentary feel more personal instead of someone reading a script for the voiceover which can feel disconnected from the rest of the documentary.
  4. Existing documentaries – The Social Dilemma This trailer uses various codes and conventions. I would say that it uses two step flow theory because the film makers went out and found the experts and people who actually created the things that are discussed so the audience is more likely to believe what they say. The way they have used music creates a mysterious vibe as you're finding out all these secrets about the true impact of social media which makes viewers intrigued and want to keep watching.
  5. One thing I noticed about both of these documentaries is that they have a negative view about the effect of digital technology. I am going to subvert this and try to not be biased. Instead I will explore both sides and let the audience come to their own conclusion. However I want to replicate the personal feeling that you get through interviews because this was so common in my research and I think it will appeal to the target audience of 16-24 year olds.
  6. My idea My idea for my documentary is to explore how digital technology has made it easier to keep in touch with friends and family. I want to add elements of my favourite kind of documentaries which is historical ones, so I will investigate the history of communication leading up to the modern day, and see the impact that technology has made on modern society, for better or worse. It will have interviews with people to find out different opinions.
  7. Target audience As it says in the brief the target audience is 16-24 years old. I conducted a survey of people in this age range to find out if they would be interested in my documentary.
  8. Ages in my survey
  9. 50/50 M-F ratio so the documentary should not be targeted at a particular gender
  10. The responders used technology to communicate on average 6 hours a day. This will be referenced in the documentary to show the impact digital technology has on our lives.
  11. 2/3 of the responses watched BBC products, half of them watched on normal TV as well as online. This means the documentary will be successful at reaching the target audience by being broadcasted on the BBC 3 channel.
  12. All the participants watch documentaries so that means my documentary will be very appealing to the target audience.
  13. All the participants were interested in the first part of my idea.
  14. Same with the second part.
  15. Slightly more participants thought that social media had a negative impact on the world. Clearly this is a contentious issue in this demographic which is why I will explore it in my documentary.
  16. Why my campaign is superior As you can see from my research, there is a huge demand for this documentary among the 16-24 year old demographic. It would create a lot of engagement with the BBC 3 channel by attracting younger viewers. It will be suitable for the BBC because it will deliver information and educate the viewers on the topic whilst also being entertaining and fun to watch.