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Europe Code Week Worldwide guide

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Wherever you are, Code Week is for you!
In a slide, how to organize a Code Week event and contribute to coding literacy in your country!

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Europe Code Week Worldwide guide

  1. 1. 15-23October2016 1 Organize a beginner-friendly coding activity during Europe Code Week It is up to you and this is the best contribution you can provide to Europe Code Week. The success of the event depends only on your motivation and engagement http://events.codeweek.eu/guide/ 3 Manage your event Don’t forget to count the number of participants and, if authorized, take pictures and videos to be used for storytelling. You can even make an «Ode-to-code» dance and share it on YouTube 4 Fill in the feedback form and get your certificate of recognition Right after Code Week you will be asked to report on the number of participants. A certificate of recognition will be automatically generated for you 2 Add your event to the map of Code Week Name your event and add it to the map of Code Week events using your preferred account to sign in. Raise curiosity and expectation by sharing the link to your event http://events.codeweek.eu/ 5 Get in touch with your national Code Week Ambassador Check the list of Code Week Ambassadors and get in touch with your national contact for further details http://events.codeweek.eu/ambassadors/ 6 Become a Code Week Ambassador in your country If there are no Code Week Ambassadors in your country, volunteer to become an Ambassador to expand the outreach of Europe Code Week europecodes@gmail.com Europe Code Week Worldwide guide http://codeweek.eu/ Wherever you are, Code Week is for you!