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Design day, work group session

City CoHO meeting

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Design day, work group session

  1. 1. LOCI Design Day
  2. 2. Connect : @phillyleagueci #createphilly Follow and check in with a tweet.
  3. 3. What is Design Thinking “...a proven and repeatable problem solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results.” A human centered approach to innovation that is powered by a thorough understanding of what people want and need in their lives.
  4. 4. What is Placemaking The process of collectively shaping the public realm to foster economic, social and cultural connections that maximizes shared value.
  5. 5. Philadelphia Projects
  6. 6. Design Thinking + Placemaking = LOCI
  7. 7. Real World Examples
  8. 8. The Workshop
  9. 9. Empathy Day Results
  10. 10. February 12th. Empathy Day Insights “ What does strength mean to you in your community?” “ What are institutions of strength within your community?” “ In what ways can we strengthen our communities?”
  11. 11. Discoveries Volunteering & Coordinating Communication Infrastructure and Social Programs Participation Foundational Laws (Pillars) that officials uphold. We need more pinnacle leaders who uphold these societal pillars. Principal laws to help societal interests Founding fathers. Are a representation of strength in the community Community Leadership Kindness Strength is enabling an environment where people talk to each other and create community ecosystems that enable this. In terms of Philadelphia, center city seems more disconnected on a community level. Collaboration Dogs A strong will Positive word for woman 7.5 acres. 650 x 650. 43,000 sq. ft Peace of mind Ability to overcome obstacles 10 years of volunteering to take photos Family is a pillar to life and strength Perseverance. Running up the rocky steps. Develop a focus and singularity to get people to think more specific and enable dialogue. No communication = weak We have to communicate information to know what the problem is and how to handle things.
  12. 12. GAIN EMPATHY w. USERS (2 rotations. 5 minutes each)
  13. 13. Empathy Identify needs: Things they are trying to do. Capture findings: New learnings/discoveries that can be leveraged in your design.
  14. 14. Identifying the problem
  15. 15. Design Constraints - Where. The public realm in Philadelphia - When. Sunday March 1st. - What. Temporary one day placemaking project. - Budget. Confined to individual resource pool (meaning no major $$$ to invest).
  16. 16. DESIGN CHALLENGE. How can we facilitate community strength with a one day placemaking project?
  17. 17. IDEATION (5 minutes)
  18. 18. Share solutions & Capture feedback Individually share your findings with your team. As you share your findings. Other participants should capture + notate feedback.
  19. 19. Iterate Reflect and generate a new solution COLLECTIVELY AS A TEAM.
  20. 20. MODEL Present your team models
  21. 21. Collective choice Vote for our intervention!
  22. 22. PROJECT FINALIZED Implement Prototype
  23. 23. IMPACT DAY. Sunday March 1st. Continue the process….